Thai Protester Shot Dead In Graphic Video

Thailand is seeing the deadliest riots in the past two decades, with security forces growing increasingly more violent with protesters. In Bangkok, Thailand forces killed 23 protesters and injured hundreds more in an attempt to flush out thousands of pro-Thaksin demonstrators from encampments.

In the following video, a red-shirted protester is shot in the head, killed instantly by an officer. Be warned, the video is extremely graphic.

Thai protester gets shot in the head and dies instantly
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  • concerned2 2010/04/22 00:49:31
    I'm so glad I live in America, where we can still (mostly) protest without getting killed.
  • aimeejanexoxo 2010/04/16 21:24:02 (edited)
    i'm not easily shocked, but the amount of un-necessary deaths because of protests is horrible. that man was a person, and they just shot him down like an animal. it's horrible that people can't express there views without fear of getting killed. it's honestly disgusting.
  • The toy soldgier 2010/04/16 18:06:33
    The toy soldgier
    that should not have happened they should not shoot someone for doing whats right
  • nikkie276 2010/04/16 09:01:49
    they can't do that..they should handle the situation smoothly...but when the situation is out of control...it happens..
  • mrigor 2010/04/15 18:52:54
    Things are getting worse in Bangkok :(
    Crazy to think I was there just a week ago...

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