The obama regime,deceit central.....read below

mal 2012/04/24 11:03:27
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  • Kane Fernau 2012/04/24 17:02:44
    Kane Fernau
    Obama thinks destroying the middle-class will cause an uprising of the poor.
  • Bob S 2012/04/24 13:59:19
    Bob S
    To think that he could win 4 more years just boggles the mind. He has been campaiging for about 3 years for reelection. The nation is in turmoil and he still comes across as the messiah. He NEVER talks about the economy unless it is to increase taxes on almost everyone.
  • Mike 2012/04/24 13:34:57
  • jc 2012/04/24 11:58:27
    That's Odumbo for ya!Glad he's being voted out in Nov. obama the food stamp president
  • BrianD3 2012/04/24 11:43:28
    excellent read, interesting looking at the data about foodstamps and student loans.....

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