The State That Is Leading The Fight Against Obama -- MAY 17, 2012 BY ALAN P. HALBERT

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Just like the aftermath at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7th, 1941 and the horrendous loss of life on the destruction of the Battleship U.S.S. Arizona which galvanized this nation and steeled our citizens for the war effort that followed this “dastardly” act of cowardice.

We flash forward to today. Once again, Arizona is leading the fight against tyranny and lending it’s namesake to the coming battle of political wills as we are being taken down the road to serfdom and the slavery of socialism by Obama. The only thing we are missing is the battle cry “Remember Pearl Harbor and the Arizona.”

Obama has been willing to throw this entire State under the bus so that he could import the citizens from Mexico to keep his party’s “unholy alliance” with public employees and more importantly teachers unions and the dilemma of sagging student populations in inner city schools.

This of course is in no small thanks in part to the more mundane fascination liberals have with reducing minority representation in our society through infanticide, better known as abortion, which is both frenetic, conspiratorial, and duplicitous all at the same time. That is, when he was not killing them outright when he allowed thousands of firearms to walk across the border into Mexico with Fast & Furious; well, I guess he is driving their citizens into our nation by force of arms for his unions pals.

He was not satisfied with only this outcome; after all, how dare that uppity governor Jan Brewer object to the “Great and Powerful Oz” (sorry, wrong story, since these citizens are bearing the brunt of this invasion from Mexico with increased violence due to human smuggling and drug trafficking along the border.) No, he was not happy with this at all, so he has started a concerted effort to bring them to heel.

He has unleashed the “Dogs of War” against the citizens of Arizona for this betrayal of his intended acts of favoritism and patronage for his supporters. The opening salvos were fired when the state legislature dared to pass SB 1070, a law that allowed Arizona law enforcement officers to assist in the federal jurisdiction of capturing illegal aliens by verifying their status when they were stopped or questioned for violations of Arizona law.

This law was just heard by SCOTUS, and a decision is expected next month; the arguments suggest that parts of the law if not the entire law will be upheld.

As a corollary to this, Irving, Texas has had a similar program for the last 10 years where every person who is arrested has their citizenship verified with about 45% to 55% being found to be illegal aliens, with nary a peep out of Obama about this program. ICE continues to support and congratulate Irving for their assistance in this effort.

Not to be outdone, Obama and the vast array of governmental oppression available to him has taken issue with Tombstone Arizona over their water supply. Many a range war has been started over water in the arid west, so I cannot imagine a more brutal way in which to bring these citizens to heel than let them wither due to parched throats and dehydration.

Obama is now claiming that the federal government has superior rights to the water in the west as shown by his latest actions from an article published by WND: “Federal water rights are entitled to a form of protection that is broader than what may be provided to similarly situated state law rights holders,” states a letter from Julie Decker, the deputy state director in the U.S. Department of the Interior to the Arizona Department of Water Resources. The letter was objecting to state plans to do a routine “Designation of Adequate Water Supply,” which reviews water resources, rights and uses when changes are proposed.

This recent turn of events is contrary to the last century or more of legal precedent of allowing states to manage their own water resources. Obama is simply grabbing these resources for his own use, no doubt to re-distribute to his friends, supporters, and cronies and to teach the citizens of Arizona a lesson they will not soon forget.

Obama is not finished with Arizona, not by a long shot; he has also unleashed Eric Holder, the most corrupt Attorney General the nation has ever had the misfortune to suffer, who has taken aim against Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County. The same sheriff that dared to investigate Obama’s bogus documents.

The DOJ through Eric Holder is threatening to bring a civil action for the violation of civil rights on behalf of Hispanic prisoners his department has arrested. The following excerpt is taken from the WND article: The sheriff charged that the Obama administration is attacking him in an effort to gain Hispanic votes in November for the Democratic Party. “This is a coordinated effort directed from the White House to deflect attention from Eric Holder’s failure to cooperate in the congressional investigation into Fast and Furious,” he said.

This is on top of an ongoing investigation from the DOJ in complaints that his department has been lax in investigating sexual crimes against women in the so-called “War on Women.” Are we seeing a pattern here? All the DOJ can do is kvetch all in the name of civil rights of so-called oppressed minorities. The Department of Justice has “justice” as its overarching mandate, and what we see completely lacking from Holder is the assistance of local law enforcement for the apprehension and assistance in the ancient battle of civilized society against crime and criminals.

