The Obama/Soros Plan To Destroy America. How do we stop George Soros and Obama?

danaslc 2010/01/16 14:52:25


OBAMA’S MAIN ‘PUPPETEER’ IS THE HUNGARIAN BORN JEW – GEORGE SOROS. With his financial ability in the billions of dollars to back whatever cause he chooses and his powerful control of the media, Soros has the means to engineer the political and economic destinies of entire nations. Indeed, Soros has already implemented his global agenda in both Georgia and Kosovo.

The latest “cause” backed by Soros is the Obama presidency. Known as Obama’s “money man,” Soros’s involvement with Obama’s national political career began in 2005 with Soros fundraising for Obama’s campaign for US Senate and continued through the 2007 Presidential campaign launch with huge fundraising operations managed by Soros.

Soros, a proponent of the “hard left,” has also been funneling money into the Democratic Party and to its candidates with the intent on building a slate of Senators and Representatives with socialist leanings. “George Soros has purchased the Democratic Party,” said Republican National Committee spokeswoman, Christine Iverson, “and he who pays the piper calls the tune.”

Through his Open Society Institute, Soros has contributed to left wing socialist groups such as, Human Rights Watch, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, The New American Foundation, ACORN, MoveOn, and his own, Center For American Progress, of which, Obama recently appointed its senior fellow, Todd Stern, as his ‘Climate Czar.’ Stern, a Zionist Jew, is the chief architect of the socialist-inspired Climate Change Bill, just passed by Congress.

George Soros now has a superhighway to Change – ‘Socialist Change.’ We are already beginning to see the largest growth in government in the history of America. Hell-bent on destroying the American dollar and installing a global currency, Soros has got his bought-and-paid-for White House stooge now installing his socialist agenda.

FOR IN HIS FIRST 100 DAYS as president, Obama has passed a flurry of deficit-deepening legislations such as the Stimulus Bill, the Equal Pay Bill, the Global Poverty Bill, the Tobacco Bill, the Climate Change Bill, and his upcoming Health Reform Bill. These will bring an already bankrupt America into a deficit of $2 trillion dollars including interest on the debt, paid to the Zionist Jews who own the Federal Reserve Bank. Obama’s next plan is to pass a UN sponsored Bill which will force Americans to pay a global tax. View Entire Story Here & Here.

And who will be the ruling elite of the socialist American state now in the making? Wealthy and powerful Jews – like George Soros – who have eliminated all capitalist power blocs that would oppose them. And with Obama’s creeping socialism becoming more and more apparent, George Soros emerges as the chief mogul behind Obama’s Marxist policies.

OBAMA’S CHILDHOOD MENTOR WAS THE MARXIST, Frank Marshall Davis, a black communist writer.

In his book, Dreams From My Father, Obama admits developing a close relationship, “almost like a son,” with Davis in 1977, whom he repeatedly refers to as “Frank.” Writing about attending “socialist conferences” and coming into contact with Marxist literature, Obama reminisces of listening to Frank’s “poetry” and getting advice on his career path.

One particular piece of Marxist literature, Rules for Radicals, penned by the Chicago Marxist Jew, Saul Alinsky, had oft been quoted by Obama in campaign speeches during his run for a State Senate seat in Illinois in 1996.

Obama’s embrace of the ideology of Saul Alinsky began when he was 24 years old, unmarried, very accustomed to a vagabond existence, and according to his memoirs, Dreams From My Father, was searching for a genuine African-American community.

White leftists of the Developing Communities Project of Chicago were looking for someone who could recruit in a black neighborhood in the south side of Chicago. Obama answered their Help-Wanted ad and soon took up a paid position as a community organizer. The Developing Communities Project was built on the Alinsky model of community agitation, wherein paid organizers learned how to “rub raw the sores of discontent.”

“The agitator’s job,” according to Alinsky, “is first to bring folks to the realization that they are indeed miserable, that their misery is the fault of unresponsive governments and greedy corporations, then help them to bond together to demand what they think they deserve.”

