The CIA has developed a novel incentive to gain cooperation and support in Taliban-plagued Afghanistan - handing out libido-enhancing Viagra pills to targeted village patriarchs. What do you think of this action?

Go Green 2008/12/29 18:45:15
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Interesting ploy hu?
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  • Christian Right is Neither 2009/01/07 08:51:37
    Christian Right is Neither
    Well, I guess it's better than handing out guns! Give them something better to focus their energy into... LOL

    And if they take enough, their hearts will explode!
    undecided guess handing guns focus energy lol hearts explode undecided guess handing guns focus energy lol hearts explode
  • StarrGazerr 2009/01/06 18:03:50
    Great Idea!
    How do I become a "targeted village patriarch"???

    targeted village patriarch
  • Magzilla 2009/01/06 17:56:29
    CIA heads that approved this should step down.
    I think the percentage of rape will go up and in turn so will the murder of woman because they will be the ones blamed for the actions of the men. It is a horrible idea.
  • KUDABUX 2009/01/06 15:20:10
    This was just plain *WRONG*
    This is soooo far out there. I read it in the paper and laughed out loud. I thought it was a joke. What nitwit dreamed this up? It must have been Bush!
  • American Rhetoric Review 2009/01/06 05:15:25
    This was just plain *WRONG*
    American Rhetoric Review
    Not one bit surprising representation of the Bush administration but it's Wrong!!! Of course there isn’t much that this administration has done that would represent ethics or honesty. No wonder we are so hated by these people…
  • Sono Violado 2009/01/06 05:12:46
    Great Idea!
    Sono Violado
    Hard-on certified by the CIA!
  • Go Green Sono Vi... 2009/01/07 09:02:45
    Go Green
  • Tutboy 2008/12/29 18:50:08
  • Go Green Tutboy 2009/01/01 00:39:21
    Go Green
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2008/12/29 18:48:17
    None of the above
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    I don't see the sense of it. The Muslims are pretty strict on their sexuality and why would they risk eternal damnation for a roll in the hay.
  • Go Green Hula gi... 2008/12/29 23:34:02
    Go Green
    Good point!
  • Hula gi... Go Green 2008/12/29 23:40:42
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    They don't even allow mens magazines or anything of the like in their country. America is not that stupid to slap them in that face like that....that can't be true.

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