The beginning of the End in Indiana thanks to the new Right to work Laws

Gยเtคг Plคאєг ( JFK Democrat ) 2012/02/19 21:43:28
This is a bad deal for working Americans
Hell yes, where do i sign up. Hey honey we are moving to Indiana
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Indiana after years of fighting to hurt what is left of the Union workforce, finally got the wrongly mislabeled Right to Work law passed. Well it didn't take long and it is already producing jobs in the State of Indiana, the question is, are these the jobs we are looking for? It used to be working at a factory meant, fair wages, health care, and a decent retirement package, well not any more. Many people warned this would happen and it only took a month for it to happen. This is something that started back in the Regan era by allowing companies to move to Mexico for lower wages to force lower wages on American workers so companies can get more profit. Now it is being done from state to state, if we can bust up the good paying Union jobs, we can drop the wages and benefits, this will cause a chain reaction forcing all companies that compete with each other to do the same. Soon we will have Rich and Poor throughout the United States. There are a few countries that operate this way, the biggest one being The Republic of China, Where Corporations control all the currency and everyone else is treated like shit, this is what i like to call sweat shop labor.
Recently only weeks after Indiana Republicans lied to all the voters of how great being a Right to Work state will be and how it will create an endless supply of jobs in our state, Caterpillar Corporation decided to move a factory to Muncie Indiana. Now don't get me wrong, the factory is moving back to the United States from Canada, but there is a problem and it is called wages. In Canada many people that earn a good income and Benefit packages are all going to be out of a job and 650 jobs are going to be created in Muncie with wages starting at a wopping $12.50 an hour income. I will do the math for you. $12.50 an hour times 40 hours = $500 minus $150 in taxes = $350 a week in pay. Really? The price of gas on its way to $4 a gallon, An average family spends around $3 to $400 every other week in groceries, $700 a month in rent or a house payment, not including utilities, cost of Education and everything else you have to pay to survive, and we get a Wopping $350 a week income? How does one survive on such pay. I guess it is back to manufactured housing for many people in the state of Indiana. When i hear people say that Republicans are to make the Rich, Richer and the Poor Poorer, they were not bullshiting. Wake up America, it is almost too late
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  • 56lady☆POTL JLA BTO-t- BCRA... 2012/02/19 23:35:03
    Hell yes, where do i sign up. Hey honey we are moving to Indiana
    56lady☆POTL JLA BTO-t- BCRA-F's
    GOOD for Indiana!!!!!! .....

    mr pollster ....
    don't tell me how good union jobs are ...
    let us go back to when RCA/Thompson made picture tubes in Marion,Indiana .....
    how many union workers were falsifying time .... Company wanted fired ...
    no they didn't get fired they got to keep their jobs plus the back pay for the year the slime were fighting with the union to get their jobs back!!!
    Good honest people that were my friends and family lost there jobs because the COMPANY HAD HAD ENOUGH .... THEY MOVED TO MEXICO!!!

    How many UNION jobs have been lost in ANDERSON ????

    How about KOKOMO???

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