Crime is winning under Obama as he and Holder condone lawlessness at every turn, unless of course there is a minority vote at stake. Clearly, “justice” has left the building in this administration. For instance, Holder recently struck down many Voter ID laws in the South so that voter fraud can continue unabated. This is due a misguided law by Congress in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 over minority voting rights in the South still being in force.

Let’s not forget that he had the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case tossed after it was already won by default (against the defendants.) We can expect the assault against Sheriff Joe to continue, given the criminals that sit in the White House and the Department of Justice.

One man in Arizona, Secretary of State Ken Bennett (the top election official in the State), has had enough. He has contacted the State of Hawaii and requested a copy of Obama’s “Certificate of Live Birth” from the Department of Health per Hawaii Statute §338-18 Disclosure of records.

We were introduced to these statutes in my “Mission Accomplished for Operation Sideshow” series of articles an excerpt of the applicable law is shown below: We can stop right here as Obama is the registrant, however; to lend even more credence to any request made by anyone, much less a governmental request, and one so special as the President of the United States as a favorite son of the State of Hawaii we have the following;

“(2) A governmental agency or organization who for a legitimate government purpose maintains and needs to update official lists of persons in the ordinary course of the agency’s or organization’s activities;

(3) A governmental, private, social, or educational agency or organization who seeks confirmation of a certified copy of any such record submitted in support of or information provided about a vital event relating to any such record and contained in an official application made in the ordinary course of the agency’s or organization’s activities by an individual seeking employment with, entrance to, or the services or products of the agency or organization;

(4) A private or government attorney who seeks to confirm information about a vital event relating to any such record which was acquired during the course of or for purposes of legal proceedings; or

(5) An individual employed, endorsed, or sponsored by a governmental, private, social, or educational agency or organization who seeks to confirm information about a vital event relating to any such record in preparation of reports or publications by the agency or organization for research or educational purposes.”

The statue clearly shows the “special status” with Section 2 being paramount in his request if not all the other portions as well when taken into account. They show that governmental requests are held to be supreme; it will be interesting on how they handle his request given the action(s) of Hawaiian officials in the past. They are being put between a rock and a hard place by their own thoughts, deeds, and actions.

Mr. Bennett has requested his bona-fides and is threatening, if the State of Hawaii is not forthcoming, that Obama will not be on the Arizona ballot come November with his position being made clear in this quote from Mr. Bennett in an article by Jerome Corsi from WND: “Because of the importance and profile of the president’s case, and at the request of many constituents, I have gone the extra step of asking the state of Hawaii to verify the facts contained in his birth certificate,”

Bennett wrote in response to concerns last month. “Hawaii is bound by their own statutes to provide such verifications to other state officials in their official duties. “With all due respect, the [Arpaio] investigation has not proven anything other than raised probable cause that the birth certificate posted on the White House website ‘may be’ a forgery.

The next lawful step would be for the sheriff’s office to turn their findings over to the county attorney for prosecution,” he continued. “Evidence would be brought on both sides and a judge should issue a decision. “Whether or not that happens, if Hawaii can’t or won’t provide verification of the president’s birth certificate, I will not put his name on the ballot,” he wrote.

We can thank brave men like Mr. Bennett and Sheriff Arpaio that have had “enough” of the lawless behavior out of Obama and his regime of second and third string players as they game and corrupt this nation’s laws for their own purposes.

The corruption is getting so obvious and in your face that the Democrats are getting worried for their own survival as a political force in this nation; they simply backed a corrupt “stalking horse” and did not care about the consequences.

They simply misjudged the American people and their misguided perception of the average citizen as being “bitter clingers of God and to their Guns.”

When, in fact, it is our belief in our founding principles of self-rule and the rule of law that guides each of us as we seek freedom, liberty, and justice.

Everyone should show their support to Mr. Bennett and encourage him to seek the truth in this sad story that our nation has had to endure that is all things Obama!

Read More: http://www.westernjournalism.com/the-state-that-is...

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