As a confirmed atheist, Alinsky saw an opportunity to cynically spread his socialist ideology in already-formed church communities as being the perfect springboards for agitation and creating bonds for their demands.

WHEN OBAMA FIRST UNDERTOOK HIS AGITATION WORK, he was un-churched. But to fulfill the Alinsky manifesto, Obama joined a huge black nationalist church, whose pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, (whom Obama called his spiritual mentor), preached a “black” gospel. Denouncing white supremacy and decrying black inferiority, Wright would intone from the pulpit: “GAWD! Has GOT! To be SICK! OF THIS S**T!” View Entire Story Here & Here.

In 1996, Obama received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for an Illinois State Senate seat. Later, the Chicago DSA newsletter reported that Obama, as a State Senator, showed up to eulogize the Jew, Saul Mendelson, one of the “champions” of “Chicago’s democratic left.”

The Democratic Socialists of America is the principal US affiliate of the Socialist International, which enjoys a “consultative status” with the United Nations. This international connection is significant because two of Obama’s recent legislations, The Global Poverty Act, and The Climate Change Bill, are both pieces of the UN’s socialist agenda to siphon the wealth of Western nations to Third World Muslim countries and ultimately, to implement its plan for a socialist World Government.


SOROS WAS BORN OF JEWISH PARENTS IN BUDAPEST IN 1930 as Gyorgy Schwartz. When young Gyorgy Schwartz enrolled at the Fabian socialist London School of Economics in 1949 he changed his surname to Soros. At the London School of Economics he became friends with Marxist philosopher Sir Karl Popper, founder of the Association of Socialist School Students and author of the 1945 book, The Open Society And Its Enemies.

In 1956, in an “open society” of America, of which Soros now wishes to expand into a “borderless society,” young George Soros arrived on Wall Street with $5,000 and quickly demonstrated a Jewish “knack” for investing other people’s money.

Soros soon came to be called “the greatest money manager in the world” by satisfied clients of his multi-billionaire international hedge fund called the Quantum Fund. Today, Forbes Magazine ranks him the 28th richest person in the United States, with an estimated fortune worth $7 billion.

In 1993, Soros established the US branch of his Open Society Institute as a “tax-free” foundation to support his socialist foundations in Central and Eastern Europe. The President of the Open Society Institute is the Jew, Aryeh Neier, who as Director of the Socialist League For Industrial Democracy, personally created the radical group Students For A Democratic Society in 1959.

Though he likes to be considered a “stateless statesman,” Soros, in fact, is more accurately described as the “Godfather of World Socialism.” For through his Open Society Institute, Soros funds an army of socialist organizations that advocate abortion, open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, a global currency, prevention of global warming, and a world poverty tax. View Entire Story Here.

Again, two of Obama’s recent legislations, The Global Poverty Act, and The Climate Change Bill, are both pieces which are consonant with the George Soros agenda.


OBAMA’S SOCIALIST CONNECTIONS EXPLAINS WHY he has libertine views on sexual matters such as abortion and homosexuality.

One of Obama’s first actions in office was to issue an executive order authorizing federal funds for pro-abortion groups that operate globally. Obama supports the Freedom of Choice Act, which would make abortion an entitlement that the government could not limit.

This falls in line with the socialist agenda of George Soros, the “puppeteer” pulling the strings of his “puppet,” Barack Obama. Among Soros’s demands are to make abortions freely available and to legalize gay marriages. Soros also demands full rights for illegal aliens and felons, as well as the legalization of euthanasia for the “infirm.” And, oh yes, Soros demands the end of US global supremacy through a borderless society.

Unless we wake up soon, our “infirm” nation will soon be put to an eternal sleep by Barack Obama & George Soros, The enitire article is at this link.


