The Scenarios of Collapse

Striker 2011/10/31 17:52:37

This begins from a comment in Sodahead:

In collapse, this bankrupt
government can borrow no more, being unable to pay neither it’s ongoing
bills nor it’s lackeys needed to enforce it’s mandates. Government
Disappears along with it’s fiat money and fiat debt secured only by
‘faith and credit’. Thus Obama & Co and the Congress go down along
with all the rest, but sadly will escape the punishment they so

The dominoes fall and the collapse
quickly becomes global because all nations are running the same scams.
This entire planet, will then find itself with No Governments aka
Anarchy worldwide. That also means that nations of Force will have ceased to exist.

The many who have denied and are
unprepared will die. What happens then is up to the survivors. I
believe the survivors will realize that it all happened because of
humanity having accepted being Governed, All those scenarios are beyond
the scope of any single writer. I believe it is time that I take that
situation into an article. Perhaps many articles will be needed for the
myriad of possible scenarios. Thus I’ll be sharing that back here and
elsewhere. That’s the Sodahead beginning mentioned.

Now for the Scenarios – there are SO many!

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  • Tasine 2011/11/04 22:37:02
    When discussing this with a friend, I wondered how people who live on the 40th floor will handle having to climb up and down those stairs all the time. And highrise office buildings - will the businesses even bother to try to do business? Imagining all the possible results of a meltdown of our economy and government is mind boggling!
  • Arizona1950 2011/11/01 02:34:55
    Please post your articles ... I wish to learn more. Maybe those of us who have nothing so preparation is diffcult will be given an easier way to die rather than violence or starvation.

    Perhaps the government as their last gesture of humanity will give us little tiny pills ... who knows?
  • Tasine Arizona... 2011/11/04 22:39:19
    We've told our kids that when it hits the fan, head for our place and we'll all stick together. We try to keep food, paper goods, and medical supplies on hand - and never let our vehicles run out of fuel. We don't live in a city, and I believe that to be a very important bit of safety.
  • Arizona... Tasine 2011/11/05 00:17:26
    I moved futher away from the city but that only means I'm not as close to the conveniences. I still have lots of people around ... I'm hoping they will head for the city.
  • abubincrazy 2011/10/31 18:24:29
    Hitler rose from the demise of the Weimar Republic.
    Napoleon came from the French Consulate.
    Does Obama have such delusions of grandeur? Maybe.
    His backers definitely do.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2011/10/31 18:11:26
    You left out one key player, whom I wouldn't expect you to recognize--because he's not on the scene. Yet. This is the leader called /Therion/ in the Greek text of Revelation. /Therion/ means a murderous, ravening monster--the sort of guy who would drop an A-bomb on a city as easy as buy a quart of milk.

    The good news: he loses. It will take seven years to pound him down, but he will still lose.
  • Striker Temlako... 2011/10/31 19:54:41
    Since I decided not to spend all day making a list of all those who might try to start a war, we all can include anyone who fits that warrior mentality. I personally expect that would be those among the living.
  • HOMBRE Striker 2011/11/04 22:40:46
    Goos post striker
  • krayzrick 2011/10/31 18:09:06
    ...and the fortresses of old, will be occupied by the forces of today.
    mountain fortress
  • Striker krayzrick 2011/10/31 19:49:54
    Perhaps. Or they may be trapped in their barracks without fuel until they run out of food?
  • J Montana 2011/10/31 17:58:11
    J Montana
    Someone forgot to tell Obama that! Oh wait....he doesn't care...

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