Teens Getting Drunk Off Hand Sanitizer: Sickest 'High' Idea Yet?

News 2012/04/25 13:00:00
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We've heard of drinking cough syrup, huffing compressed air, snorting "bath salts," and smoking synthetic spice, but this is a new one. Teens are reportedly filming themselves downing hand sanitizer because of the 62% ethyl alcohol content (hard liquor is typically 40%-45%) and posting the videos on YouTube. Six kids have already landed in the emergency room because of it.

Dr. Young-jin Sue, a pediatric toxicologist at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, told The New York Daily News, "Teens don’t have access to ethyl alcohol so they resort to crazy things. It's very concentrated, just a few ounces can make someone sick." Doctors suggest parents buy their hand sanitizer in foam form if they're worried, but even then, the teens can buy it themselves. Do you think this is the sickest high yet?

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  • Dave0626 2012/04/25 13:56:36
    "Teens are reportedly filming themselves downing hand sanitizer because of the 62% ethyl alcohol content"

    The "story" is incomplete Soda Head "reporters"....First off...how many teens are we talking about? ...3, 4,,5, 10?... or several thousand? Not expecting any answers. Cuz it's only a 'sensationalist story' anyway. Strictly for the purpose of 'marketing news'.

    Most likely some You Tube is showing a few kids doing this, but of course it becomes:
    "Teens are reportedly filming themselves...."

    What a load of BS!!

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  • Boss 2012/04/26 21:04:26
    what next???stupid kids...
  • nicesteve 2012/04/26 20:53:20 (edited)
    I would really hate to see hand sanitizers removed from store shelves and restricted to

    over the counter distribution. Too many items have already been relagated from self

    service shelves to over the counter or even requiring a physicians prescription for use

    on account of intentional and deliberate abuse. In extreme cases, fatalities or retardation

    are well known. I use a lot of hand sanitizers myself and again, I do not want to see them

    be yanked from the shelf and have to inconvenience a store clerk every time that I need

    to aquire a bottle of hand sanitizer to use for it's intended purpose. Regretfully, it may

    be necessary for the greater good. Another case in point of a few rotten apples spoiling

    the entire bushel for the vast majority of good apples. In essence, those of us with good

    common horsesense have to suffer as the result of a few thoughtless fools with no better

    way to seek their thrills than this.
  • Aquaduck 2012/04/26 20:52:29
    Not the sickest, but this is the 2nd sickest. Kids these days choke eachother until they pass out, then when they wake up they get a high that lasts for like 10 minutes maybe? just ridiculous :\
  • Insanebane 2012/04/26 20:33:47
    Those adventurous kids, always looking for
    new ways to die.

    That's just plain crazy.
  • 2012/04/26 20:23:30
    have all you young knuckle heads threatened to tell on your parents to CPS or the cops. Pay back is a bitch, especially when you need your parents to get you a 6-pack. Do what your parents tell you to do and do chores without being asked and daddy may fetch you a keg. Sniffing hand cleaner? Teen FAIL.
  • Twisted... 2012/04/26 21:18:32
    they're drinking it, not sniffing it
  • DenisePatriciaWatson 2012/04/26 20:20:48
    It's fun & better then weed & I would know(:
  • Harjot 2012/04/26 20:18:58
    The sickest high remains the strangling game.

    These kids should go back to drinking mouthwash, like my generation did.
  • blushn1980 2012/04/26 20:16:58
    I think the ingredients for Meth win hands down...
    meth ingredients
  • mind-pilot blushn1980 2012/04/26 20:28:23
    Unfortunately, all these chemicals are not the methamphetimine of the 1970's-80's and early 90's. Back then they used Effedrerine L a ph-balanced ingredient that didn't melt your face down or wasn't made in a bathtub or a toilet bowl. People should just get off this junk. It's not the real-deal. This stuff will kill you. Face it, the designer age of drugs is nothing but a scam. This stuff is not Meth.
  • blushn1980 mind-pilot 2012/04/27 19:08:23
    Personally, I don't like Anything mind altering....
  • mind-pilot blushn1980 2012/04/27 23:14:01
    Good for you. Many of us think that's just boring. No offense, but I have a sister who won't even drink and, to tell the truth, she doesn't have much to talk about. Dull. But don't huff gas, don't sniff glue, or huff tolune or acetone. Those aren't drugs those are cleaning chemicals. There's a difference between "mind altering" and "brain damage". After that: Party on Garth.
  • blushn1980 mind-pilot 2012/04/28 21:44:45
    I rarely drink. I have been drunk maybe 4 times in my life. I didn't feel in control and didn't like it. My life maybe dull, but living with pothead neglectful parents that abused all six of their kids ignoring my baby brothers strep throat to the point of becoming scarletina (scarlet fever) I'd rather be "dull".

