The Quran is a Mein Kampf of War - Agree or Disagree

Speedy 2012/05/21 02:17:46
I agree because...
I disagree because...
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A recent comment thread here at PI compared Herr Hitler's Manifesto from over 80 years ago, "Mein Kampf", to that "holy of hollies" to Muslims, the Koran. Commenters have noted the remarkable similarities between the two, and indeed, the resemblances are more than skin deep and are worth examining in more detail.

Are you agreeing or disagreeing to this quote of Winston Churchill?

Winston Churchill
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  • clasact 2012/05/21 20:35:18
    I disagree because...
    if you read it you will find it somewhat like the bible both of which are fiction but some take it to extreams with their inturpatation and all most know about it is what they see on TV
  • Speedy clasact 2012/05/22 20:19:21
    I read it, and I found it worse than the Bible. If the Bible is fiction, how does archeologists found so much places and archeologist evidences of events that told in the Bible?
  • clasact Speedy 2012/05/22 21:10:27
    same as a clive cullser book take some fact and mix it into a story and you got a best seller.You can take to quran any way you want just like the bible or just like the extremist do and then you can be a car bomber too
  • Speedy clasact 2012/05/22 21:47:11
    Wow, but the Bible written before the archeologist evidences, so how can you say "same as a clive cullser book take some fact and mix it...." Sorry, but it doesn't make sense at all. Hmmm, I still didn't see any Christian or Jew who becomes suicide bombers.
  • clasact Speedy 2012/05/22 22:34:24
    just who said when it was written Oh wait the one ruler Contsintie yea he put it all together for you didnt he so you could belive what ever he wanted you to.No you dont see them as suicide bomber the just kill on a mass level like the crusades
  • Speedy clasact 2012/05/22 23:19:24
    Who is "Contsintie", do you means Constantine, the Roman who killed Jesus and converted to Christianity? Huh, pathetic! Did he "put it all together"? But I don't give a damn about Constantine, I believe in the Jewish Torah and the Jewish Bible, not the New Testament. And what exactly we have to do with this and the archeologist evidences? Are you going around instead to stick to our discussion? Archeologist Evidences according to the Torah, the first 5 books from Genesis to Deuteronomy.
  • clasact Speedy 2012/05/24 21:30:42
    ok so I didnt spell the guys name right.What im saying is all what you and other belive is whats in a book ,now none of us have ever meet whom ever wrote your book or the bible or any of them and none of us were around so we dont know the facts just whats told to us.You dont know and neither do I what people found back then or how it was found and explained .The people back then were very superstsius(sp) and fearfull they did and belived what they were told and put it into books and everyone has just gone along with it without question
  • Speedy clasact 2012/05/27 07:38:30
    There is no problem to misspell, it's happens to all of us. You are right that none of us met the author of the book, but we found archeologist evidences, places, coins, kitchen items, etc. The stories of the Torah and the Bible are real! The only thing I agree with you is miracle... we can't prove there were miracles, and any incident that looks to us simple today could looks like a miracle back then.
  • clasact Speedy 2012/05/27 09:23:31
    yes you find items from that period but the bible also says the earth was created so many years ago but science has also prove that wrong so basicly it works against what the bible teaches.Now im not saying there aint some good stuff in there like dont kill ,dont steal but thats common sense but to buy into the super being that lives in the clouds I dont think so
  • Speedy clasact 2012/05/28 20:36:39
    Did you think maybe that the Bible refer to the birth of Earth since Abraham started to believe in one God? BTW: Do you know the TV series of "The Naked Archeologist"? It's awesome, I recommend you to watch it.
  • clasact Speedy 2012/05/28 21:32:36
    no I think the bible gave a specific time when the earth was created and the time is wrong .No never seen it but will try to find it and check it out
  • Speedy clasact 2012/05/29 01:35:53
    I can help you with that, the Jewish calendar.
  • none 2012/05/21 16:43:33
  • Speedy none 2012/05/22 20:19:55
    You can't say it better.
  • All American 2012/05/21 13:01:26 (edited)
    I agree because...
    All American
    It's my understanding the they want world domination by hook or by crook, or by what ever means necessary.
  • Speedy All Ame... 2012/05/21 13:36:00
    It's not just by word domination, but the way they behave by following their book.
  • Insert Vaguely Clever Name ... 2012/05/21 02:29:57
    Insert Vaguely Clever Name Here
    i don't know, i haven't read either of them
  • Speedy Insert ... 2012/05/21 02:31:18
    It's always good to try

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