The end of Barack Obama

Mike56 2013/03/19 02:10:47
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Porter Stansberry is the founder
of Stansberry

And recently, Porter has done some fascinating research. He says there’s
an approaching BIG event in America, which could entirely ruin Barack Obama’s Presidency.

Now I know at
first glance this probably sounds a little outrageous.

But keep in mind, that’s exactly how
many people felt a few years back, when Porter predicted the collapse of General
Motors, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ganett Newspapers, just to name a

The point is,
Porter has a remarkable track record when it comes to this type of

So I
strongly encourage you to at least take a quick look at the research he’s done.
Because even if he’s only half right, this big event will have a dramatic impact
not only on Barack Obama, but also you, me, and everyone else in this

Read More: http://pro.stansberryresearch.com/1302PSIEOA1Y/LPS...

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  • rightside 2013/03/19 02:59:12
    I know for myself that Obama is bringing much more catastrophic crysis that w...
    I will never rest thinking that bama is in control. There is no confidence there at all.

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  • simone jordan 2013/08/05 05:17:31
    I know for myself that Obama is bringing much more catastrophic crysis that w...
    simone jordan
    Jesus is coming soon. Make sure you are prepared
  • TombstoneJim 2013/04/02 16:15:18
    I know for myself that Obama is bringing much more catastrophic crysis that w...
    His re-election almost certainly spelled the longest period of dmage to liberty expereinced since Mr. Truman.
  • NakedRei 2013/03/21 05:31:34
    I know for myself that Obama is bringing much more catastrophic crysis that w...
    These are the measures people go to to advertise? Pathetic.
  • Prophet 2013/03/20 14:42:08
    I know for myself that Obama is bringing much more catastrophic crysis that w...
    The sooner the better!!!!
  • jakep51 2013/03/20 12:47:36
    I know for myself that Obama is bringing much more catastrophic crysis that w...
    And I don't need a convicted fraudster tricking me out of more money to figure that out.
  • nails 2013/03/20 01:53:00
    I know for myself that Obama is bringing much more catastrophic crysis that w...
    Not so fast.His job here is not nearly finished.Just a wild guess,but do you think he'll broker
    that 7 yr peace treaty from the temple mount this week? I do.Ya know the one he will break
    in 3 1\2yrs.
  • **StarzAbove** 2013/03/20 00:46:54
    I believe that since stock market rebounded, everything is going to be OK und...
    Another stupid conspiracy..... that s funny
  • Mike56 **Starz... 2013/03/20 23:28:43
    Don't vote for your stupid conspirators then anymore
  • Mr. Smith 2013/03/19 21:30:18
    I know for myself that Obama is bringing much more catastrophic crysis that w...
    Mr. Smith
    If you think the coming financial collapse is all Obama's doing, you are sorely mistaken. This plan has been in the works for decades, and the elites in both parties have been working together to accomplish this goal. The globalists have been plotting for a one world currency and one world government, and they're about to get it. Why do you think billionaires like Soros and countries like China are snatching up gold by the truck loads? They are literally dumping anything tied to the dollar and putting it into gold, precious metals, real estate, etc. This is much bigger and much more evil then anything Obama can dream up. He doesn't have that kind of power, he's nothing more than mid-level management in this global scheme.
  • Suze Mr. Smith 2013/04/01 19:23:29
    An astute observation concerning Global world order having not been initated by Obama, but he is certainly escalating the process in America.
  • Mr. Smith Suze 2013/04/01 20:24:24
    Mr. Smith
    No question, Obama is certainly carrying the torch for the globalist's agenda. He would not have gotten the job as POTUS if he wasn't on board.
  • Mike56 Mr. Smith 2013/04/01 21:55:20
    There are only speculations with regard to the unnamed "globalists" that could be right or wrong, while the 0 is more than real.
  • Mr. Smith Mike56 2013/04/01 22:26:47
    Mr. Smith
    Who said they're unnamed??? There are 3 men in the world who have possessed considerable wealth, power and influence, having incredible impacts on those who are involved in NWO agendas and plans for the past 5 decades. They are, respectively:

    1 - David Rockefeller
    2 - Henry Kissinger
    3 - Zbigniew Brzezinski

    However, they are not alone, several other organizations exist with similar agendas, namely, the Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. These groups control not only our government, but our central banking systems and the central banks in countries all over the world.

