The *rest* of 0bama's Roanoke speech was a pile of crap, too!

RJ~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/27 18:21:33
(I apologize for the length of this post. But once I got started actually reading this guy's speech, I just couldn't stop! And if you're offended that I call the POTUS a Jerkoff, tough shit.)

A lot of attention has been paid to 0bama's "you didn't build that" statements in his recent Roanoke, Virginia speech. But less attention has been paid to the rest of the speech.
Well, the rest of it was a pile of crap, too.
0bama basically did what he ALWAYS does - he engaged in a debate with himself, arguing against propositions that no one has proposed. Perhaps we should call him the Jerkoff-in-Chief.
Here are some of the most egregious self-debates the Jerkoff indulged in during the rest of this massively dishonest speech:
The Jerkoff said:
"What’s missing is not big ideas. What’s missing is not that we’ve got an absence of technical solutions to deal with issues like education or energy or our deficit. The problem we’ve got right now is we’ve just got a stalemate in Washington."
No, Jerkoff. There isn't a "stalemate". There's a group of radical left-wingers, you included, who want to continue to pour trillions of dollars of Other People's Money down the rat hole of failed left-wing policies. The same policies that have created our problems with education, energy and the deficit in the first place.
The Jerkoff said:
"And on their side, they’ve got a basic theory about how you grow the economy. And the theory is very simple: They think that the economy grows from the top down. So their basic theory is, if wealthy investors are doing well then everybody does well."
No, Jerkoff. No one argues that "wealthy investors" need to do well. It's entrepreneurs - the job-creators - that need to do well. And to the extent that investors help entrepreneurs succeed, that's a good thing, Jerkoff. To most Americans, anyway.
The Jerkoff said:
"So if we spend trillions of dollars on more tax cuts mostly for the wealthy, that’s somehow going to create jobs, even if we have to pay for it by gutting education and
gutting job-training programs and gutting transportation projects, and maybe even seeing middle-class folks have a higher tax burden."
No, Jerkoff. No one is proposing that we "gut" education or job-training or transportation projects. They are proposing that we stop wasting money on a Dept. of Education that does NOTHING to improve education in the country. And on job-training programs that train people for the last century's jobs. And on pork-barrel transportation projects that are not quite "shovel ready" (as you admitted yourself, Jerkoff) and are just an excuse to funnel billions of dollars to your union supporters.
The Jerkoff said:
"Part number two is they believe if you tear down all the regulations that we’ve put in place -- for example, on Wall Street banks or on insurance companies or on credit card companies or on polluters -- that somehow the economy is going to do much, much better."
No, Jerkoff. No one has proposed tearing down ALL regulations. Just the ones that got us into the current mess, such as the absurd Community Reinvestment Act, which GUARANTEED that people who couldn't afford mortgages would get one. And the absurd Dodd-Frank bill, created by those who brought us the disastrous CRA in the first place.
Good job, Jerkoff - when there was a fire, you called on the arsonists to put it out.

The Jerkoff said:
"We got the slowest job growth in decades. We got deficits as far as the eye can see. Your incomes and your wages didn’t go up."
This all happened on YOUR watch, Jerkoff. We know your "base" is too stupid to understand this, but those of who DIDN'T BUILD AMERICA understand it very clearly.

The Jerkoff said:
"That’s how we invented the Internet."

Here's a news flash, Jerkoff. "We" didn't invent the Internet. A number of very smart people, much smarter than you could ever DREAM of being, over a period of years, "invented" and perfected the Internet. The early work was done by the Department of Defense.

And here's another news flash, Jerkoff. If you had had YOUR way with the Defense budget at that time, the money for that project probably would NOT have been available.

But here's one more news flash, Jerkoff. Even if that had been the case, just as with millions of inventions before it, the Internet or something very much like it would have been invented anyway!

Because that's how America works.
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