The Illinois State Lottery pick 3 on November 5th, election day, was 666. Obama's home state.....Your feelings on this?

sandy 2008/11/09 16:10:47
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Of course election day was the fourth but no states were completed with reults until the 5th. 666 and the day Obama became President Elect.

What does 666 mean in the Bible?

Bible Answer: The Bible predicts that the next major event in God's plan for this earth is a period of time called the Tribulation. We are now waiting for it to come.

The Tribulation. The Tribulation will start with a period of peace (1 Thess. 5:1-3; Rev. 6:1-2) and after 3.5 years, war and violence will come. War comes when a great national leader takes control of a world alliance such as the United Nations (UN). He will oppose everyone, including God. He will also have support from a man who will encourage the world to follow him. The Bible calls these men the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet (Rev. 19:20; 20:10). Many have suggested that the Anti-Christ will receive support from most of the world because of a real or imagined crisis. Therefore, the False Prophet will be able to insist that some type of mark be placed on the back of a person's hand or forehead for security or economic reasons.
" 666. " Who is this False prophet and what is the mark? Revelation 13:18 gives us the answer to both. It says that the number "666" is a clue to his identity and can also be the mark that a person will receive. The mark can be either the number "666" or the name of the False Prophet.

And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand, or on their forehead, so that no-one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666. (NIV) Rev. 13:16-18
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  • Steve 2008/11/10 01:24:56
    None of the above
    I don't read the bible, BUT I truly believe Obama is the beginning of the end for this country!

    And all the sheeplike mindless simpletons who voted for Obama are to blame!
  • Marcus Steve 2008/11/10 05:29:26
    Dont sell yourself short, not only do have you not read the bible but you havent read anything a book a 5th grade level in three years. You seem down ever since since they put you put back in the special ed class.Dont worry next year you will tackle geography and arithmetic ..real tough stuff that could fool a Palin or genius like yourself 4+4=8

    here is another one-I will go slowly Obama had more votes then McCain so the person who gets more votes wins.

    Appreciate your prediction ,I am sure all the retards I mean special children in class with you will appreciate your insights as much as I have

  • George 2008/11/10 01:13:42
    It's an Omen
    I have heard he is the anti Christ.
  • justonemom George 2008/11/10 02:10:35
    Yes, I've heard that as well. I googled it once and there are a lot of websites devoted to the idea!
  • Marcus George 2008/11/10 05:18:09
    Really,who told you the loch ness monster? Or maybe it was jack when you tried to smoke his beanstalk..... hey this remind you of something

    all patients need to return to the mental ward they have your medicine ready
  • Florida 2008/11/10 01:05:53
    None of the above
    The Illlinois lottery and the Election ae not one in the same. Pitty the poor guy who won the lottery he might be more affected by the winning number then Obama and Biden the Dynamic Duo
  • ed Florida 2008/11/10 03:51:13
    Biden is dynamic?
  • CommonS... ed 2008/11/10 04:16:58
  • firefighter22mfd 2008/11/10 01:04:50
    None of the above
    Just for your information election day was on Nov. 4th NOT Nov. 5th!!! I think you should know your stuff before you post this stuff!!!
  • sandy firefig... 2008/11/10 01:21:32
    Did you read the post? Read before you post your stuff.
  • malyo 2008/11/10 01:03:28
    None of the above
    Missouri isn't done counting!!
  • sandy malyo 2008/11/10 01:23:35
    Missouri is 100% reporting and McCain won.
  • malyo sandy 2008/11/10 02:02:48
    That's fine...it was surely expected. My point was noting that the bases for this poll was to indicate that the lottery 666 was drawn on the day Barack was elected...not true if it was drawn on the 5th, and if the further argument was the final report being given on the 5th, then again I say not true since the final count for Missouri was not in on the 5th. This poll is foolish and hateful...and no matter what image America might want to hold up to the rest of the world the truth is typified right here on soda head.
  • Mac 2008/11/10 01:02:44
    It's an Omen
    It's appropriate. I'm not surprised.
  • Flea 2008/11/10 00:59:09 (edited)
    This is just silly superstition
    666 has come up more than once in our lottery, and nothing bad happened before. In fact, it comes up on a regular basis. Besides, the scholars have already said 666 stood for Nero in the Bible. Now get me some Hebraic scholars to add up the letters in Obama's name, then if they add up to 666 maybe I'll believe.
  • sandy Flea 2008/11/10 01:02:50
    Hmmm, let me pull out my book on numerolgy. I'll get back to you.
  • whitegunowner 2008/11/10 00:52:15
    Obama is the start of Tribulation
  • cher2 whitegu... 2008/11/10 04:22:18 (edited)
    Oh great white gun owner ...... you know this because .why..you see dead people?..God speaks to you?..you are greater than most humble humans? Why...please tell us..bacause I can't wait to hear or see your proof.
  • fbo 2008/11/10 00:51:33
    This is just silly superstition
    This may be silly, but Illinois Pick 3 did come up with 666 the day AFTER the election. That is funny! BTW, i went to their official website to verify. lol