    Google these groups along with Obama appointees (example: Trilateral Commission and Obama appointees) and you'll get a huge eye opener. Obama is directly tied to these groups, he's not working independently, he's just their spokesperson and cheerleader for the next 4 years. So to put all your focus on Obama is like focusing on middle management of a large international corporation, he doesn't have that much power.
  • Mike56 Mr. Smith 2013/04/02 01:09:25
    Kissinger and Zbig? With all my disgust to the latter, what is his "wealth"? And is Kisinger at least one of 500 reachest?
  • Mr. Smith Mike56 2013/04/02 16:08:08
    Mr. Smith
    Rockefeller hand picked both Kissinger and Brzezinski to carry out his evil NWO agenda across the globe. You can also include John Foster Dulles (and brother Allen) to Rockefeller's chosen spooks, this group was hand picked by Rockefeller to oversee the deaths of tens of millions of men, women and children, murdered in their own small beloved countries - millions more dying in violent aftermaths of US crimes against Congo, Guatemala, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Indonesia, Libya and many other places. The Congo alone accounts for 6 - 15 million dead since the US led Belgians and other Europeans in destroying it as a nation.

    There's too much history to cover, I couldn't list it all here. You'll have to do some research on the relationship between these key figures and their relationship with the Bilderberg Group, CFR and Trilateral Commission. Have you googled Obama's appointments yet and their ties to these groups? It's right there in the open, but yet so few people even see it. Brilliant.....yet evil to the core!
  • Mike56 Mr. Smith 2013/04/02 20:59:53 (edited)
    You are just retelling the crap that KGB produced decades ago. Fortunately, I was vaccinated against that -thanks to the very KGB that tried to shove it then.
    Rockefeller's power has been grossly exaggerated and his wealth, too.
  • Mr. Smith Mike56 2013/04/02 21:16:01
    Mr. Smith
    So because the KGB said it, then it all must be a lie? You'll just toss all new empirical data aside, all of Obama's appointments that are tied to the TC, CFR and Bilderberg Group, all of that is meaningless to you because it smells similar to data produced by the KGB decades ago? Really?

    And BTW, Rockefeller is just the tip of the iceberg. But if you're not even willing to look down the rabbit hole, if you stop after Rockefeller because of something you heard decades ago, then you'll never go down the rabbit hole to find the truth.
  • Mike56 Mr. Smith 2013/04/14 08:27:13
    There is a difference between the words "said" and "created the theory". I am not disputing the Rockefeller and the groups he affiliated with existence - but rather their power. Particularly in the US, millions do not come to vote agains Demunists, simply because "there is NWO plot". Works for the leftist scum pretty well.
  • keith.l... Mr. Smith 2013/04/19 04:58:02
    that would kinda explain why gold has been tanking lately...

