Ten cities with highest poverty rate have one thing in common.

Thanks to Glen Beck of CNN for the following info:

What do the top ten cities with the highest poverty rate all have in common?

Democratic leadership!

#1. Detroit, MI: hasn't elected a Repuclican mayor since 1961;

#2. Buffalo, NY: hasn't elected one since 1954;

#3. Cincinnati, OH: . . . since 1984;

#4. Cleveland, OH: . . . since 1989;

#5. Miami, FL: has never had a Republican mayor;

#6. St. Louis, MO: . . . since 1949;

#7. El Paso, TX: nas never had a Republican mayor;

#8. Milwaukee, WI: . . . since 1908;

#9. Philadelphia, PA: . . .since 1952;

#10. Newark, NJ: . . . since 1907.

Einstein once said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.:

Yet the disadvantaged habitually elect Democrats - yet remain

Edit: We could add a state to the list of cities that are stuck on stupid: California. Through the 80s and 90s the State of California had relatively good government, with two Republican governors servings eight years each - Pete Wilson and George Deukmajian - even though the Democrats had growing majorities in the legislature.

Then Gray Davis, Democrat, was elected, and with a Democratic governor and democratic legislature, spending got out of control, the state was/is perpetually on verge of bankruptcy, and Gray Davis was recalled, midway into his second term.

That gave California a nominally Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately for the citizens of California, the teachers' and other government employee unions mounted an anti-Arnold TV campaign, shortly after he took office, with commercials airing nightly for six or eight months calling Arnold a liar, accusing him of destroying the school system, etc, et al.

After the government employee unions had spent between $60 and $70 million on their anti-Arnold campaign, Arnold caved, even the Terminator couldn't hold up to the left-wing onslaught. Now California is facing a $40 billion shortfall, and the left-wingers are raising taxes and fees on everything in sight. They will end up driving more businesses out of California, as Gray Davis did, and dig themselves into an even deeper hole.

On a much, much larger scale than the cities mentioned above, California Democrats are "stuck on stupid."
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  • pookiegal 2008/09/10 20:38:13
    A common sense, researched article is so rare in the media today-Glen Beck seems to focus on what is really happening. Thank you Ken for an informative and factual blog!

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  • Dennis C Latham 2009/12/15 19:58:52
    Dennis C Latham
    ""the disadvantaged habitually elect Democrats - yet remain disadvantaged.""

    I know this is your opinion - no matter how racist or wrong it it.

    ""Thanks to Glen Beck of CNN for the following info:""

    another fat lie - glen the nutt beck did not research or make the info.
    he got it from somewhere else.

    Top Ten Cities (250,000 or more population) with the Highest Poverty Rate

    City, State, % People Below Poverty Level
    1. Detroit, MI 32.5%
    2. Buffalo, NY 29.9%
    3. Cincinnati, OH 27.8%
    4. Cleveland, OH 27.0%
    5. Miami, FL 26.9%
    5. St. Louis, MO 26.8%
    7. El Paso, TX 26.4%
    8. Milwaukee, WI 26.2%
    9. Philadelphia, PA 25.1%
    10. Newark, NJ 24.2%

    U.S. Census Bureau, 2006 American Community Survey, August 2007

    I see many lies and many deceptions

  • Ken "Do... Dennis ... 2009/12/15 22:22:23
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    How many of those cities have not had Democratic governance for decades? It appears to me that you just confirmed the statistics in the post!

    You really need to wake up and smell the roses, Dennis - the Democrats are not the friends of minorities! One has only to look at the welfare state that existed before the Republicans forced welfare reform on Clinton in the 90s. Women on welfare, on AFDC, were stuck in a never-ending cycle, with as many as three generations of women living together and getting welfare. You need to read Star Parker's writings - she's "been there and done that" and knows that what the Democrats do is keep people down, rather than empowering them to do the best they can.
  • Dennis ... Ken "Do... 2009/12/15 22:52:01
    Dennis C Latham
    glorifying glenn beck for something he didn't do is like having a holiday for christopher columbus who wasn't the first to discover America.
  • Ken "Do... Dennis ... 2009/12/16 00:57:26
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    What did Beck not do? I got the information off Beck's website and I credited the website with it. What does it matter that that the info about the "top" cities on the list, ultimately, came from the U.S. Census, though they are not the ones who pointed out that those cities were "ruled" by Democrats! Do you argue with the fact that the mayors of those cities have, in some cases, been Democrats for decades?

    You know what, Dennis, I think that if I met you I would like you! But what you really have to get rid of is your automatic response that any opinion with wich you don't agree is "racist." I do not for a minute believe that Glenn Beck is a racist - if I did I would never watch him. I am not a regular watcher, or listener, by the way, but occasionally tune in to see what he is up to.
  • Dennis ... Ken "Do... 2009/12/16 01:42:44
    Dennis C Latham
    it's all good ... but beck wasn't the first one to come up with that.

