The Difference Between A True Leftwinger And An Extreme Leftwinger

chaoskitty123 2012/09/11 02:35:51
Fans of Jon Stewart know that he tends to be a leftwinger in his views... maybe even a complete leftwinger based on how far to the right you lean. However, many rightwingers agree with many of Jon Stewarts views and even use his quotes and video clips to make their own views more relevant because Stewart can tag the left as well as the right in regard to who he targets for his comedy political routine. Unlike Bill Maher who often comes off filled with hate and rage, Stewart maintains his calm demeanor and so that even when he's taking a jab at the political right or FOX News, even many on the right agree with him and can be self effacing.

Jon Stewart represents what a true Liberal should be in that he's not entirely leftwing. Just as in Canada, he understands it can't be all one way or the other so that his leftwing views are only 60% or 70% left... but there's that 30% to 40% or more (on any given day) where he agrees with the political right and will attack the political left.

In the 1950's, there was an ideological war among the Democrats where they had the mainstream Conservative majority, the rightwing Liberal Neocons, the Dixiecrats, mainstream Liberals, mainstream Progressives, leftwing Liberals, leftwing Progressives and openly Socialist and Communist elements.

The election of 1948 was possibly the most important election year in US history from an ideological perspective in understanding the Democrats. You had the racist Dixiecrat element, you had the openly Communist Progressive element (the Progressive Party of 1948), you had mainstream Liberals like Ronald Reagan turning in Communists and writing most of the legislation from the Red Scare era trying to purge the Democrats of Communists and Socialists... then you had the Neocons and Communists working together to remove Britain from the Middle East so the US could take their place even as the Neocons pushed us into Korea and Vietnam for the same reasons with Communists working with them thinking they had common goals to remove European Imperialism.

The 1948 elections also revealed the beginning of change within the Republican Party as they had been the ones representing womens rights, civil rights and other issues we typically think of as Liberal Democrat issues today. The Republicans didn't reach out to the racists as Democrats try to point out as what they wanted was the white majority vote which Democrats possessed... what leftwing Democrats today call the angry white male when what it really represents is the angry American vote as we have seen the political left diminished to less than 20% of the voting population and splitting their own party against itself which the left used to do within the Republican Party keeping it as the "Also Ran Party" which today is represented by Democrats.

By the end of the 1960's, the neocons were in mass exodus to the Republican Party but the Dixiecrats remained in the Democrat Party because the left sold out to stop the hemorrhaging taking place where they could not survive as a political party if they did not stop the rightwingers from following after the Neocons because they were getting almost no reverse effect as few Republicans were becoming Democrats. The hippies and civil rights groups of the 70's knew they had been sold out but they didn't know how or why. Today, the entire leftwing voting establishment doesn't even represent 20% of the vote, they are filled with rage and hate which comes out every time the Democrats win a majority in Washington DC, this hate unites Republicans, shifts Independents to the political right and then splits the Democrats against one another as the Democrat Left attacks the Democrat Right.

In Canada, the Liberals were more successful in that they forced the Progressives, Socialists and Communists to form their own political party called the New Democrat Party and unlike Liberals in the United States... Canadian Liberals can vote with the political right and even share many of the political rights views. In Canada, the Liberals often represent the middle forming alliances and coalitions which find the Progressives of the NDP in charge for several years and then the Conservatives... but in Canada there are Progressive Conservatives as well, a similar ideology as what Teddy Roosevelt and JD Rockefeller once embraced within the Republican Party in direct opposition to the leftwing Liberals who even in Roosevelts day were absorbing Socialists and Communists calling themselves Liberals and Progressives to conceal their true beliefs.

Jon Stewart is somewhat of a radical where the left is concerned because he's not extreme leftwing albeit he can shift that way in opposition to the extreme right. But where almost all Liberals and Progressives today share almost 100% the same views as Communists and Socialists, Stewart clearly doesn't.

Examine Sodahead where you see leftwingers claiming that the right are haters and promote violence... then, they rabidly jump on any announcement of a crime taking place which they stereotype as rightwing and fall face first into a meat grinder when it turns out in the majority of the cases to be a leftwinger and one of the minority groups they claim to represent against the "angry white male". Supposedly there is a war on women by Republicans and yet, most advances in womens rights and political, social and economic advances by women over the past decade have been by Republican and Conservative Democrat women. They attack Republicans and rightwingers as gay bashers yet we are seeing an ever increasing number of gays becoming rightwing and Republican because other than their sexual orientation... they share almost all other views with the political right. Even among black Americans we are seeing a shift to the right and to Republicans.

The political left has been self destructing since the 1970's and most who claim to be leftwingers are just as oblivious to what their ideological views are as Republicans are where Neocons and Conservatives are concerned. Neocons are not Conservatives but are rightwing Liberals who support many leftwing views but call themselves Conservatives which confuses true Conservatives as to what their own views are just as true Liberals in the Democrat Party are confused as to what their views are thanks to Communists and Socialists calling themselves Liberals.

Jon Stewart represents what a true Liberal is in that he possesses rightwing views and can even win over rightwing support... but most claiming to be Liberals today are almost 100% Communist or Socialist.

Look at Sodahead as an example. Many "Liberals" on this site deny they are Communists or Socialists. Then they create or send you invites to join them in Socialist and Communist groups they create here where they proudly proclaim themselves Socialists and Communists... does this not alarm others who think they are Liberals that maybe they aren't because the Liberal ideology has become perverted almost to it's core and is nothing like what true Liberalism is supposed to be?

So what happened to all the true Liberals as they couldn't have all disappeared? Simple truth, they became Moderates and as many of you have noticed, there are a growing number of Communists and Socialists now calling themselves Moderates which pushes those who consider themselves Moderates or true Liberals to join with the political right against the left and center. Even among Republicans, there are a growing number of Liberal Republicans who know they will be attacked as RINO's but just like gays, blacks and women... they are emphasizing their rightwing views in opposition to Liberal and progressive Democrats. Liberal Republicans will support leftwing views as they are Liberals, but they are being pushed by the extreme left to the right.

So what is a True Leftwinger vs an Extreme Leftwinger?

A True Leftwinger is not a Liberal or Progressive Democrat as these people are Socialists and Communists who are too gutless to call themselves what they are because they know that most Americans might be deceived for a time as to these people... but if they openly call themselves Socialists and Communists, Americans would turn against them in a heartbeat. A True Leftwinger may be a Moderate and they may be Liberal Republicans (aka RINO's), but they are not Liberal or Progressive Democrats!

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  • ProVega 2012/09/24 07:29:10
    He speaks the truth most of the time. He covers controversial issues in a light harted manner and makes his points with humor. I like that.
  • In Love With Liberty 2012/09/11 02:54:02
    In Love With Liberty
    Jon Stewart comes off as moderate to me that's why I don't mind watching him.

    Although I do disagree with him on some things, but of the mock-news shows, I think his is the best.
  • Zervur 2012/09/11 02:37:03

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