    Hopefully no one is buying US gold, there isn't any.
  • Mr. Smith keith.l... 2013/04/19 13:44:34
    Mr. Smith
    Very true...
  • Centrist_Bill 2013/03/19 20:15:21
    I believe that since stock market rebounded, everything is going to be OK und...
    Why do I get the impression he is one of the late night infomercial guy's??
  • Mike56 Centris... 2013/03/19 20:41:52
    Then don't buy their product. What do you have to say with regard to his analysis?
  • Centris... Mike56 2013/03/20 19:13:04
    As I do to all of those late night shows I fell asleep half way into it. Can you say BORING??!!
  • Mike56 Centris... 2013/03/20 23:31:19
    You can listen to it in the day. Or you can listen to entertainers like Stewart and others who teach most Americans lessons on politics and economy.
  • Centris... Mike56 2013/03/21 04:02:00
    Dont need to. I come from a political family.
  • Mike56 Centris... 2013/03/21 13:40:26
    so what?
    children tend to do opposite things to what their parents want/think
  • Centris... Mike56 2013/03/21 19:21:54
    My kids are on the path to doing pretty much like the family tradition. Ive been thinking of entering public office too. Lord knows this city of mine can use a bit of my influence.
  • Mike56 Centris... 2013/03/22 02:12:17
    does it mean you are absolutely right?
  • Centris... Mike56 2013/03/22 21:45:03
    We are all human and therefore we make mistakes. Let me guess you have never made a mistake.
  • Mike56 Centris... 2013/03/22 21:48:43
    it is not I who is bragging about the "political family".
  • Centris... Mike56 2013/03/22 22:05:09
    Who said I was bragging?? Be careful Mike you are bordering the troll category.
  • Mike56 Centris... 2013/03/22 22:13:02
    Are you threatening me, Centrist?
    I expressed what I see the way I see it.
  • Centris... Mike56 2013/03/22 22:19:32
    No Im not thats a republican thing. Keep us all in fear is was and probably will be the deal on your party. As for what you see well they Are looking at things from a biased opinion that Im sure is yelling at how well Obama is doing. I actually feel so sorry for you and all cons.
  • Mike56 Centris... 2013/03/22 22:25:56 (edited)
    And what was "be careful" about then?
    You seem to be one of the most Narcissistic among the brainwashed people I've ever met. Only a blind and senseless person might suggest that 0 is "doing well". You are lost in your outdated delusions.
  • Centris... Mike56 2013/03/23 02:32:48
    Well in that case maybe since he got elected for a 2nd term that majority of Americans are "Brainwashed" then. As for outdated delusions well since you are in the MINORITY in the US who are you to call me delusional?? Dont answer that last question. We all know and you really need to get back to that airport bathroom with the rest of your con's.
  • Mike56 Centris... 2013/03/23 04:37:45
    First, your electorate consists of both brainwashed/zombified "intellectuals" and hard core parasites, craving for handouts. Well, add here a relatively small gang of brainwashers: media/eentertainment/unions/”... That makes the number of brainwashed about 25% of the population, not at all the “majority”.
    Second, you, the left, being proponents of the "moral relativism", are grossly skewing the actual voting results via massive voter fraud. .
    Third, I think you, the despicable left, should be sentenced to bathrooms, not the clean capitalist, but dirty and stinky, those characteristic to your beloved socialism.
  • THE BEACH 2013/03/19 19:40:59
    I believe that since stock market rebounded, everything is going to be OK und...
    Same Shiot different day.Nothing really new in politics for the most part since I've been around.Some days are good other days are not.
  • CorrectOpinion 2013/03/19 19:04:57
    I know for myself that Obama is bringing much more catastrophic crysis that w...
    It isn't just the "view" of the right that this guy is bad. It is factual in his deeds. Slowly but slowly, people are opening their eyes that he lied and lied and lied. And it will hurt virtually every one of us. If the left didn't hate the right so much, they would see it sooner. But they need to swallow their ego and think for themselves.
  • Maria 2013/03/19 18:15:09
    I know for myself that Obama is bringing much more catastrophic crysis that w...
    It will not be too long for Obama to get off the white house and we will not have to have stomach ache anymore. We all can learned something and never vote this type of president again.
  • cut and paste king 2013/03/19 18:03:59
    I believe that since stock market rebounded, everything is going to be OK und...
    cut and paste king
    you sure pick winners!
    Frank Porter Stansberry is an American financial publisher. Stansberry founded Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, a private publishing company based in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1999.[1] There, he writes a monthly newsletter, Stansberry's Investment Advisory, which deals with safe value investments. Stansberry is also the creator of the 2011 online video and infomercial titled "End of America" (77 min).[2] Porter Stansberry was subpoenaed by the SEC in 2002 for the names and addresses of the company's subscribers. In 2003, the SEC claimed that Stansberry was involved in fraudulent practices. In 2007 Stansberry was fined $1.5 million for security fraud.[3]

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