  • Odd Job 2008/11/10 00:27:04
    Obama is the start of Tribulation
    Odd Job
    He's the dark prince....
  • Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂ 2008/11/10 00:19:10
    It's an Omen
    Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂
    The Illinois State Lottery will be the end of us all.
    omen illinois lottery
  • Decahed... Decahed... 2008/11/10 00:21:07
    Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂
    666 comes up hundreds if not thousands of times every day all over the world
  • sandy Decahed... 2008/11/10 00:56:50
    Not true. Not thousands of times.
  • Decahed... sandy 2008/11/10 01:00:15 (edited)
    Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂
    Nearly 7 billion people in the world - It's likely that number comes up over a million times everyday, somewhere or another - ever play video poker? - comes up pretty often
  • justonemom Decahed... 2008/11/10 02:12:37
    really, maybe we should start playing it.
  • Decahed... justonemom 2008/11/10 02:36:06
    Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂
    Sure, It,s fun - 3 aces comes up just as often. ^_^
    fun 3 aces
  • Aj 2008/11/10 00:17:10
    Obama is the start of Tribulation
  • steve 2008/11/10 00:10:02
    This is just silly superstition
    1/1000 chance with maybe 50 lotteries around so maybe 1 in 20 chance of it coming up somewhere
  • Southern Man 2008/11/10 00:05:26
    It's an Omen
    Southern Man
    that is to funny 666 for barry im still lmao about it omen funny 666 barry lmao
  • darpar 2008/11/09 23:47:25 (edited)
    None of the above
    Election day was November 4th. Is that why McCain lost? Too many of you idiots trying to vote the day after?
  • SourStone 2008/11/09 23:43:06
    I don't believe in God or the bible
    Wow. This is why religion is dangerous.
  • kimmy "In God I Trust" 2008/11/09 23:42:42
    None of the above
    kimmy "In God I Trust"
  • Saintsfan 2008/11/09 23:38:32
    I don't know all in due time, all in due time... Only God knows Gods' plan. There wil be signs, but it's hard to say.
  • Nate 2008/11/09 23:17:21
    hahaha November 5th
  • jaskaur 2008/11/09 22:49:43
  • BRADY969 jaskaur 2008/11/10 10:53:01
    Thank you!
  • mark 1 jaskaur 2008/11/10 13:22:17
    mark 1
    Yes stated above
  • rushfor... jaskaur 2008/11/10 15:03:47
    Behind the cries of the world ending, is the presence of the opposed demise.
  • Jimmy jaskaur 2008/11/10 15:15:35
    reply to jaskaur: Christians are following what they believe. I don't know about muslims. If you don't think our workd is horrible, look around you. After reading the last part of your last sentence, it doesn't sound like you're following your own advice about making the world better, when you say that people are crying about it.
  • jaskaur Jimmy 2008/11/10 15:19:03

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