Surprise, Obama Camp Manages Sandra Fluke

BARRY0619 2012/03/11 00:56:01
O'Reilly: Obama Camp Manages Sandra Fluke

Friday, 09 Mar 2012 03:46 PM

By Henry J. Reske

Sandra Fluke, the woman at the center of the contraception
controversy, has links to a former top aide to President Barack Obama.
She is being represented by the SKDKnickerbocker, a communications
consulting firm with strong Democratic Party ties, talk show host Bill O’Reilly reports.

A managing director of the firm, Anita Dunn, previously served as the
White House Communications Director in the Obama administration. “So,
this whole deal comes back to the White House, at least indirectly,”
O’Reilly says.

“So it seems there is a powerful presence behind Sandra Fluke,” O’Reilly
added. “And as the polls show the controversy has benefited the
president of the United States, who is on the ropes with the church

O’Reilly was referring to an Obama administration plan to force
religiously affiliated groups, such as Catholic hospitals and colleges,
to provide birth control as part of their health coverage. The plan
sparked a firestorm of criticism forcing the administration to back off.

The Washington Post’s
On Faith blog reports that Fluke was “so overwhelmed with publicity
that one of her friends approached the firm SKDK to ask for help and
guidance, which they are providing pro-bono.” The Post added that Dunn
says she is not involved in Fluke’s case.


I guess we shouldn't be surprised...

Read More: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/oreilly-obama-man...

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  • Angela Angela 2012/03/13 00:50:40
  • Angela Rikki 2012/03/13 00:45:52
    Woohoo...good one Rikki.. you go!!
  • Raymond 2012/03/11 08:58:30 (edited)
    I know that Sandra Fluke has gone on ABC, CBS. NBC, MSNBC, CNN. However, she had been invited to go on the "O’Reilly Factor" & refused the Invitation. Obviously, she probably knows that Bill O’Reilly's Staff does their homework & in all likelihood would "ambushed Her." Especially, since the Revelation of the Lie that she got caught in. Link: http://www.theblaze.com/stori... Obviously, she would've been exposed for committing "Perjury" in front of Congress!
  • mwg0735 Raymond 2012/03/11 10:10:06
  • Idiot r... mwg0735 2012/03/12 11:59:55
    Idiot repubs
    O'Reilly would ask her about Louffa's. He's a prevert.
  • mwg0735 Idiot r... 2012/03/12 13:30:40
  • Idiot r... mwg0735 2012/03/12 14:07:39
    Idiot repubs
    You're saying the strong woman scares you?
  • mwg0735 Idiot r... 2012/03/12 15:39:59
  • Idiot r... mwg0735 2012/03/12 15:46:20
    Idiot repubs
    For something she pays for?People who pay for their healthcare wanting their healthcare needs taken care of aren't asking for any handout.

    They want republicans out of their underwear, out of their bedroom and out of their lives.
  • mwg0735 Idiot r... 2012/03/12 15:53:22
  • Idiot r... mwg0735 2012/03/12 16:06:46 (edited)
    Idiot repubs
    Oh look a rush fan!

    Too bad you have no idea that reality says the opposite.

    How would you like an anal probe before you bought condoms? That's what the GOP wants for women.
  • mwg0735 Idiot r... 2012/03/12 16:09:44
  • Idiot r... mwg0735 2012/03/12 16:16:02
    Idiot repubs
    You lose the argument and now insult.

    Sorry loser!
  • Angela Idiot r... 2012/03/13 00:52:04
    Omg.."faint" isn't this off topic? (I hope)
  • Idiot r... Angela 2012/03/13 00:53:23
    Idiot repubs
    Absolutely, he argued himself into a corner with contradictory lies.
  • BARRY0619 mwg0735 2012/03/12 17:58:43
  • Chef Bunyan 2012/03/11 08:14:54
    Chef Bunyan
    And what's REALLY SCARY is there is a possibility that because of the weak candidates the GOP has running for POTUS that Oblowhole and the rest of his pukes will be re elected! In order for him to lose there must be a wide margin of victory on the GOP side or voter fraud will put The Fraud back into the White House!
  • Idiot r... Chef Bu... 2012/03/12 12:00:32
    Idiot repubs
    The only voter fraud has been comitted by republicans.
  • Chef Bu... Idiot r... 2012/03/12 16:17:37
    Chef Bunyan
    Well at least you got you name right, IDIOT!!!
  • Idiot r... Chef Bu... 2012/03/12 16:18:47
    Idiot repubs
    Idiot repub, just like the right wing to never read or research.
  • Chef Bu... Idiot r... 2012/03/12 16:29:56
    Chef Bunyan
    I watch and research EVERYDAY that's why I BECAME a Republican after being a Democommie! I WOKE UP!
  • Idiot r... Chef Bu... 2012/03/12 16:20:16
    Idiot repubs
    The jury -- made up of five black women, two black men, three white women and two white men -- spent about two hours deliberating Monday before returning with the verdict today.

