The Romneys Take a 'Vacation' in New Hampshire: Who's the Best at Faking It for a Photo?

Chris D 2012/07/03 18:00:00
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It's always awkward when politicians take vacations, trying to be like the rest of us. They have to look like they are having family time, but usually it's all just a publicity stunt. There are forced fake family moments, and embarrassing pictures in bathing suits. The Obamas like to go to Martha's Vineyard. The Bushes were partial to Maine. Who does the fake vacation better?

The Romney brood on vacation, on holidays, and generally just playing around.

abcnews reports romney brood vacation holidays generally playing

Read More: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/OTUS/slideshow/romn...

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  • Jesse James 2012/07/05 23:36:03
    The Romneys
    Jesse James
    Romneys first, then Bushs next. They were both aweful when it came to taking pictures.
  • Angus 2012/07/05 23:01:44
    The Obamas
    And we are paying for it....................
  • Gooky 2012/07/05 22:39:25
    The Obamas
    obama family vacation

  • Angus Gooky 2012/07/05 23:02:55
    And you know what they're thinking:

    LOL. I'm sitting here at the expense of America. Life is so easy ;-)
  • Gooky Angus 2012/07/05 23:50:57
  • joseph ... Gooky 2012/07/06 00:54:50
  • BIGK27 joseph ... 2012/07/06 04:55:37 (edited)
    Well Joseph, it looks like you are doing really, really good at cut and paste....can you do anything else for us today?? No...Thats Ok Joseph; grab your helmet and lunch box and don't forget your crayons and come back tomorrow and play. retard with helmet lunch box with crayons crayons
    PS. We can work on a new line for you...won't that be fun!!!...Can't wait.
  • joseph ... BIGK27 2012/07/06 05:01:09
  • BIGK27 joseph ... 2012/07/06 20:07:57
    retard helmet
    You were doing so good yesterday, now it looks like you're going back to anger management again! I do wonder What it is like to be so full of hate?
    I'll check back with you later and see how the shock treatment is coming along.
  • Cap BIGK27 2012/07/07 13:06:50
    Your tagging of "joseph" as being in need of anger management services is right on, but your comments fail to note that he's not just whiny, he's duplicitously whiny. It would appear - as I point out above - that before joeseph went off on a tear criticizing Obama critics, joseph penned and deleted a slap at the Romneys. The proof he's a duplicitos hypocrie isn't conclusive, but it's better than anything he's got to show about the Romneys.
  • BIGK27 Cap 2012/07/07 13:50:53
    I just spotted Joseph a few days ago, here's a picture of him. retard helmet
    I think he's just your typical everyday run of the mill Liberal that has No clue how this Country is being driven into the ground by the Democrats.
    He's a great guy as long as you agree with him and see things his ways, but what he fails to understand 70% of the Country does not see it that way.
  • Gooky joseph ... 2012/07/06 12:15:01
    What's it like to be in denial & in love with 0vomit?
  • joseph ... Angus 2012/07/06 00:54:43
  • Angus joseph ... 2012/07/06 16:00:50
    So why can't you? Leave Romney be !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lee Angus 2012/07/06 03:46:55 (edited)
    Or maybe they are thinking . . .

    I sure hope we can keep Right Wing Trash from destroying this Great Nation.
  • Angus Lee 2012/07/06 16:01:21
    Nope. The left has done a fine job with that already.
  • joseph ... Gooky 2012/07/06 00:55:00
  • Gooky joseph ... 2012/07/06 12:16:17
    What's it like to be in denial & in love with 0vomit?
  • addie joseph ... 2012/07/06 17:27:06
    You are the angry one.
  • Lee Gooky 2012/07/06 03:45:11
    Now, that is a beautiful American family!
  • Gooky Lee 2012/07/06 12:15:53
    lol...sarcasm...i love it.
  • Lee Gooky 2012/07/06 12:18:02 (edited)
    Nope . . . No sarcasm at all.

    . . . just commenting on facts.
  • Gooky Lee 2012/07/06 12:23:12
  • Lee Gooky 2012/07/06 12:37:01 (edited)
    No I haven't slain you.

    But if it were legal, and if it were convenient, and if someone else would throw the mess in the dumpster . . . Then I probably would.

