The Flying GEM-G Powers Electric Stations and Steam Generators

TheR 2012/12/03 11:20:42
The Flying GEM-G is a new way to procure electricity without burning any combustible fuel. It is safe and an answer to stopping Carbon Emissions into the atmosphere. It is the new Heart of Electrical Production.


In the world they say we have no jobs; but we have really many jobs and a big job in removing the old methods of making electricity and puttting in the new and safe alternative.

The Flying GEM-G is able to power heat coils to provide the heat for steam generators that will pump out the electric across the world.

The Flying GEM-G will also reduce energy costs for all of society, because no longer do we have to transport coal, and pay money for coal mining. In fact the Flying GEM-G once installed and made will last a lifetime in operation.

I am the guy with of course under the blessing of our Lord to bring this to the world, to counter the effects of Global Warming.

It is my hope people will see the real value here, and we can move forward in shaping our new future.


Mr. Dom Jermano

no nuclear power no coal power

yes the Flying GEM G
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