    Schurick declined to comment on the verdict. His attorney vowed to appeal the verdict on 1st Amendment grounds.

    Ehrlich, the first Republican governor elected in Maryland in generations, lost a tough reelection battle to O'Malley in 2006. He challenged O'Malley again in 2010, but lost by a much wider margin.

    National Democrats, who recently launched a new "Protecting the Vote" campaign, said they were "pleased" to see "this perpetrator of voter suppression [brought] to justice."
  • Angela Idiot r... 2012/03/13 00:53:49
    Okay that's it for me tonightey...I can only take so many pro Obama comments before I become naseous. Ciao all..Have a great evening!
  • Idiot r... Angela 2012/03/13 00:54:22
    Idiot repubs
    Hasta Angela
  • redhorse29 2012/03/11 07:23:04
    No surprise. Notice there is no coverage on the major news or talk shows. The wealthy liberal progressive elitists will rely on the public's general short attention span and lack of concern for being lied to by this administration and their activist representatives.
  • TheTruth1313 2012/03/11 06:34:42
    Kind of expected that actually. Wonder how the biased media is going to spin this one.
  • Idiot r... TheTrut... 2012/03/12 12:01:08
    Idiot repubs
    By letting Limbaugh call her names for 3 days?
  • TheTrut... Idiot r... 2012/03/13 06:37:40
  • Sawdust_128 2012/03/11 06:27:33
    Sandra Fluke might as well quit Georgetown Law. Who will ever hire someone who was used as a premium stooge? Who would hire someone who couldn't figure out how to get birth control and got played to bring that to light in front of congress? Why would anyone hire her if she needs $3000.00 per year in precaution? How much of a problem will she be in any work environment? Tell me ladies, do you want your boyfriend, husband or son working around this type of person?
  • Stevern... Sawdust... 2012/03/11 07:04:37
    Sandra Fluke will get an job offer from NARAL or NOW.Even the LBGT rights groups would consider her for a job!
  • LADY LI... Stevern... 2012/03/11 10:13:07
  • Stevern... LADY LI... 2012/03/11 15:14:55
    SF is now trying to make the case that her personal & professional reputation.And her future job prospects were damaged by Rush's comments about her.

    I'm guessing SF will soon be filing a lawsuit against Rush,in a DC area court.In a area packed with a lot of liberal Democratic Rush haters,as a potential jury pool!
  • lark Stevern... 2012/03/11 15:18:40
    She damaged herself with her words. I am sure her parents are very proud that it takes $3,000 to her from pregnancy.
  • Stevern... lark 2012/03/11 15:36:02
    I believe that too.But I'm sure that SF is prepping for a law suit for defamation of character against Rush.She wants to be a lawyer after all!
  • Angela LADY LI... 2012/03/11 15:26:23
    Yes..and that is one of the real reasons, along with controlled birth..population reduction (homosexuality is not about procreation) for this entire situation. Look beyond the initial picture....the agenda becomes clear once you begin to see the 'whys' and 'hows'.
  • Sawdust... Stevern... 2012/03/12 00:24:14
    They might offer her a job, after all she is already working for them. However, who is ever going to trust her? She's done!
  • Rabbit 2012/03/11 06:13:54
    No surprise there! He's her pimp.
  • Rodney 2012/03/11 05:31:53
    Does anyone think this wasn't a ploy? That Fluke was anything more then a tool or useful idiot? That she wasn't promised a monetary package for her assistance?
  • Rabbit Rodney 2012/03/11 06:14:47
    She's no fluke.LOL
  • Rodney Rabbit 2012/03/11 06:22:40


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