The Left Is Mad And Can’t Face The Truth

Alexander 2012/06/14 19:37:01
June 14, 2012 By

Every day here at the Western Center for Journalism, we dig and dig to bring to you information you won’t get from the mainstream media.

And when we do break through and get coverage in the mainstream press the left goes wild with anger, bitterness and vile. Such as in this piece I ran across this morning from the Pierce County Herald.

Michael Cole’s “list” of supposed Obama “firsts” is a collection of idiotic falsehoods, misrepresentations and outright foolishness repeating the latest lies from the Obama-hater industry.

I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time debunking claims as stupid as the “Obama is a foreigner” canard, or the one about states issuing Social Security cards. An informed third-grader would know better.

The debt downgrade he refers to is a direct result of the Tea Party Republican Congress refusing to pay for debt, three-fourths of which was incurred under Republican Administrations, thanks to their trillion dollar wars, billionaire tax cuts and trillion dollar pharmaceutical subsidies charged to Medicare. This is a little like going on a six-month drunk, and then blaming your wife when she pays off the credit card bill.

The so-called “Western Center for Journalism” cited as his “source” is a sham operation run by a right-wing con artist named Floyd Brown who makes his living peddling conspiracy theories and other lies to the gullible. These date back to his ridiculous, de-bunked Vince Foster “murder” claims during the Clinton years, and the debunked, discredited “birther” nonsense under President Obama.

We are proud of our record and we are willing to measure our integrity and our facts against the left any day. And we are tired of the left claiming we are hateful. You can easily read the hatred raging in the heart of this passionate Obama lover.

If you want to read more here is the link:

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  • john Kills 2012/06/14 20:22:15
    john Kills
    If that was my son I would throw his ass out and tell him never to let his shadow fall on my property again. I saw this when it first came out about Brittany spears. His parent must be so proud.
  • Mr. T 2012/06/14 19:44:22
    Mr. T
    They are scared to death they are going to lose their welfare / entitlements if Obozo leaves. THAT is why they are mad. Imagine...having to look for "work" like everyone else...God forbid.
  • Kane Fernau 2012/06/14 19:44:04
    Kane Fernau
    Bush still has his boot on the throat of the economy. It's Bush's fault O's policies have failed. Bush Repubicans Tea Party WAAAAAAAAAH!
  • HarleyCharley 2012/06/14 19:37:50
    he's such a failure.

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