The Media's Rape of Reality

Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot 2012/09/16 16:02:04

After all, all the filmmaker did was make a bad movie despotic governments we helped empower could use to incite rioting and direct the anger away from their own incompetence and toward the greatest force for freedom the world has ever known. Through state controlled media, they played this unknown video endlessly and spread it throughout the region. All the while, our President skipped nearly 60 percent his national security briefings. Turns out maybe you can’t get by on the Cliff notes on those briefings. Maybe you do have to show up.

But Mitt Romney spoke first, and that was the story the media covered.

It made little mention of how the Justice Department found and outed the anonymous American supposedly “responsible” for all this in just two days but, after looking for two years, still can’t find out who authorized Fast And Furious within their own ranks. It found no fault with the president returning to his real duties – campaigning and fundraising – after he’d devoted just an hour to the most significant security threat of his administration. Had a fiction writer scripted the media’s coverage even they wouldn’t have had the nerve to be so brazen as to attempt something so corrupt.

Now, the violence is spreading, and the president has no idea how to react. He’s sinking in concrete, campaigning and fundraising while the Middle East burns. But he thinks Mitt Romney spoke too soon? That’s it somehow a gaffe that Romney grasped the implications and the outrage of the situation a full workday before the president could be bothered even to release a statement? That’s somehow a Romney gaffe, but the President being uncertain if Egypt is our ally or not barely registers?

President Obama has learned well from great propagandists in the past: When the chips are down, invent a phony outrage to distract the public.

Follow the pattern:

As more stories of violence and dismissed warnings come in, more criticism of Romney comes out.

As our credit is downgraded again, more criticism of Romney comes out.

As the Federal Reserve announces plans to print $40 billion a month in a third attempt at “quantitative easing” to right the president’s broken economy, more criticism of Romney comes out.

No matter what happens, no matter how detached our president gets from the job he seeks to keep for four more years … no matter how many people die…we still haven’t seen enough of Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

That’s how sick the media has gotten.

Does the president defend our freedom? No. He asks YouTube to review the video to see if it violates the user agreement and can be taken down. Isn’t it amazing how the first instinct of liberals in any situation is to lionize extremists abroad and censor our speech at home? YouTube, showing a strong commitment to the Constitution than the man who swore an oath to “preserve, protect and defend” it, said it wouldn’t remove this horribly produced and acted Z-movie. Good for them standing up for the First Amendment. Bad for the media for trying to re-elect a man who turns his back on the very principle that protects its very existence.

The president has not acted like a president in this crisis, he’s acted more like a spoiled child told for the first time to eat his vegetables. Everything else he’s faced in office – abysmal economic data, the 2010 election, the unpopularity of his actions and policies – could be spun or somehow parsed to create whatever new data-metric reality he wanted because his media mouthpieces were only too happy to spread it.

But those events didn’t have smoke, fire, video and a body count the world can’t easily ignore.

The media’s spin will work on idiots, but the rape of reality can’t and won’t work on anyone with more IQ points than teeth. People, Americans, YOU, need to spend time every day between now and the election talking to anyone with at least one working ear who hasn’t yet decided how to vote and explain to them what is really happening. Donating money is great. Planning to vote yourself is key. But spreading the word to those open to hearing it and making sure they cast an educated vote is crucial.

Democrats don’t want voters to be educated or informed … thus the fight over voter ID laws. They want you to eat your gruel, take your medicine and re-elect the president because he knows more about what’s better for you than you do. With so many Americans now suckling the government teat, that easy message has a receptive and large audience. We have to be larger this November or our nation surely will be smaller in the future

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist.
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  • mrdog 2012/09/18 05:59:43
    Democrats can't re-elect O...it is up to independents like me... and no way to support four more years of foolishness...one and done..bark
  • Denny 2012/09/17 18:15:31
    And why??? We Americans have been sending Billions since the 60's to buy Oil. Lots of things could have been done for those people with that money. Why doesn't Muslims from here tell these Idiots who is stealing those dollars sent in food and paying for Oil that could make their life so much better than dying waiting for 40 virgins???
  • Patriot Unit 2012/09/16 21:30:57
    Patriot Unit
    Typical Left Wing Progressive Actions. I would not put my trust in anything the Main Stream Media supports, spews or thinks. They have been raping this country for decades, but they burnt their bridges long ago, And stopped being Journalists, And started being limp noodled cheerleaders for anything Pro Leftist, Socialist, Communist, Muslim, Radical, Marxist and so on,
  • Hidden Noname 2012/09/16 16:57:28
    Hidden Noname
    I think the new title of the media should be "Truth Rapists", and then following along with their single minded agenda at the DNC, the results of their truth rape should be aborted. Fine and penalize the newscasters and stations who allow the broadcasts to be aired. Hold them accountable
  • Mr. T 2012/09/16 16:39:49
    Mr. T
    The liberal media will continue to ignore the facts and try and convince Americans Obama is so far ahead in the polls to try and get the..."well, if he is winning we might as well vote for him" brain-dead vote.
  • Deep007 2012/09/16 16:03:44 (edited)
    The Mainstream Propaganda Networks were busy this weekend covering DemocRAT ass 24/7. Joseph Goebbel would be proud


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