I'm glad to see opposition to Agenda 21 has apparently gained quite a head of steam over the last 18 months. It is a diabolical UN scheme to gain power in the United States (and elsewhere) that would even supersede the power of Congress. In fact, depending upon how you look at it, even the President would be powerless to interfere with the strictures mandated under Agenda 21 - especially as it becomes more implemented and entrenched. In the usual sly United Nations' style, the hope was apparently to implement so much of Agenda 21 while no one was looking, if you will, that it would be impossible to stop it - just as it eventually becomes impossible to stop a snowball rolling downhill. We have enough angst dealing with rules and regulations dreamed up by our own bloated bureaucracy, I will be damned before I seeing the day when a bunch of foreign communist ideologues sitting in free offices in midtown Manhattan, start telling me and/or the community where I live what I can and cannot do with my land. The best thing the United States could do is to withdraw from the UN and kick their cankerous butts out of the country. We practically fund the UN, as it is. which is a completely ass-backwards arrangement seeing as 90% of the members are more akin to beggars with their hands out than partners trying to keep the world safe. Ask not what the US can do for the UN, ask what the UN can do for the US. PERIOD.