The movie “Non-Stop” has the killer being an U.S. military veteran,and a guy who believes in the Constitution.More Hollywood BS or accurate portrayal of veterans.

Steverno~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2014/03/01 04:04:27
More Hollywood BS about patriotic veterans.
An accurate portrayal of potentially dangerous veterans.
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Be aware, this post contains extensive spoilers for the new movie "Non-Stop."


Glenn Beck saw the movie “Non-Stop” featuring Liam Neeson on Thursday, and he hated it so much that he spoiled the ending for millions of people on his radio show Friday. He said he hopes that by revealing the ending, listeners have no reason to waste their money on the film.

“It is really great, until you find out that the killer is U.S. military and a guy who believes in the Constitution,” Beck said sarcastically. “Oh, darn it. Did I just wreck that movie for everybody? Oh, I didn’t mean to…”

Beck said the movie, in which Neeson is a federal air marshal trying to catch a murderer on a plane, was so terrible that “even in New York City,” the ending was met with “groans.”

“I’m not going to say anymore, except the killer is … a schoolteacher and so you completely dismiss him,” Beck added. “And there’s a little hole in the bathroom where they do a blow-dart, and they kill the pilot.”

(Photo: YouTube/Non-Stop Trailer)

(Photo: YouTube/Non-Stop Trailer)

Beck said the killer’s rationale was something “nonsensical” along the lines of: “It’s the government that has been putting people like you, you drunkard, on planes and allowing you to be our TSA. And that’s just wrong. So I’m going to blow everything up and take the money. I’ve got a parachute here, so I’m going to live. And I’m going to take all the money, and I’m going to get away with it. A-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha.”

The multimedia personality told his audience that “no amount of research … can help these people in Hollywood,” because they simply cannot understand what a “wildly, wildly insulting movie” they made.

Not only is it an insult to the Constitution and the U.S. Military, Beck said, but it’s a disgraceful light in which to paint our veterans. He said many Americans did the same thing to those who served in Vietnam.

“We’re not taking care of their health,” Beck said. “We’re dismissing them when they get back. And now we’re making them into our terrorists in our movies. And it’s the same [weasels] that are doing it. Don’t go see Non-Stop.”

Beck’s co-host Stu Burguiere added that a listener wrote in: “Thanks for saving me around 25 bucks, guys. That’s way more than Obamacare ever did.”

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  • Bedarin 2014/03/04 11:43:26
    More Hollywood BS about patriotic veterans.
    I love Liam Neeson films, but I will not see this one and I recommend that all Patriots boycott this film.

    no to non stop
  • perks-a real PATRIOT 2014/03/01 12:36:03
    More Hollywood BS about patriotic veterans.
    perks-a real PATRIOT
    People are not buying hollywoods anti American crap anymore, that's why religious movies are the big thing and hollywood is losing money big time!!
  • JimboNaught 2014/03/01 07:31:15
    More Hollywood BS about patriotic veterans.
    It's just "workplace violence."
  • FAM of the OMC 2014/03/01 06:41:10
    More Hollywood BS about patriotic veterans.
    FAM of the OMC
    Liberals hate the military, always have, always will. The whole "support our troops" mindset was only begrudgingly supported by liberals, because it was PC to do so. Hollywood is now trying to reshape public opinion, so liberals will feel justified to return to publicly hating the military.
  • oldsalt 2014/03/01 05:51:37
    More Hollywood BS about patriotic veterans.
    Sounds like the Rambo & Deer Hunter flicks that came out after Vietnam & gave us Viet vets a bad rap with the public. Something we're still living that phony stigma down.
  • Cat 2014/03/01 05:45:16
    More Hollywood BS about patriotic veterans.
    Shame on Hollywood!
  • cmdrbnd007 2014/03/01 05:38:55
    More Hollywood BS about patriotic veterans.
    I was curious to see it. Now I'm not.

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