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  • Lisa 2010/01/16 15:56:47 (edited)
    This is what the Liberals have brought us to. Allowing a crazy freak Liberal from a communist country to manipulate our elections to better suit his need for greed. He set America up for Ruler Obama knowing this Boob would fail… thus earning him billions of dollars… And it only cost him about $50 million to pull it off. Congratulations you Libtards.
    I hope George Soros contracts a prolonged and painful illness, one which brings him 20 miserable years of excruciating pain and suffering. God knows he deserves it.

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  • ProtestTheLeft 2011/11/01 19:53:02
    We should be very picky about where we spend our money, and stop funding the left. How on earth do we stop Soro's? Surely he is not untouchable, he must have an Achilles heal of some sort. Find his weak spot and exploit it for all it's worth! The time for sitting idly by why these radicals take our nation straight to Hell has ended! The time decisive action is now! American, break out of your stupid addiction of having to be entertained all the time, and be careful of where you dine out at. Follow the money trail of George Soros to the end, and cut it off! Use you money to work against his agenda, instead of filling your own belly with cheeseburgers, taco's, and pizza! I think Americans are too lazy, and apathetic to take any real action. Therefore we are witnessing the beginning of Communist uprising that will eventually end our freedom, and liberty. Then it won't be long till those of us that do not agree are marched into the gas chambers.
  • betty85260 2010/02/08 01:10:26
    George Soros said "The American people are so easy to manipulate".
  • aebe 2010/02/02 07:07:12
    Soros,no matter any other label,is an anarchist,with the goal of destroying western civilization. This I believe,because it is impossible for the U.N.,or any form of world government to function;there is no means of controlling corruption,and,who will decide who is first in receiving any asset ? The O'Bummer might believe that he will be President of the World,but his would simply be the first in an unending string of assassinations.

    Palin/Bachmann '12 !

    Veterans - We,and the women and men now serving have EARNED our 2nd Amendment Rights.Why should we allow any corrupt politician to deny that ?
  • nightlight 2010/01/17 01:06:46
    I knew Soros was a bad egg but this article gave me a lot of information that I was previously ignorant of. If ever there was someone who needed to stop breathing, it's George Soros.
  • granny1944 2010/01/16 23:53:50
    get rush limpbog and pat rollbesome real racist into office that will stop all this mess
  • Edward 2010/01/16 23:44:12
    obummer is destorying himself politicaly with all his lies and being a weak leader when it comes to the safety of americans.
  • texasred 2010/01/16 23:04:31
    Unfortunately we have to vote them out. A quicker fix would be a 357 magnum. But we're more civilized than that.
    vote quicker fix 357 magnum civilized
  • Ladnar 2010/01/16 23:00:06
    Capitalism has treated these Socialists well. They should have their wealth confiscated...
  • danaslc Ladnar 2010/01/17 22:59:19
    That is what dumbfounds me the most. How the hell do they think they got to make much. It wasn't from communism. Although Obama and the Dems wanting our money and taking it is communism.
  • Edgar Ladnar 2010/01/25 03:45:44
    Awesome response! Lets punish these spoiled children!
  • OLD CRACKER 2010/01/16 21:52:45
    Vote criminals like Reid and Pelosi out of office. Never let anything obama wants get through congress.
  • Ken OLD CRA... 2010/01/16 22:01:31
    I agree - I mean, so WHAT that he was voted in by the majority of people who agreed with his policies. I say if we (a minority) can hijack the democratic process to force our own issues down the throat of this country lets DO it. So WHAT that we can't do it by having our party's officials win positions simply because they're too polarized for the majority of people in this country. we are RIGHT!
  • danaslc Ken 2010/01/17 23:00:19
    We are not the minority. They are. We are the silent majority and many are just waking up to what has really happened to this country.
  • Ken danaslc 2010/01/18 12:30:25
    Ah... yes... that 'silent' majority. LOL....
  • Edgar Ken 2010/01/26 07:24:19 (edited)
    You seem to be a complete moron too spoiled by Americas status as having the best living standard in the world to comprehend that everything you stand for contradicts your own existence.
  • Teresa Ken 2011/04/08 03:26:31
    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson
  • The Sane One 2010/01/16 20:32:50
    The Sane One
    Fairly good post.

