That must be SOME menu!

Will on the road again 2011/06/14 19:03:32

Not-So-Cheap Date

And finally, talk about a pricey lunch. A charity auction offered the chance to break bread with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, sold for more than $2 million.

A headline on one Internet blog joked the winner -- quote -- "will get numerous investment tips, starting with don't spend $2.3 million to have lunch with anyone."

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  • ruthannhausman 2011/06/15 09:29:44
    When you read abut it, it does look silly, a $2 million lunch. But when you see it's for charity, doesn't seem so silly after all. Now what I'd like to know is how much of that $2.3M is actually going to charity and how much is being tied up in admin charges and other wasteful expenses. Salvation Army to date has the most impressive record of proportioning the expenditure of the donations they receive. The maximum bucks go to the people who need the help. My hat's off to the Salvation Army for their adherence to the purpose for which they were formed in the first place. Refreshing to find out that charity can really be good.
  • Patriot Unit 2011/06/14 22:47:31
    Patriot Unit
    Sounds like Buffett figured out how to give to charity with others money. What is the call now? Government entitlement.
  • Bob 2011/06/14 20:46:18
    Guess if you can get folks to attend, that makes for yet more pocket change, huh?
  • ronbo51 2011/06/14 20:07:21
    me chere. dat sound like a Men-Noo to me, no?
    chere dat sound men-noo boudreaux and thibodeaux chere dat sound men-noo boudreaux and thibodeaux
  • The Sane One 2011/06/14 19:10:31
    The Sane One
    It's not so much the menu as the company you'll be with.
  • Will on... The San... 2011/06/14 19:14:47
    Will on the road again
    I can't think of anyone that impressive to have lunch with.
  • Ken Will on... 2011/06/14 20:51:20
    Anyone that does, has no need for money. I would rather take $2.3 million and give $10,000 each to 230 needy families.

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