    Now, I know that not all pot smokers are like my parents, but my life was so out of control and terrifying I don't want to even risk that.
    I get my dull high watching my husband race... car
  • mind-pilot blushn1980 2012/04/29 17:04:28
    Yeah, well, there's many whose parents were strict disciplinarians, who didn't drink, who forced "one liner" biblical quotes down the throat. Who went to picnics with just diet Dr.Pepper and diet Shasta, who didn't join in on the rein deer games, but criticized everyone. It is just boring. Dull and uneventful. I'd rather have had potsmoking parents. Some straight parents even diagnosed acute bronchitus as a bad cold, never treating it. And it worsens.
    As for your husband, I'm sure he celebrates with a few beers. I don't know any stock-car drivers that don't. Unless he hasn't won a race. Then, I suggest he let his hair down a little and start winning those races. That's an expensive sport to not win.
  • blushn1980 mind-pilot 2012/04/29 21:06:29 (edited)
  • Stryder 2012/04/26 20:11:36
    They're idiots. May as well start thinning the herd a little early.
  • TheatreAddict 2012/04/26 20:10:22
  • poprocksandcoke15 2012/04/26 19:45:19
    1)That is really stupid, and 2) IT TASTES HORRIBLE!!!
  • Buddy 2012/04/26 19:44:49
    I voted yes, but truthfully, I hadn't heard of this one yet. I know when I go to buy Claritin, I have to show ID because they are so afraid of someone making Meth out of it. So I don't know if it's the sickest one yet, but it doesn't surprise me that kids would find a way to get high off something easy to get a hold of. Most kids will try anything if their friends tell them it's a good time. When I was a teen, I tried sniffing airplane glue and got so sick I never did it again. People also tried smoking banana peels back in my day. I didn't; learned my lesson from the glue. But kids being kids, will try it if their friends tell them it's fun.
  • adeenmckenziekennedy 2012/04/26 19:39:15
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/04/26 19:37:50
    Margaret Jacobson
    what are people to do now.........go to a bar or liquor store to buy some han sanitzer ?? what ever happened to common sense ?? I can just see me asking someone for ID for hand sanitizer ??? DUH !!
  • William Zimmerman 2012/04/26 19:35:47
    William Zimmerman
    Just maybe if our society didn't criminalize Pot our kids wouldn't be killing themselves using something legal! For Gods sake people, I smoked pot back in the 60's and 70's quit when I got married and settled down and never had any medical problems from using it. Why do We insist on making it illegal while letting our children die using crap like this. We must be crazy!
  • JJ 2012/04/26 19:30:27
  • Jan Nel 2012/04/26 19:17:58
    Jan Nel
    Well let's see can any good come of this?? Aah I see an opportunity for budding psychologists they will have plenty of patients in a couple of years time when these crazy kids have fried the little gay matter that they possess.
  • bluedragon30120 2012/04/26 19:17:39
  • it'skrissie!d:) 2012/04/26 19:15:59
    That's pretty crazy. They actually down it? Um...I've smelled it before-okay, who doesn't like the smell of rubbing alcohol!?!???!-but that's before I even knew it could damage your health. And it wasn't like I stuck my nose in the bottle and inhaled it. After I rubbed my hands with it, the smell just kind of rose in the air...so yeah...but that doesn't make me a crackhead. And besides, I've never even gotten high off that stuff-not that I would want to.
  • Kelly Yung 2012/04/26 19:06:39
    Kelly Yung
    I can't believe teens are doing this, what on earth are they doing it for? do they want to die? if theyre that stupid maybe they should be sanctioned!
  • Common Sense Conservative 2012/04/26 19:04:42
    Common Sense Conservative
    Parents, know your kids.
  • bluemetal 2012/04/26 18:49:51
    I was just waiting for this one to happen, watching kids sniff handsanitizer in the back of the class room in order to get "high" was what kept the suprise away. it would only be so long before they ate the crap
  • JERSEYDUDE 2012/04/26 18:45:29 (edited)
    what happened to the good ole days when kids use to go smoke pot

  • Sherri 2012/04/26 18:44:30
    A little imagination .. between this and vodka tampons
  • Seanna Harrison 2012/04/26 18:43:38
    Seanna Harrison
    Gross, but I've heard worse.
  • JAA 2012/04/26 18:40:32
    I think it's sick, but certainly not the "sickest". I've never seen health care workers get "high" on sanitizers, but then most of ours is of the foam variety. We shouldn't be focusing on the route of "sick" stuff done by teenagers to get high, but rather on the reason they feel the need to do so. Parents & society have a lot of schplainin' to do on their education, role-modeling & support to our young.
  • Crime Time 2012/04/26 18:32:21
  • Aaron's Girl 2012/04/26 18:29:09
    Aaron's Girl
  • RoyJLores 2012/04/26 18:23:51
    Where is the "Stupidest idea" option.
  • quanesha.henderson 2012/04/26 18:22:26
    Seen worst
  • Steamtrain 2012/04/26 18:19:21
    As long as keeps taking all privileges away from teens, they will keep making dumb choices. For instance, my home town cops shut four teen centers in about ten years because they didn't want to be bothered if a few kids got a bit rowdy. It was too much trouble to try to help, so, shut them down. And now we can't figure why kids are so wild these days.
  • wampage 2012/04/26 18:16:12
    The greatest highs in history started out as pharmaceuticals, or at least laboratory efforts, before they became illegal, but NOT as cleaning supplies. WTF?
  • Justin Teufel Hunden 2012/04/26 18:15:38 (edited)
    Justin Teufel Hunden
    Just plain stupid. Idiocracy...great comedy flick...reality flick now days. I'm sure more extreme acts of stupidity will follow...that's why I checked NO. Lol

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