The Irony of Selfish Greed.

garyhaywardcom 2012/12/24 22:38:31
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The Irony of Selfish Greed refers to the fact that although selfish greed appears to be advantageous to the selfishly greedy, it is, in fact, inherently disadvantageous to them. This is due to the fact that in securing resources for his/her own exclusive benefit(selfish greed), the selfishly greedy denies or hinders those resources to others who could then use them to the greater benefit of the otherwise selfishly greedy themselves.

Mother Nature laid out her bounty before us: the land, seas, fields,deserts, beasts, fowl, mountains, streams, flowers, trees, and soon. She assigned none of this to anyone in particular; it was simply there. Each man, according to his selfish, greedy heart, however,was driven to seize and secure as much of it as he was able, for his own, exclusive, benefit. In that world of limited resources, thus came conflict and war, as man fought against man to increase his personal stock. And, though, after a while, when the costs of all-out hostilities could be so great that all might perish, trade was invented, it remained war, with notes and coins the new bombs and bullets (capitalism, being a competitive system, is an example of war, from individuals within a society to inter-societal(international) conflict). And so it continues to the present day.

As things get passed down the generations, inherited, things won,lost, seized by others, bought and sold, all are made handlers of stolen goods. In his stealing from nature, a man steals from all others. But it's worse than that: for, in doing this,each man steals from himself. In demanding a price for his labours and that which he owns, so he limits their deployment. Thus, the cancer scientist will only work to find a cure for cancer to the extent that he is paid to do so; limiting the finding of treatments and cures for a disease which he himself is as likely as anyone else to get. And so with the pharmaceutical company providing the laboratories and associated resources. Just pop down to your local children's cancer wards and tell the kids there how great it is that we hold back on them--putting a price on their lives; for the finding of preventives, treatments, and cures. And so we limit all human endeavour, all science and progress. This is the Irony of Selfish Greed.

The ancient, evolved Darwinian urge to be selfishly greedy--compete with one another--has had its day. Humans have evolved great conciousness and intelligence. We can now co-operate/collaborate on everything. If we change, the economic system--any economic system,money, property all fall away and resources are then available at no cost and in practically unlimited amounts, not just here on Earth,but further afield. Unlimited progress at break-neck speed.Human-like robotic helpers, workers? The discovery of a cure for ageing--immortality (if such a thing is possible at all)?

Let's all collaborate. It's time the war was over.

Read More: http://abolisheconomicsystems.abolishmoney.org.uk/

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