The Tea Party Is Not Happy With Chicago's Sarah Palin Sculpture

Foxy Warrior Guru 2012/05/04 18:55:32
This is just cute.

The Tea Party Is Not Happy With Chicago's Sarah Palin Sculpture
John Metcalfe Apr 30, 2012

The Tea Party Is Not Happy With Chicago's Sarah Palin Sculpture

You'd think that folks who love both red meat and Sarah Palin would rally behind a sculpture devoted to both. But for some reason, the Tea Party is not happy with this BBQ smoker in the shape of the conservative firebrand's freedom-filled noggin.

News organizations have been rooting and snuffling around the immense Palin head, titled "We're Having a Tea Parody" (not "Pear-ody," as reported elsewhere), ever since mixed-media artist J. Taylor Wallace debuted it in 2011 at a Memphis public-art show. The anthropomorphic cooker hit the news again last week, when Wallace fashioned a meal with it to celebrate the opening of a new sculpture garden in Chicago.

A couple notes about its provenance are worth mentioning here. The sculpture includes an oven for smoking delicious meats because, in charming Southern fashion, that was a requirement for entry in the Memphis exhibit. The Palin element is there because Wallace wanted to make a statement about her rigid, some might say extremist ideology.

"I know Alaskans have their own issues up there, but helicopter-wolf killing is not what I'm a big fan of," he explains. "A terrifying prospect to me is, what if she was in charge of the Department of Interior?" (That could conceivably happen under the reign of President Newt Gingrich.)

The Palin cooker's current home is outside the Bridgeport Art Center, a cultural venue/housing project for artists in Chicago, where it stands like a screaming Moai head guarding the premises. In its trip from Tennessee to the Windy City, the sculpture has attracted a lot of attention, not all of it fawning.

"I've gotten some really lovely emails, like, 'You suck, and you'll be the next one to burn,'" says Wallace. Here are a few choice selections from the artist's inbox:

It is a matter of time till you are the pig, was it fun for you pig.

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame by insulting someone. Looks more like a morph of H Clinton and R Maddow, anyway.

I noticed your work of art in the Chicago Tribune this morning. I am sure you are elated with the exposure you have received. Unfortunately, you obviously needed to accomplish this by using Sarah Palin (an easy target) as your inspiration. I hope the feminist groups in the United States take note of your efforts to humiliate a woman of intelligence, courage and leadership. The role model that these groups have promoted over the years to have the opportunity to become President or Vice President of our nation has been ridiculed by your "work of art". I work in the art field, totally enjoy creativity, am not a feminist, and am totally not impressed by your work. I feel sorry for the people of Bridgeport and visitors that will be exposed to your art.

"Amid the hate speech, I have also been called 'gay' in what is I presume an attempt to insult me by a particular demographic of individuals," Wallace says. This vehement opposition to the flavor-imparting Palin dome upset him, at first. "The point is to have a conversation.... For people to get so angry over a piece of artwork is surprising to me."

Perhaps their indignation could be explained by the work's unique design: When the smoker is in operation, it look like Palin's head is steaming with anger. Or maybe they read that one of the first things Wallace cooked in the stove was a pig with wings, a comment on some of her more out-there opinions. (See photo below.) But now he's reconciled with all the jibes and insults, and dreams of the day when the ex-governor herself stops by the Bridgeport center for a taste of his Carolina-style BBQ. "I think she would like [the sculpture], if she hung out with it."

For any members of the Tea Party reading: If you hate this thing and want it out of sight ASAP, perhaps the best thing to do would be to buy it. Wallace says it's for sale to anybody with $14,000.

Read More: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/arts-and-lifestyl...

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  • C. C. Rider 2012/05/04 22:30:53
    C. C. Rider
    LMAo Blowing hot smoke, loves pigs, mouth always open but has nothing to say. THEY NAILED IT!! LOL
    why be mad, here she is posing for it.
    sarah pailin with her mouth open

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  • ConLibFraud 2012/07/22 21:47:37
    Who's the Tea Party?
  • DDogbreath 2012/07/22 21:45:17
    Having Palin in the white house would be about as brilliant as hiring a Kennedy for a driving instructor.

    palin white house brilliant hiring kennedy driving instructor

    palin white house brilliant hiring kennedy driving instructor

    palin white house brilliant hiring kennedy driving instructor
  • CAROLYN NTARWNJBS 2012/05/15 20:49:13
    Art at it's finest,lol!
  • Contarded Guru Chickenhawk 2012/05/15 20:17:02
  • Max Power 2012/05/07 03:15:27
    Max Power
    The joke's on them, they live in Chicago.
  • dominic garcia 2012/05/07 01:18:18
    dominic garcia
    I wish you cowards would say it to her face. I would love to see how you all measure up to her. She is a beautiful woman who has accomplished much, including mothering her children while holding such stressful and demanding jobs. I would like to know just how many of you hateful liberals could have walked in her shoes.
  • ☆Ed☆ 2012/05/06 15:22:58
    LOL, Odumbo has such a poor record, and is so outclassed by Romney, that you Lobotomized Libtards' only means of satisfaction is to attack a lady that isn't even running for office.

    whiny liberals
  • Arel 2012/05/06 14:24:16
    Apparently Sarah Palin is doing something right.
  • Dan (Politicaly Incorrect) 2012/05/06 10:17:28 (edited)
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    Still attacking Shara Palin? Is she running for anything?

