The Flying GEM-G Powers Electric Stations and Steam Generators

TheR 2012/12/03 11:20:42
The Flying GEM-G is a new way to procure electricity without burning any combustible fuel. It is safe and an answer to stopping Carbon Emissions into the atmosphere. It is the new Heart of Electrical Production.


In the world they say we have no jobs; but we have really many jobs and a big job in removing the old methods of making electricity and putting in the new and safe alternative.

The Flying GEM-G is able to power heat coils to provide the heat for steam generators that will pump out the electric across the world.

The Flying GEM-G will also reduce energy costs for all of society, because no longer do we have to transport coal, and pay money for coal mining. In fact the Flying GEM-G once installed and made will last a lifetime in operation.

I am working to counter the effects of Global Warming.

It is my hope people will see the real value here, and we can move forward in shaping our new future.


Mr. Dom Jermano

no nuclear power no coal power

yes the Flying GEM G

my invention does not use outside wind power. If you ride an electric bike on a calm day, you feel wind at your face. If you go 10 mph that is a 10 mph wind at your face, even when the wind is not blowing. This same principle I use in creating my electricity machine. I place a wheel horizontally in the air supported via a metal axle attached to the ceiling and floor. On that wheel I add small wind turbines. When I give the wheel power to rotate it spins with the wind turbines. When the Wind turbine blades meet the air just as the air hitting your face when riding the electric bike, those turbines rotate creating electricity. Since I have several turbines it produces more electrical power than used to spin the wheel. I can therefore recharge my battery power, so it runs non-stop, and the rest of the power production is used for whatever intention.

The electric can be used to power an Air Conditioner. The Air Conditioner cools a room, and it also produces water. This water is usable for many purposes. Drinking, Washing, Watering Plants, Vegetables, hydroponics, and raising fish. Since this is a good thing, in which it also produces light, one can have it creating water non-stop 24 hours a day. This creates a lot of water.

Since it creates water, I now have the ability to perform electrolysis. This is when I put an electric charge into the water, and I can produce Hydrogen Gas, and Oxygen.

Now I have two infinite fuel resources. I have Electricity and Hydrogen Gas. What is more compelling is the fact I can produce Oxygen. Oxygen is produced by trees in the world, but now I can produce this gas with my electricity machine.

Our present methods in creating Electricity with coal, oil, or gas pollute the air, while my invention when it makes electricity makes new air. Clearly my invention is hands down 100% better.

My invention is pollution free and risk free. This means there is no threat of a Nuclear incidence. It is better than Solar power and Wind Power, because Solar, takes up a lot of physical space, and it does not produce electric power on cloudy days or at night. Wind power is also limited because it does not blow everyday, and the wind varies, being sometimes periodic, weak, or too strong.

Since my invention is used inside a building its operating life I predict will last at least a human life time in years.

I discovered this back in 2002, and now it is 2014, and people just do not listen to LOGIC. It is called the Flying GEM-G. So man kind in my earnest view will destroy themselves, even when they have the means to solve our Energy and Environmental problems. They do not care about what I invented, or believe it will work, and maintain their own greedy sub-marginal ways of doing things, which is the way that is killing our Environment, raping Limited Oil Resources, and bringing extinction to Humanity. All I can say is $%#-Damn the Morons who have College and University Degrees yet don't know a thing. 。

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  • Grabitz 2014/06/11 06:37:42
    Did you ever make a working model of the Gem yet ? If not do you mind if I give it a try ? I'm damn good at putting things together from scratch as long as I have the vision of what you need and I pretty much understand your concept of the Flying GEM .
  • TheR Grabitz 2014/06/11 07:12:07 (edited)
  • Grabitz TheR 2014/06/11 07:34:58
    LOL Yeah well I didn't want to steel your idea just try making a working model for you for proof that it works . As far as money who needs it with all the power you could ever use ? The possibilities are endless . Time keeps on slipping into the future and you had this since 2002 . That's 12 years and you're still doing the daily grind for the commies .

    I remember talking to you some years ago about this when you was trying to get a patent I believe . Well all the best and hope your invention comes out soon .
  • TheR Grabitz 2014/06/11 07:55:18 (edited)
  • Grabitz TheR 2014/06/11 08:10:54
    I believe it . I was working on the Nano Detonator and it got squashed since the last time we talked . I still have the plans and components to use and thinking about going ahead with it anyway . Simple concept of shutting a hydrogen atom off and get a puff of helium rather then splitting it getting a big hot radioactive blast .

    Well good luck hope it all works out for you and all of us .
  • TheR Grabitz 2014/06/11 08:32:14
    There is God. It will work out, I have no doubt.
  • TheR Grabitz 2014/06/11 08:34:48
    Sounds risky, and dangerous. Wish I could show you my new design, which is much better than the photo's I have posted here.
  • TheR 2014/04/29 03:54:10
    How Much Fuel In Volume Do You Think Is Wasted By Idling Vehicles At Stop Lights, and Traffic Jams Per Day Around The World?

  • crewzer1 2014/04/27 12:53:24
    Windmill energy is awesome, as long as you are sustaining small town power grids. I too believe it is an Viable solution; although with our need as a planet, to sustain a grid of power. That will sustain all the needs; that today's Human Family have for operating all the mechanized factors, we currently use. I have a solution for an energy resource that has not been introduced to the Human Family, as of yet. Sustainable energy for the future in my opinion is much the same idea of resource as the windmill solution. A non pollutant in the creation of steam pressure. As Crazy as people consider me as an Individual, I contemplate Man and their own desire to discover the resource of the future for sustaining life and comfort. Even when the Next Ice age returns to the planet. And In truth and without disrespect. The windmill will not sustain electrical or steam power when the Ice returns to this Planet.
  • TheR crewzer1 2014/04/28 03:34:29 (edited)
  • crewzer1 TheR 2014/04/30 19:40:51
    I like your Idea...
  • TheR crewzer1 2014/05/01 01:29:10
    Thanks man.

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