The REAL Truth About Obamacare. Scary Stuff.

ActionJackson 2010/11/02 13:51:47
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This isn't a poll and I wish I had stumbled upon this video days before election day but it is worth watching. We MUST repeal Obamacare before it's too late.

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  • sodabox 2010/11/03 02:53:43
    Total BS
  • ActionJ... sodabox 2010/11/03 03:32:15
    BS as in Barack Sock-puppet?
  • ♥getreal♥ 2010/11/03 01:02:07
    Obama care MUST be repealed at all cost!! We as a nation cannot let this happen! It will be like going to WalMart for you healthcare or even worse if you can imagine! And it is not going to be free..WE all will pay!
  • GreyHeart 2010/11/03 00:04:33
    the bad presidents never get assassinated, i think its time that at least one does
  • Edward 2010/11/02 23:55:30
    it can and must be stopped
  • USC Gamecock fan 2010/11/02 18:37:01 (edited)
    USC Gamecock fan
    Can you believe? I was at work today and an associate saw my I voted today sticker and he asked if I voted for Obama, he is African American, I asked him what did he think? I continued to tell him about Obamacare and he had no knowledge of Obama care or the results he would be faced with or what is going to happen to his earnings. People just don't listen or hear. They are dumb when they are supporters of Obama. He could lead them to the slaughter and they wouldn't know any better. Jim Jones again. people listen hear dumb supporters obama lead slaughter jim jones
  • ActionJ... USC Gam... 2010/11/03 03:34:12
    Liberals are numb-brained. They're under some sort of chemical influence or they're just plain dumb (genetically speaking).
  • Goldie 2010/11/02 18:21:10
    Doctors not being allowed to treat patients to the best of their abilities. Sick! Loosing Doctors? We can't let this happen.
  • Marie/M2M2K™-#1Conservative... 2010/11/02 17:14:15
  • Giantsfan 2010/11/02 17:05:09
    So what do we do? Put this idiot in jail now and save the time and effort to do it later. Let him quit his well paying job, that will show us. I can just see it now, as he discribes, typing in his report for his patient sending it to DC and waiting for the response to give to his patient. Now at the same time tens of thousands of other doctors typing and sending their requests to DC at the same time. Either there will be 10,000 people working there with the knowledge to respond to these medical requests or this man is full of crap up to his ears.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/02 17:07:36
    Exactly. The entire Obamacare scam will become a quagmire of red tape, miscommunication, apathy, and bottle-necking. Not only will those who need care get substandard treatment but they'll have to wait for hours or weeks or months or years to get it.
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/02 18:28:02 (edited)
    Kinda sounds alot like it is now.
  • Sutekh Giantsfan 2010/11/02 23:57:47
    Anyone who's been to the VA lately knows what Obama was claiming to reform. Unfortunately, Obama is on the team that can do nothing but worse than the VA system -- except for themselves, of course.
  • Giantsfan Sutekh 2010/11/03 21:45:07
    My dad got great care from the VA bofore he died.
  • Sutekh Giantsfan 2010/11/03 23:37:58
    That is something major to be happy about. I'm glad that he did.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/03 03:38:04
    Much worse than it is now. Check out Canada's system:
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/03 21:48:52
    Canadians for the most part like their healthcare. Over 90% positive. More then we can say for the crap we put up with here.

  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/04 15:28:06
    You must have missed the video I posted above. I can lead a horse to water but I can't make it drink.
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/04 17:28:28
    What does your video have to do with our healthcare reform bill? Nothing. We don't have it socialized. The reforms are just that, comsumer protections against healthcare company abuses. You people are so screwed up. This bill will and is a purely capitalistic bill adding nearly 30 million new costumers to the healthcare company rolls. They (healthcare companies) if you have been paying attention were adding tens of thousands of new employees during this recession. Not the government. If it were government run healthcare then the government would have added those jobs not the healthcare companies. Check things out before making total asses of yourselves.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/04 17:34:12
    Socialism (in a nutshell) is the redistribution of wealth. I will have to pay more out of my pocket so that someone I don't know will get free healthcare. That is SOCIALISM.
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/04 21:02:31
    But no one gets free healthcare under the new bill. They have to pay for it just as you and I do. Where do you get your info from? Fox? Now people get it for free in emergency rooms and know it or not you and I and the others who pay for health insurance help pay for those emergency room visits. It's included in our premiums. This bill made those who don't have insurance, buy it. There for you and I don't have to pay their bills should those people go to the emergency room.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/05 04:48:03
    So if everyone has to "pay for it" then how is it any better than the current plan? How are those who can't pay for it going to get it?
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/05 19:29:26
    If you had paid attention to the facts and not Fixed noise you would know this. First for the smaller businesses that have 25 or so employees they will get a 35% taxcredit towards the cost of employee healthcare. To be raised to 50% in a certain amount of time. Today those employees get nothing towards it. Then those who don't have insurance will have to buy their own policies. For those who can't afford it they will get help paying for it, like John McCain proposed. Like a taxcredit. The bottom line is, you and I won't be paying their bills anymore and healthcare companies get more costumers which should help keep costs down. Note I said should.
    Now how is it any better then the current plan.
    1. You can't be denyed coverage because of a pre-existing condition.
    2. You won't have a dollor limit on medical payments. Like a 1 million dollar payout limit. A huge cause of unsespecting people going into medical bankruptcies.
    3. You can keep your child on your plan until he or she is 26. Now it's only up to 19.
    4. Seniors will get a free medical exam and will have the prescription drug donought hole start closing to be closed completely over a number of years.
    There are other benifits but these are some that took affect this Sept.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/06 03:22:50
    Here's your quote:

    "Then those who don't have insurance will have to buy their own policies. For those who can't afford it they will get help paying for it, like John McCain proposed."

