Tales from the Absurd (PETA Wants OJ's Home that is in Foreclosure)

sglmom 2012/01/21 04:27:21
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In a stunning, off-the-wall kind of thing that you'd expect from movies
PETA .. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
(certainly a misnomer .. they are well known for running the highest kill rate shelters overall)
Actually asked JP Morgan Chase (CEO Jamie Dimon) ..
To DONATE or SELL OJ Simpson's home to them (for .. of course, a nominal sum)
Now why would they like this house in MIAMI of all places?
PETA wants to turn this house into a "Meat is Murder" Museum
(they want to "teach visitors that "nonviolence begins on our plates."")
(OH, I know folks are laughing right now .. considering the track record down through the years of BOTH PETA as well as OJ)
Now we know of OTHER Publicity events that PETA has done ..
-- Promoting Breast Milk Ice Cream
-- Trying to name-call the American Kennel Club as "Klux Kanine Klan"
-- Offering Veggie Dogs if Mobile AL would forego Fireworks on the 4th of July ..
-- Trying to say Autism is caused by Cow's Milk ..
Let's also not forget their silly Nude Advertisements either ..

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