    Here's a statue of Barry Soetoro A.K.A. Barack Hussein Obama or whatever he calls himself in his childhood Country.

    http://latimesblogs.latimes.c... obama statue
  • Brian Tristan MacQuillan 2012/05/06 05:51:22
    Brian Tristan MacQuillan
    "We're Having a Tea Parody" by J. Taylor Wallace does not bother me, as art is just an expression of the artist.

    What does bother me is, when I showed up with my work "Worship The Idol", a depiction of President Barak Obama as a Moai (the statues Easter Island), the people at the Bridgeport Art Center would throw a sh*t fit, and then would work hard at blacklisting me from ever showing anything, anywhere in Chicago. And that is exactly how it would go.

    Easter Island Obama cartoon
  • BlytheSpirit~bn0 2012/05/06 05:16:28
    I like it. :)
  • Cap 2012/05/06 05:07:48
    Actually, I think it looks like Jerry Lewis with pointy glasses.
  • goatman112003 2012/05/06 05:05:38
    If that's art give me a break. It is ugly as hell. Probably financed by Obama's Stimulus package.
  • Disko Pickle 2012/05/06 02:37:30
    Disko Pickle
    I'm an American. Why should I give a crap about what the Tea Party thinks?

    american crap tea party thinks
  • jeane Disko P... 2012/05/06 04:24:55
    Lots of Libs - hence the concern.
  • RicardoCabeza 2012/05/06 02:16:12
    I like it... but the sculpture looks too smart.
  • jeane 2012/05/06 00:50:27
    MMMM- the left certainly seems to fear this Lady a lot!
  • Stryder jeane 2012/05/06 04:21:54
    She's not even running for any offices and they're still terrified of her.
  • Jeremiah 2012/05/05 23:17:34
    Looks like an accurate rendering and a work of fine art to me. I wish I had $14,000. I'm sure if the Teaburgers pooled their resources they could easily come up with that much, and then they could keep it in Sarah's front yard.

    On second thought, all the TPers claim to be rich, and all have Harvard PhD's, so any of them probably have that much in their pockets.
  • abycinnamon BN-1 2012/05/05 23:05:21
  • Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~ 2012/05/05 19:49:42
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    That's hilarious. Kudos to the artist for creating so provocative a sculpture of so notorious a TPer.

    I loved the comments written by the 'totally-loves-creativity-not... - what a hoot! Why she thinks feminists would be up in arms over this sculpture is beyond me. It doesn't take away Palin's rights (reproductive or otherwise), seek to lower her earnings below those of men in a comparable position or speak of her in ways to diminish her as a person.

    She should be flattered.
  • UnusualSuspect 2012/05/05 19:24:02 (edited)
    The Tea Pardy is going to be even less happy when Obama wins in November.
  • Paul 2012/05/05 18:42:33
    Anything that grinds at the teaparty is OK by me
  • Lulu's Mom Paul 2012/05/05 21:49:16
  • harley oldman 2012/05/05 17:58:33
    harley oldman
    HELL...NO wonder Chicagoeans are Upset. The Stature looks like obama`s Grandmother.
    And apparently someone stole obamas supper.(the Pig) Probably had the audacity to remove the `chittlins.
  • KarenInKenoshaWisconsin 2012/05/05 17:42:13
    Art can make a statement, yup.
  • harry 2012/05/05 17:33:03
    Who is Sarah Palin? Never heard of her. Is she a factor in someway? What does she do for a living? Does she collect money from people she suckers in?
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/05/05 16:41:46
  • Paul jackola... 2012/05/05 17:49:50
    Why would anyone destroy art, damn communists
  • Unusual... jackola... 2012/05/05 19:26:08
    And I hope they're arrested for the destruction of private property.
  • SK-pro ... Unusual... 2012/05/06 07:53:19
    SK-pro impeachment
    So you are saying that you hope all those retard anarchist 99%ers get arrested for destroying private property or do you think all that is different and okay with you? Go ahead try to justify it.
  • ☆Ed☆ SK-pro ... 2012/05/06 15:28:20
    It's called HYPOCRICY, of which these Lobotomized Libtards are full of!!!
  • Unusual... SK-pro ... 2012/05/06 16:01:52
    Anyone who destroys private property should be arrested, or fined, regardless of political ideology.

    Now...is that clear enough for you?
  • SK-pro ... Unusual... 2012/05/06 17:35:04 (edited)
    SK-pro impeachment
    So why are you not crying out for the arrest of the OWSers? You sure are silent on that matter. i think ed boldly highlighted and said it well.\
    And get rid of the avatar and stop supporting them.
  • Unusual... SK-pro ... 2012/05/06 20:51:40 (edited)
    What the hell do you mean "silent"?

    This is my third response on this post, and I just said all people who destroy private property should be arrested or fined, regardless of political ideology.

    Just how dense are you..."regardless of political ideology" includes OWSers, too...

    Now, for the second time...is that clear enough for you, or do you need further clarification?
  • SK-pro ... Unusual... 2012/05/06 20:58:42
    SK-pro impeachment
    No, why haven't you changed your avatar yet. You say one thing but you show another.
  • Jeremiah jackola... 2012/05/05 23:19:59 (edited)
    Then don't look at it. Why deprive others of fine art? I suppose you burn books too.
  • Stryder jackola... 2012/05/06 04:23:45
    It's all they have, Jack. What with their trainwreck of a President they elected.
  • Bowman 2012/05/05 16:32:33
    Frankly I don't see the resemblance.
  • Paul Bowman 2012/05/05 17:53:43
    I do, check out the picture ccrider presented for us, and even if it doesn't, it's contemporary artwork, doesn't have to look like anything
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