Taxpayers Funding Employment Discrimination By Religious Groups

bricklyn 2012/04/25 13:01:14

Listen to the Catholic Bishops
and there’s an all out assault on religious liberty and freedom in this
country. But if that’s the case, what’s with all the tax payer dollars
going to support organizations that discriminate by hiring only

Crisis Pregnancy Centers can legally refuse to hire non-Christians if
they are privately funded. But in some cases, they do so and receive
federal funds. And as Sophia Resnick reports, these are not isolated incidents.

Thanks to a Bush-era rule, and one that remains in place thanks to
the Obama administration, recipients of federal funds can discriminate
in hiring staff based on religion in a practice spun by supporters as “co-religionist hiring.” Candidate Obama had promised to do away with that rule but caved after political pressure from evangelical leaders.

Still think President Obama is anti-religion?

The attacks launched against Planned Parenthood and the contraception
mandate depend on embracing an idea that taxpayer dollars should not go
to support those programs even though funding streams are kept
segregating. But crisis pregnancy centers, which offer spiritual
counseling are entirely religious and do not segregate funding. And they
promote an agenda that is squarely antagonist to democratic principles
of equality of opportunity.

So that means that for the time being there is no way to guarantee
that taxpayer dollars are not going to fund sectarian religious activity
and that the rights of those who receive services from those
taxpayer-funded organizations aren’t violated in the process.

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  • Nameless 2012/04/25 13:41:02
    I know that there was a case a few years ago in which the Salvation Army was discriminating against homosexuals. Even though the Salvation Army receives government funding, the courts determined that they are allowed to not hire people based upon sexual orientation - and can fire them if the person is discovered... I used to donate to the Salvation Army but haven't since I found out about their practices. Imo, if a religious organization is going to accept public funding, then they need to abide by the laws governing the distribution of those funds. Religious organizations are free to be as bigoted as they want, but when they accept taxpayer dollars, then the law of the land precedes their bigotry.
  • Mr Wayne 2012/04/25 13:21:40

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