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David vs. Goliath
AMAC vs. AARP and the Liberal Media

There are two organizations claiming to represent Americans 50 plus.

AARP…… and AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens.

AARP has 26 million members AMAC has 100,000 +

The leadership of AARP supports the Obama health care plan, and is co-sponsoring a series of meetings to praise the costly plan that will hurt seniors and force us into a government controlled system.

The liberal media has joined in the chorus of selling Obama’s programs to change America. Here is where AMAC Stands:

The Constitution…. they think it archaic and out of date… we think it the greatest document ever devised by man for the governance of man.

Spending… they are for printing more money… we think we ought to spend less

Taxes… they never saw a tax they didn’t like… we think about the Fair tax, the Flat tax and paying less

Debt… they think owing our soul to China and Saudi Arabia is OK… we think we should be debt Free

Big Government… they are for it… we believe in individual freedom

The economy… they think things are better… we want more jobs and we’re worried about the States going bankrupt

Education… they think it is fine… we think it has failed to help the kids. And it should include American History.

AMAC is the conservative alternative to AARP.
We are willing and able to represent your views in Washington but we need more members so we can have more clout with office holders.

If you and other patriotic Americans join us – we can win!

Please go to www.amac.us/join-amac/ and sign on as a member!
For $15/year you can help us stop socialism in America.

David beat Goliath – AMAC can beat AARP, and together we can beat the Liberal Media

Members receive our magazine and discounts on insurance and other services.

Let your voice be heard! Join AMAC!

Note: Under its privacy policy: the information you provide AMAC is strictly confidential

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  • Christine/Rest in peace Pet... 2010/07/25 06:18:37
    Christine/Rest in peace Peter Br
    AARP has been liberal for many years. I can not believe that they endorsed a bill that hurts the very people they are supposed to represent. When I am of age, there is no way I will join their organization. I have family members who have quit because of this issue. Plus, I have heard all those great discounts don't really amount to much. You can get the discounts on your own most of the time.

    I am glad to have a organization that will represent my values when I reach that age. I will pass along the information to my husband who is older. I have also been trying to support as many conservative businesses as I can.
  • lin sug... Christi... 2010/07/25 11:05:58
    lin sugar lips
    Thank you Christine

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