    Will you also post something about the main financier of right wing extremism, Charles Koch?
  • danaslc The San... 2010/01/17 23:00:39
    How about Soros?
  • The San... danaslc 2010/01/19 18:35:08
    The Sane One
    I think that you posted a pretty good article about Soros... I was just wondering if you would do the same for the other side of the coin.

    If not, I'll understand.
  • Edgar The San... 2010/01/26 07:26:15
    Why cant you stay on topic? If you want to discuss Koch start your own blog. Simple as that-
  • The San... Edgar 2010/01/26 18:14:58
    The Sane One
    I was just trying to see if this would be an objective discussion topic, or simply yet another one-sided rant.

    You answered my question more than adequately.
  • Edgar The San... 2010/01/26 18:23:29
    Oh you are such a victim and I feel so sorry for you!LOL So why dont you start a Koch blog and then I can post how much you should really be talking about Soros?LOL And then when you want to stick to one topic-the Koch topic- I will blame you for creating a one-sided rant with no objectivity. Geez your logic is so pathetic.
  • sparta 2010/01/16 20:18:39
    How do we stop them...feed Soros to the fish and vote the traitor obama out of office...its really that simple.

    feed soros fish vote traitor obama office simple
  • Ken 2010/01/16 19:53:11
    All we need to do is TAX him at 99% like Obama prefers to do to all the wealthy Americans. I would vote for that tax on Soros.
  • joeman Ken 2010/01/16 19:56:31
    What a stupid jew, getting into bed with a muslim
  • Ken joeman 2010/01/16 20:13:55
    What a stupid American to let a foreigner come into our country and guide who wins our elections.
  • danaslc Ken 2010/01/17 23:04:11
    This started with Clinton, then Bush and now Obama. Soros just thinks that Obama can move faster because of his color and they now have enough illegals in this country that they can take over. YES TAKE OVER! If you have not noticed the illegals have hijacked our country with the help of Clinton, Bush and Obama.
    Three amigo's and Soros as their head man.
    noticed illegals hijacked country clinton bush obama amigos soros head

  • Ken danaslc 2010/01/17 23:16:21
  • Edgar Ken 2010/01/26 07:41:26
    I hear you!!
  • danaslc joeman 2010/01/17 23:01:29
    Money money money and power power power will cause you to throw away your God.
  • debadow Ken 2010/01/16 20:18:07
    Soros is wealthy, Why on earth not tax Him.
  • Ken debadow 2010/01/16 20:21:11
    99% would be good, right?
  • debadow Ken 2010/01/17 07:27:45
    You know it.
  • danaslc debadow 2010/01/17 23:04:54
    Why not put him on trial and take his money to pay us back.
  • Mosquito danaslc 2010/09/08 07:19:10
    Let's shove a rectal Vladimer the Impaler spike up his ass.We can talk all day.A revolution needs to happen and I'm willing to fight.I remember the day Political correctness came out.I knew something was up.
  • Teresa Mosquito 2011/04/08 03:36:02
    Hey! They want you to revolt! They would love nothing more than a chaos and riots in the United States! Obama would have the right to martial law at that point. Educate as many people as you can and get as many people as you can to register to vote!
  • Teresa Ken 2011/04/08 03:29:15
    I would seize his assets and kick him out of the country! Then we don't need to worry about taxing him!
  • Ken Teresa 2011/04/09 03:03:44
    I'm for that!
  • Hazel 2010/01/16 19:43:00
    The ballot box is the only way to stop them. Come November we will slow them down without his democrat rubber stamp it will be almost impossible for Obama to get legislation passed that will hurt America. Just pray Soros can't buy the new congress.
  • TopShelf® (oyo) 2010/01/16 19:11:22
    TopShelf® (oyo)

    high kick,yeah.

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