Tea Partiers Insist No Racism Here, Move Along

Where there's smoke, there's usually fire, and the Tea Party has been smoldering for months now.

On March 20, as the health care legislation neared final passage, three black Democratic congressman say they were called the “N” word by angry protesters as they walked to the U.S. Capitol.

Tea Partiers replied with a response of, What “N” word? The Tea Partiers insist that their members would never use the word. “F****t”? Maybe. But never the “N” word.

In an effort to redeem the honor of the Tea Party, web entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart is offering $100,000 to the United Negro College Fund if anyone can provide proof that the slur was used. His offer would appear more genuine if he offered the award directly to the person who comes forth with the video, and not the UNCF, but who am I to criticize how a millionaire activist spends his cash.

One thing's for sure though, if you have to insist that you're not racist, and even offer a reward for anyone willing to come forward with video to prove you're not racist, then, although you may not be a racist, there are definitely some racists in your midst.

Marginalizing African Americans seems to be at the heart of the Tea Party's strategy. Why else would they take to Washington DC to protest a president (the first African-American President) before he even passed one significant piece of legislation? The President didn't pass health care reform until late March, but the Tea Party protesters had already begun tracking back and forth from Washington D.C. long before there was an agreed upon health care bill.

To ostracize African Americans, the Tea Party took the supposed unconstitutional violations of the Obama administration to the extreme. It is one thing to disagree with a sitting President, it is another thing altogether to gather in front of the White House with signs depicting him as a Nazi.

And African Americans, most of whom are familiar with the civility of the protesters who marched during the Civil Rights movement, are turned off by the Tea Party's angry white mobs. They conjure up images of days gone by, events which most African Americans would rather forget.

So as we wait for a member of the Tea Party to submit video of a fellow member of the Tea Party yelling the “N” word at congressmen, only to be rewarded with money that will be handed over to the United Negro College Fund, let's ponder the effects of fires which are allowed to burn out of control.

Where there's smoke, there's fire. It may be time for us to put the fire out.
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  • Patent1 Mrs. V 2010/04/16 04:15:13
    Welfare is slavery?? When there is almost 10% unemployment and black unemployment is running at over 17%? In this crappy job environment It's not like they can just go and get a job.
  • garyt212 Patent1 2010/04/16 06:07:20
    Barry is doing a great job isn't he? And the unemployed will have to buy his crappy government mandated health care or go to jail....
  • Mrs. V Patent1 2010/04/16 14:42:41
    Mrs. V
    I am talking about inner city welfare programs since the inception of Welfare. Do you think those kids are getting a fair education Shake?? Keep 'em dumb, it'll only further your cause.
    I am not talking about those willing to work.
  • LinkX Mrs. V 2010/04/16 05:18:45
    There is NO RACISM in the Tea Party!

    Ignore these pictures.

    There is NO RACISM in the Tea Party!

    Ignore these pictures.

    racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures racism tea party ignore pictures
  • JJKING720 2010/04/16 03:08:06
    You just make a lot of Lipton-un-friends with this Post my Nubian Queen.
  • Manuel 2010/04/16 03:01:58
    The Tea Party are just white people that don't like seeing a black President...
    Ronald Reagan screwed us all..and no Tea Party movement was formed then...because whites like whites in control even if they are getting f-u-c-k-e-d by whites...So they are not racist right?
  • Mrs. V Manuel 2010/04/16 03:11:14 (edited)
    Mrs. V
    You are ignorant. Can't you form sentences without profanity???

    It is not a matter of white control, it is a matter of freedom. You are losing your freedoms no matter what color you are.

    Of course there was no Tea Party. When a righteous man rules the People rejoice.
  • Manuel Mrs. V 2010/04/16 03:15:58 (edited)
    Well plenty of conservatives use curse words too...sorry it is a matter of white control...whites have this inbreed thing en-planted in them as kid...You white and always right and this is our country....I am not losing my freedom...I am getting an equal freedom...you don't want to give up that equal...
  • Patent1 Mrs. V 2010/04/16 04:17:28
    If you care so much about freedom, where were you during the bush years when our freedoms were being stripped away?
  • LinkX Mrs. V 2010/04/16 05:21:46
  • Manuel LinkX 2010/04/16 06:20:46
    so start a new party and vote your people in..if you think the tea party is so righteous
    And i see they removed it.....
  • LinkX Manuel 2010/04/16 06:34:09
    Frankly, I don't think the tea party knows what righteousness is, let alone how to be righteous.

    And when people make a third party, they steal votes from one of the two parties that best represent them and the other party then wins.
  • Manuel LinkX 2010/04/16 06:37:30
    well then why go through all the trouble?
  • LinkX Manuel 2010/04/16 06:45:24
    What trouble? Punching holes through the "ideology" of the Tea Party?

    Because it's fun to do so.
  • Manuel LinkX 2010/04/16 06:57:16
    Wait a minute...are you for or against the tea party...?
  • LinkX Manuel 2010/04/16 14:38:55
    Completely against the Tea Klux Klan...
  • ttownbb Manuel 2010/04/19 02:03:25 (edited)
  • Decipher LinkX 2010/04/20 20:46:18
  • ttownbb Mrs. V 2010/04/19 02:08:48
    If he is the right one??? who determains who is a righteous...
  • Decipher Mrs. V 2010/04/20 20:45:37
    Profanity is a natural form of dialogue designed to provide emphasis. I would say his use of the word f-u-c-k is primarily an emotional outburst and has nothing to do with him being ignorant or not. Funny you should say that and then lecture on freedom...

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