So i finally read this, have been waiting a while now.
The burden of truth. I thought it was lost.

This year, my husband and I started a new way of life.
We used to throw away so much food because it would go bad. We would buy junk food, instead of healthy food because it was easier to prepare.

Then over the summer, my husband was not getting paid by the company he worked for. We went 5 weeks with out a paycheck, resulting in our use of the emergency fund. This put me in a frenzy to cut out as much payments for things we did not need. I researched for weeks on ways to save money.

We no longer pay $153.52 for cable and internet. We just use the internet. ($45)
Instead of buying to much stuff, we started living on a $50 a week budget for breakfast lunch and dinner. I love it when I am under budget! And it happens a lot. We buy in bulk so that also helps. i rarely use coupons.

I keep track of our budget. On occasion, after "talking" complaining my husband will look at it and say it is fine. I also have a food menu, so I know what we are eating and what i have to buy. On fridays i go over the food in the house for eating ( I also have for bugging out ) to see what we will need for the week.

My husband and I had to make some choices on how we were going to live our lives. And I am happy we had a wake up call this summer. The path we were on.... we will never be on that path again.