    First ... I'm not a McCain fan. He's too eager to rub elbows with the Dem-wits. Secondly, you just proved my point. If someone can't afford to buy their own healthcare "they will get help paying for it." Where does that money come from? You got it ... the working class. My taxes go up to pay for those who can't afford it. Where do you think the government gets there money? Taxes! So not only will I have to pay for my own insurance but I will have to cover the millions and millions who can't afford their own. That is SOCIALISM!
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/06 03:35:48
    Well it was a republican idea. Just like making everyone buy insurance. That was a republican idea also. Who said the dems didn't let the republicans put some of their ideas into the healthcare reform bill.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/06 03:40:25
    I'm opposed to Socialism whether a Republican or a Democrat is pushing it. I like Reagan's philosophy much better. People should earn what they want or need. If a man doesn't work he shouldn't eat.
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/06 05:52:13
    LOL's By what you just said all the conservatives in congress and the senate over the last two years would have starved to death by now. They sat on their asses and did nothing to help people get back to work. But we paid them and they ate well. They didn't work but they ate well. Maybe they should have listened to Reagan. Whining for two years doesn't count as work.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/06 08:06:24
    Somebody has to pay for the "free" healthcare that others will get. When money is taken from one person (against his or her will) and given to another person we have "redistribution of wealth" staring us directly in the eye. That is Socialism.

    Guess what happens when the insurance companies hire tens of thousands of new employees. Insurance costs go up. The insurance companies had to add employees because of all the new Obamacare regulations that are coming down the pike. Obamacare is going to hurt a lot more than it's going to help.
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/06 18:36:33
    You know that "taking money against their will is old already. You can say that about buying anything. Buy a car they take money against my will. Buy gas they take money against my will. Go out to eat, they take money against my will. Buy tires, they take money against my will. Have a cell phone, they take money against my will. Quit whininy already and grow up. I'm am so tired you selfish little children.
    They hired more people to take care of 30 million more costumers. Boy you conservatives are dumb.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/07 02:26:46
    Once again ... you reveal your sub-par IQ. Taxes are used for different things. Some taxes are used to improve or repair the road systems. Those are okay with me because they benefit everyone including those who pay the taxes. Other taxes are used for Socialist programs and only benefit those who don't earn them. They help a few and hurt the many. Use that tiny brain once in awhile.
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/07 19:32:00
    And other taxes are used to give to oil companies while making record profits. Speaking of pea brains you are right there on top of the list.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/08 06:02:21 (edited)
    Obama's biggest campaign contributor (other than George Soros) was BP (British Petroleum). BP gave Obama about $900,000 in campaign contributions. I have no doubt that Obama gave some taxpayer money back to BP. Your god betrayed you.
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/08 13:46:16
    Actually if you took time to research Obama for his time in the senate and running for president recieved $77,051 from BP. You make numbers up. Typical conservative. Lies through their teeth. I am reading the numbers now. Come back when you can tell the truth.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/08 14:50:19
    So you admit that Obama is in bed with huge corporations?

    The largest "SINGLE" donation of $77,051 went to Obama. That single donation was not the entire amount of BP money that went to Obama. Obama got a total of $898,000 from BP over time. More than 2 million went towards Democrat candidates.
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/08 19:09:20
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/08 19:13:04
    "However, Palin did not point to another set of numbers reported by campaign watchdog, the Center for Responsive Politics, which showed the oil and gas industry overall contributed $2.4 million to John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign while $898,000 went for Obama's bid."


    Hopefully, this will shut you up for awhile. Yes ... Obama DID get $898,000 from corporate oil.
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/08 19:23:58
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/08 20:20:17
    So you agree that your god, Obama, is in bed with huge corporations. I mean, you don't accept their money unless you plan on helping them out in one form or fashion. You Dem-wits are all the same. Blame someone else when the problem is right under your noses and in your Socialist Party.
  • Giantsfan ActionJ... 2010/11/08 20:27:51
    You have blamed everyone but conservatives since you stated babbling on. Lets see, oil man president, oil man vice president, Halliburtan cement that was defective. Burton apologizing to BP, conservative republicans wanting to cap the liability at 75 million, and it was Obama's fault for the well explosion. As I said before, your pathetic.
  • ActionJ... Giantsfan 2010/11/08 20:30:39
    Obama did nothing to stop the oil gusher for a full month. He went golfing with he Wall Street buds instead. He even turned down offers of help from other nations. He's an imbecile like all Dem-wits.

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