    If you look at some of the republican state ?
    Like Alabama ? You will see where it is at when it comes to unemployment.

    Let's talk about Alabama ... a republican state ... at the very top of the list for unemployment
    and at the same time the governor is sending $13 MILLION of the JOB STIMULUS MONEY to another state.
  • Ken "Do... Dennis ... 2009/12/16 06:16:04
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    I can't comment on Alabama, but California is a strongly Democratic state, despite the fact that they have a Repupblican (in name only) governor. They have been controlled by a strong majority of Democrats in their legislature for over a decade, and they have driven businesses, and jobs, out of the state in droves!

    You still haven't discussed the point of the post, that the ten top cities with the highest poverty rates are all governed by Democrats, and have been so governed for a long time! Coincidence?
  • Dennis ... Ken "Do... 2009/12/16 06:21:51
    Dennis C Latham
    I can prove to you that the most racist states have the highest poverty level
    I blogs an article


    look and see for the whole state
    not just some cities .... see who the highest level of povery rests.
    in the most racist states in AMERICA
    mississippi, louisiana, alabama and I will let you see the rest.
  • Ken "Do... Dennis ... 2009/12/16 06:47:52
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    Mississippi,Louisiana and Alabama just happen to be states located in the deep South, where really blatant and evil racism was prevalent until the 60s, at the very least. They are also states with low levels of industry and a relatively uneducated population - you can't ascribe their poverty to racism alone.

    I suspect that if you look at West Virginia you would see a high level of poverty, too, with a high percentage uneducated whites - race has little to do with it. The cities with the high levels of poverty, on the other hand, (with the exception of El Paso and Miami) are in the industrial North!

    I really can't understand why you are so vehemently defending Democrats, it was actually Republicans who helped LBJ get the Civil Rights Act passed back in the 60s - Al Gore's father, a senator at the time, voted against it!

    P.S. What are you doing up at this hour, it must be close to 2:00 am where you are?
  • Dennis ... Ken "Do... 2009/12/16 06:52:22
    Dennis C Latham
    ""a relatively uneducated population""

    ha ha ha ha - I won't go into why the education is low
    because you will know my answer

    """you can't ascribe their poverty to racism alone. ""

    I bet I can tie it to it.

    """P.S. What are you doing up at this hour, it must be close to 2:00 am where you are?""

    I sleep when the devil sleeps
    it's 12:50AM
    I'm putting together a CD Cover for a client .....
    making a Realistic Fire Place to composite a real photo of the singer into it.

    searching for fire places for inspiration ... I hope to have it done in about an hour.
  • Ken "Do... Dennis ... 2009/12/16 07:10:00
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    You're an hour closer to me in time than I thought. Good luck and good night!
  • Dennis ... Ken "Do... 2009/12/16 07:10:58 (edited)
    Dennis C Latham
    yeah .. I'm about to get serious
    I just found a nice fireplace to replicate

    have a good one.
  • Ken "Do... Dennis ... 2009/12/16 06:12:16
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    What is it he didn't do? Were the stats from his website not accurate?
  • Dennis ... Ken "Do... 2009/12/16 06:15:28
    Dennis C Latham
    yes .. .they might be correct
    but he didn't discover them
    they were out way before he put them on his web site.

    he's not the one who was the first to know this is all I'm saying

    glorifying him for something he didn't do is a no no in my book.
  • Ken "Do... Dennis ... 2009/12/16 06:19:00
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    That is a falacious argument. Just because the facts were present on some other site, and he put them together with the fact that all ten of the cities were/are governed by Democratic mayors is meaningless. And giving his site credit is in no way "glorifying him." Get over you hatred - you are a Christian!
  • Dennis ... Ken "Do... 2009/12/16 06:41:39
    Dennis C Latham
    ""Thanks to Glen Beck of CNN for the following info""

    I don't hate glen beck - I feel sorry for him - but I don't hate him - or no one else.

    you treat him like if it wasn't for him ?
    no one would know about this information.
    like he discovered this information when he didn't ......
  • Ken "Do... Dennis ... 2009/12/16 07:08:46
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    He is the one who publicized the information and tied the Democratic governance to the statistics, is he not? I don't believe the Census Bureau site said anything about all of those cities having Democratic governors for decades, did it?

    Crediting a site for information used in a blog is hardly "glorifying" the site!
  • Dennis ... Ken "Do... 2009/12/16 07:10:18
    Dennis C Latham
    but you said .. thank glen beck ...... but they have been talking about democratic cities verses republican cities for years.
  • Ken "Do... Dennis ... 2009/12/16 17:51:28
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    It just happened to be the first place I had seen the statistics. I always credit my sources on my posts.

    How did the fireplace turn out?
  • Dennis ... Ken "Do... 2009/12/16 18:58:02 (edited)
    Dennis C Latham

    waiting on input from SH's and the client .....
    I blogged it
  • mitch Dennis ... 2009/12/16 01:35:56
    King of
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