Team Obama: No, We Won’t Apoloigize for Falsely Suggesting Romney’s a Felon

doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~ 2012/07/13 23:58:55
Raise your hand if you’re surprised by this. Dishonorable people behave dishonorably (click through for video):

Ed Schultz, MSNBC: “Now the Romney campaign wants President Obama to apologize for Stephanie Cutter’s remarks, you heard earlier, we played on that conference call about Mitt Romney either being a liar or a potential felon. Will there be an apology?”

Ben LaBolt, Obama campaign press secretary: “There won’t be. You know, Mitt Romney has been telling voters, since he ran for office in Massachusetts, that he left Bain in 1999. And the Boston Globe reported today that that wasn’t true.

Actually, that’s not what the Boston Globe reported, and Romney’s long-standing explanation for these events has been confirmed by multiple fact-checkers, as well as contemporaneous reporting — including stories from the Boston Globe.

Post continues on TownHall.com http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2012/07/13/team_obama_... http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/07/13/obama_campa...

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  • NPC 2012/07/14 00:03:01
    Untrue lies and dirty accusations will not garner any votes for the Low Class scum Democrats this Election.

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  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/07/14 16:16:14
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    He has no problem appolizing to Forgien Countries for American faults but will never admit he is wrong but I am sure it was Bush's fault !!!!!!
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/07/14 03:47:56
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Representatives of the Romney campaign met with editors of the Washington Post this week and asked for a retraction of the story. The Post , added that “the language in the [Obama campaign] commercials went beyond the Post article by calling Romney himself an ‘outsourcing pioneer’ and suggesting that the former Massachusetts governor would be the ‘outsourcer in chief’ if elected.”
  • Arizona1950 2012/07/14 01:33:18
  • Charge 2012/07/14 01:31:17
    Obama has nothing but Lies and deceit to run on and it has just started.
    Here's the truth about Bain Capital....

  • jackolantyrn356 2012/07/14 01:08:59
    What do you expect from LIARS
  • GANGA~Patriotic Revolution ... 2012/07/14 00:40:10
    GANGA~Patriotic Revolution BL-100+
    obama and the mob animated

    We can't expect the Mob to apologize for being the lying, despicable, felonious scum they are!
  • kir 2012/07/14 00:12:14
    Well Mitt is so similar to Obama on so many issues that he can't attack Mitt on policy decisions without attacking himself in the process.
  • Cal 2012/07/14 00:06:09
    That's sad, and quite low on Team Obama. That's a low out of bounds hit even for two political campaigns going full swing at each other. How can you Democrats support this team? How disgusting and low.

    If I was a politician...and one of my guys did that.....he'd be sent on his ass to a desk to file paperwork. It's called integrity, and apparently Team Obama has none.
  • greatwhyte2 2012/07/14 00:03:32
    obama really did you expect anything else from a liar, crook, fraudulateing butthole like obam.
  • NPC 2012/07/14 00:03:01
    Untrue lies and dirty accusations will not garner any votes for the Low Class scum Democrats this Election.
  • keeper 2012/07/14 00:00:49
    That tells you what kind of trash they are!
  • Diane S... keeper 2012/07/14 03:49:59
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    I am tired of the Chicago way !!!! Thugs need to be kicked out of Office !!!!
  • keeper Diane S... 2012/07/14 22:48:11

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