It's no secret that many think the fierce mood of partisanship is
Washington. While most of the fur flies between the
major parties in Congress — with the president weighing in
occasionally to keep his party
on message — this week has seen an outbreak of
hostilities in a less traditional venue: between the Supreme
and the president. In a controversy stretching back to January’s State
of the Union Address
, Chief Justice John Roberts told a group
of law students at the University of Alabama that President Obama’s
very public dissent from the Court’s Citizens United ruling, which
effectively rolled back most existing restraints on corporate funding
of political campaigns, was a provocation to the court’s cherished
independence."On the other hand, there is the issue of the setting, the
circumstances, and the decorum," said Roberts. "The image
of having the members of one branch of government standing up,

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  • JT For Political Reform 2010/03/11 03:56:51
    JT For Political Reform
    Obama has this attitude like he is always reprimanding everyone when he makes a speech, the justices the American people etc., if anyone needs a good stiff talking to, he ought to look in the friggin mirror and reprimand himself for being a clueless clown.

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  • bacon bits 2010/03/16 05:06:29
    bacon bits
    He's (obumbler) an arrogant, egotistical maniac with a big chip on his shoulders.

    He's a little baby in a grown man's body! He just doesn't know when to keep obumbler arrogant egotistical maniac chip shoulders baby grown mans body his big mouth shut...personally, I hope he KEEPS talking so everyone will know without a shadow of a doubt, that he's a NITWIT...
  • Annette bacon bits 2010/03/16 10:06:49
    Someone said I was too kind toward Obama - so I am passing this off onto your shoulders now - NITWIT - really!! Try moron!
  • bacon bits Annette 2010/03/16 11:47:01
    bacon bits
    How about a "nitwitted Moron"....
  • Annette bacon bits 2010/03/16 12:54:32
    I'll by that! grin. Have a great day!!!
  • thefatguy 2010/03/12 09:07:59
    Pissing off the people who have the power to declare unconstitutional his Obamacare garbage was probably not the wisest move. I'm just afraid that Obama will get so desperate over passing healthcare "reform" that he will try to pack the court like FDR threatened to do so FDR could get the Raw Deal passed.
  • Annette thefatguy 2010/03/12 09:14:13
    That's one I missed on FDR - what do you mean by "pack the court"? Thanks. And I have no doubt about Obama's desperation or what he will try to do to get this thing through.
  • thefatguy Annette 2010/03/12 10:48:54
    FDR was encountering Constitutional challenges to his "New Deal" reforms from the Supreme Court. Parts of his New Deal" were struck down and he had reason to believe that others would be struck down on the same grounds, including Social Security. So, Roosevelt proposed appointing up to six new justices to the SCOTUS so that he could hand-pick progressive activist judges who would grant him virtually dictatorial powers and skew the Court's decisions in favor of his New Deal proposals. Although his plan met with vociferous charges of Executive overreach, the threat alone made the SCOTUS back down and begin to rule in his favor. Hence, the U.S. started on its long march towards the abyss of socialism.
  • Annette thefatguy 2010/03/12 15:14:45
    Thank you a lot - I have always wondered what happened - the best thing they ever did was limit the Presidency to two terms - still 8 yrs is a lot of time to do some severe damage. I have no doubt that was covered in my govt. class, but I don't recall it. Thank you again.
  • bacon bits Annette 2010/03/16 05:07:07
    bacon bits
    I forgot to tell you that your picture is so pretty!
  • Annette bacon bits 2010/03/16 10:08:11
    Oh my, thanks, bacon bits - that's very nice of you. I have always assumed your avatar was of you, and you're very pretty also! I thnk you.
  • bacon bits Annette 2010/03/16 11:47:36
    bacon bits
    That's me, 4 and a half years ago!
  • Annette bacon bits 2010/03/16 12:54:49
    Very cool!
  • RICK 2010/03/12 01:04:17
    He just doesnt like the fact he has no real power over the supreme court.That is what was intended.To be a counterbalance.
  • Annette RICK 2010/03/12 01:14:06
    And he is a bigger fool than he knows. He was no more a Constitutional Lawyer than my aunt Bessie - and I never had an aunt Bessie. If he was, he would know better than to have pulled the shenanigans he did during and address to the union. In his effort to try and make the Supreme Court look bad, he mad himself look ten times as bad, and really painted the name FOOL across his forehead!
  • BlueMax372 RICK 2010/03/12 15:22:10
  • ronbo51 2010/03/11 22:37:54

    he attempts to mess with this seal and we will take up ARMS!
    that will be the last straw!
  • thefatguy ronbo51 2010/03/12 10:50:25
    Apparently, Obama has no aversion to clubbing seals.
  • ronbo51 thefatguy 2010/03/12 16:10:42
    no he does not. but this will be the last one . Our Constitution protects this. if he goes against it, rest assured, the citizens WILL take over and use the articles of the constitution for justification !
    We don t use lies and deceit, like these fools do, to justify their actions in the name of the whole country.
  • jscusmc69 2010/03/11 22:31:12
    Obama seems to forget that there are THREE BRANCHES of our Government----what HIS vision is only one---HIM!!
    Good for Roberts!!!
  • Pegasis 2010/03/11 18:48:36
    This may have been Obamas opening gambit to marginalize and hogtie another branch of our government. God knows he isn't listening to the American voters!
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