The difference between Sadie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) and Teens like Mylie Cyrus

White Panther 2013/09/03 18:29:00
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Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Making Video Devotionals, Modest Clothing

Sixteen-year-old Christian Sadie Robertson from A&E;’s
hit show “Duck Dynasty” is producing weekly video devotionals on Monday nights
called “I Am Different.” The teenager is also designing a clothing line in an
effort to encourage modesty in a culture where fashion trends are often contrary
to the ways of the Lord.

Sadie Robertson does not have a typical teenage lifestyle.
The high school student from Monroe, Louisiana loves the Lord, is close with her
family, and excels in sports – and she also happens to be a reality television
star. Sadie told TC
that she realizes that God has given her fame in order for
her to make a difference for Christ. “When we were little and said our prayers
at night, I would always say, ‘God, please give me an opportunity to make a
difference in this world.’ I mean, you always want to, but you never know how to
do it. Now that God's blessed us with this TV show, here's that opportunity,”
she said. Even though the producers of “Duck Dynasty” edit out much of the
Robertson’s faith-based lives, Sadie says that people have been positively
impacted by even so much as the short prayer that patriarch Phil Robertson prays
over the family meal at the end of each episode.

Sadie knows that her status as a television star will give
her an opportunity to be a good example for other young women. “I think it's
awesome that people see something in me that's different, but it's really a
challenge to me and my spiritual way and everything. If little girls are looking
up to me, I've got to be the example they need. If I'm going to claim that I'm
different from everybody else on TV, I've got to be different than everybody
else. It's encouraging to me and really helping me to be a better person,” she

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  • Joker 2013/09/12 21:24:23
    The contrast ia amazing
    she is a really good singer and actor
  • Cold Warrior 2013/09/03 20:50:32
    The contrast ia amazing
    Cold Warrior
    Values, morals, an upbringing where socially acceptable behavior is taught as well as Christians values.

    The other is skankity, skank, skankster.
  • White P... Cold Wa... 2013/09/11 16:22:37
    White Panther
    Too bad, because she was raised in a Christian family.
  • White Panther 2013/09/03 18:30:21
    The contrast ia amazing
    White Panther
    Sadie reminds me a lot of my youngest daughter. Her Life belongs to Christ.

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