    After all, the world would be better off with one less parasitical and worthless RWNJ fool being a burden . . . No doubt about it . . . And there's no way it could be considered unethical.
  • Gooky Lee 2012/07/06 12:51:57
    Wow...i thought you liberals were a loving people...0vomit has trained you,in hate...what a good obedient,boy.Suck hard...maybe he'll keep you.
  • Lee Gooky 2012/07/06 12:55:25
    As a Moderate, I cannot speak for Liberals.

    But I do recognize the damage extremist scum habitually do to this nation.

    And Extremist Scum infest America's so-called "Conservative" movement.

    No, I don't like nasty, venal, traitorous Right Wing Nut Job trash.

    I don't deny it.
  • Gooky Lee 2012/07/06 12:58:52
    Bwahaha...you are so silly.You talk with such hatred in your words.I really pity you...i do.Have a nice horrible hate filled existence...
  • Lee Gooky 2012/07/06 13:22:14 (edited)
    I would not characterize my existence as "hate-filled," but I am aware.

    I am aware of the damage that certain lower life forms, including disease-causing microorganisms, intestinal parasites, cock roaches, and traitorous Right Wing Extremists can cause to humanity.

    That doesn't make my existence "hate-filled."

    That makes me aware.
  • Gooky Lee 2012/07/06 13:26:50
    Wow...just...wow.Hate filled...mmm mmm mmm!
  • Lee Gooky 2012/07/06 14:26:14
    lol . . . And you're gooky.

    Does that describe your mental processes?
  • Gooky Lee 2012/07/07 02:07:50
    Sorry...i don't debate people that have no argument.You do nothing but spew vile hatred...wtf does my name have anything to do with this banter we're having?
    Gooky is the name my grandson gave me,3 years ago...does that explain how my mental processes works?Whatever processes means...You are nothing...you exist only to emit hate.
    I hope 0vomit pays you well..but it doesn't matter how much it is.You'll be sitting in a fema camp,in a few years,same as me.
  • Lee Gooky 2012/07/07 16:31:21
    Ah come on Gooky . . . you actually refer to this Great Nation's President as "Ovomit" and you say that I "spew vile hatred."

    Yes, I have zero tolerance for nasty Right Wing Nut Job scum who have done so much damage to this country and who will do even more damage if given the chance.

    And yes Gooky, you and your fellow RWNJ's are some vile low lives . . . a veritable cancer eating away at this nation, and that cancer must either be surgically removed or rendered inert.

    Facts are facts.
  • Gooky Lee 2012/07/08 00:58:44
    And liberal losers,are liberal scum.I attack 0vomit and you get your panties in a wad...maybe you should give them back to your lover,0vomit...i'm sure he'd love to sniff them,now.
  • Lee Gooky 2012/07/08 15:32:02 (edited)
    lol . . . You and your gooky opinions are pretty much worhless.

    By the way, gooky is slang for douche.


    How appropriate, don't you think?

    . . . Gooky.
  • Gooky Lee 2012/07/08 15:39:22
    You are too unintelligent to waste my time on...you seem to have a problem with my name,but girls are like that.
    Why do you go beat up the kids in your neighborhood...you sound like a 12 year old girl wearing pink panties.
  • Lee Gooky 2012/07/08 16:29:39
    Gawd . .. You are GOOKY.

    I am so glad I am not in any way Gooky.

    Are you actually prooud of being so incredibly Gooky? . . .

    . . . Gooky.

    You've got a lot of company though.

    All Right Wingers are at least a little Gooky.

    You must feel good with all those like minded gooky people supporting you.

    Your big ol' Gooky Hive mind just keeps a hummin' . . . Churning out all kinds of lies, and deceptions, and lies, and distortions, and lies, and exaggerations, and lies and more lies an more lies.

    I'm sooooo glad I'm not a gooky Right Wing piece of slime.

    What a wretched existence that must be.
  • Gooky Lee 2012/07/08 16:52:25
    Believe me when i say,i'm overjoyed,you're not a Gooky.It must suck to be you.
  • Lee Gooky 2012/07/08 17:35:02 (edited)
    I'd rather be myself instead of some gooky, dumb A$$ Right Wing Nut Job Slavering sack of Slime any day of the weak.

    . . . Gooky.
  • Gooky Lee 2012/07/08 22:14:50
    LEE LEE...likes to wee wee in his cereal.Now...see how stupid you sound?Grow up...oh,that's right,you never will.
    You'll be one in line with 0vomits death panels.
  • Boris D. Gooky 2012/07/06 13:39:24
    Boris D.

    I think he's drunk in this video.

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