Support For Health Care Reform At All Time High?

News 2010/06/17 20:00:00
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Call it the BP Effect. As President Obama struggles to get out from under the pile-on from voters and members of Congress over the disastrous handling of the Gulf oil spill, while nobody was looking support for the president’s signature domestic initiative, health care legislation, has quietly risen to all-time highs.

According to a new Associated Press-GfK poll, while opinion is still split, 45 percent of those surveyed said they support the health care bill, while 42 percent remain opposed. After Congress passed the bill in March, the numbers were reversed, with 46 percent opposing it and 39 percent supporting. One answer? Once the talking heads stopped bloviating and people began to understand what was in the program, they realized it was solid and some of the misconceptions were dispelled.

The Obama administration has also been stumping hard to push some of the immediate benefits of the law, according to the Huffington Post, including coverage for young adults under their parents’ plans until they turn 26, a $250 rebate check for seniors with high prescription costs and tax credits for some small businesses that cover their employees.

Have you changed your mind on health care?
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  • Larson Whipsnade 2010/06/18 00:25:31
    No, I’m still opposed.
    Larson Whipsnade
    the first step of every totalitarian regime is to socialize medicine. The Communists in Russia did it in 1918, the Nazis in Germany did it in 1933. the Peronistas did it in Argentina in 1944, and Mao Zedong did it in 1950. The purpose of Socialized medicine is to ration health care, not to make it more accessible as they claim. Those the party considers important will get good health care promptly, while those considered expendable will die on waiting lists without ever seeing a doctor. What good is a single payer system if you are dead before your name ever comes to the top of the list?
    health care expendable die waiting lists doctor payer dead list

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  • One Man 2010/08/10 12:35:31
    Yes, I agree that once the details came out, the bill seemed more reasonable.
    One Man
    America is the only country where a real worker can get fired his child gets sick and he goes bankrupt and is kicked out of his home. This doesn't happen in countries where healthcare access is given rather you have a job or not.
  • coup de... One Man 2010/11/07 14:26:11
  • Sherlock Dog BL - a Gazillion 2010/07/10 05:21:47 (edited)
  • sherry 2010/06/30 03:16:44
    No, I’m still opposed.
  • Randy 2010/06/28 18:48:17
    No, I’m still opposed.
    When the reality of what health insurance reform as written will do to our access to care is experienced there will be no support for it at all. I've been reading the bill, that is not easy, and so far I've found nothing good in it. Basically it's a funnel designed to direct everyone into a government run system in about five years. Private sector healthcare will be squeezed out economically with additional taxes on providers, insurers and care recipients. The bill is very carefully worded so as not to be understood, leave much grey area for bureaucrats to turn rules into laws and disguise the truly insidious provision. It's a typical work from disingenuous politicians.
  • hasher 2010/06/28 00:22:33
    No, I’m still opposed.
    no ithink the bill will force us to convert to the govt insurance and if we don't we will be fined or jailed. the bill is very unconstitutional and eventually our health care system will be like canada's where you have to wait 6 months to a year for a test and you could be dead by then. we don't need socialized medicine. take away our freedom of choices.
  • Hendy 2010/06/27 00:02:39
    No, I’m still opposed.
    Obama Care is sprinkled with carrots in the upfront years, but one day folks will be paying the piper and not getting what they need treatment wise as the costs will probably rise faster under this plan. An easy TRILLION will be wasted over the next 12 years, all the while producing a worse outcome for the patient. The regulation of your health care records and IRS intrusion into lives will help destory the Free Enterprise System in the United States of America, you know the one that built our country.
  • peggy 2010/06/25 19:56:17
    I think the Health Care bill…
    was not the absolute BEST, it is however, a huge step in the RIGHT direction. Sooner or later, the talking heads who opposed, (just because it's a free country, and they could,) would SHUT the HELL UP and let people actually think for themselves, and finally realize that the bill is beneficial and is quite reasonable!!!!
  • Hendy peggy 2010/06/27 00:05:22
    maybe you're one that will get free health care? Cause if you're paying more for less you will feel different soon.
  • somthen peggy 2010/06/30 22:17:33
    Once government starts something it's here to stay just as you say "not the absolute BEST"
  • pdshanny 2010/06/24 00:27:31
    I think the Health Care bill…
    I would have perfered a stronger bill, but something is better than nothing.
  • tomem 2010/06/23 17:52:54
    No, I’m still opposed.
    Once people begin loosing their private health-care, and wake up to the real costs of government run system, there will be more public outrage then we saw during its passage.
  • peggy tomem 2010/06/25 20:00:51
    haven't u heard of Medicare n Medicaid? those r gov't run health care also the military have an excellent health care system for the troops ALSO gov't run!!! so really, what's ur point
  • Erok 2010/06/23 09:33:49
    No, I’m still opposed.
    The top comment is a FACT not what the republicans who didn't drink think so hope you stay healthy or are in a position where the gov. needs you if not......bye-bye!
  • messenger 2010/06/23 01:58:54
    Yes, I agree that once the details came out, the bill seemed more reasonable.
    There is a lot to like about the health care bill.

    I have received government run health care for 6 years and it is better then any other health care that I had received to that point.

    Any fear that you clones have is simply because you are believing the lies of Sarah Palin and other lying righties.
  • Deng messenger 2010/07/16 16:25:22
    You were either born an idiot, or your just a bald faced liar.

    I just buried my mother because she was stuck on Medicare, and was deemed not worthy for a possible life saving treatment. You lying sack of Race Baiting Liberal Nazi Trash. I'm looking forward to the war coming so I can personally exterminate as many of you pathetic excuses for humanity as possible. I pray every night now for the death of each and every one of you. I only hope it is as brutally painful and horrifying as my mothers death was, you low life piece of gutter trash.

    While you're at it, stop lying about being on any kind of health plan, you've always been a parasitic leech living off of others, your simple minded rhetoric betrays you. If not for the likes of your kind, my mother might have at least had the chance of a dignified death. For that, Death to you all!
  • messenger Deng 2010/07/20 02:08:04
    You need to calm down or you will go to hell.
  • donisue 2010/06/22 18:15:29
    No, I’m still opposed.
    Socialism is never a good idea only brain dead people llke it.
  • beachangel 2010/06/22 15:30:43
    No, I’m still opposed.
    you can't cure stupid!
  • peggy beachangel 2010/06/25 20:02:23
    Is that y ur still sick??
  • beachangel peggy 2010/06/30 14:48:48
    The only thing I am sick of is the Government in my business all the time. It is time for the Big Government to back off and leave us alone. We can do it..it has been done for a number of years without their help.
  • peggy beachangel 2010/07/01 22:08:57
    gov't will always b in ur business. The only time gov't wasn't around, was in the garden of Eden.
  • patrick 2010/06/22 14:15:28 (edited)
    No, I’m still opposed.
    This health care reform will do more harm than anyone could imagine at this point in time. We have heard some big business say they are going to drop health care for their employees because it would be cheaper to just pay the fine. Other's are leaving the country and headed for overseas sites. Seniors are going to have to suck it up big time as Medicare payments to doctors will decrease by approx 21 percent. Doctors are already turning down new Medicare patients. We are in for one heck of a mess once this thing goes full blown.
  • somthen 2010/06/22 02:28:05
    No, I’m still opposed.
    Now that we even know more it's even worse than first realized!
  • kozynferg 2010/06/21 22:25:33
    I think the Health Care bill…
    Is an important first step to make sense of the finances of healthcare. Having 10% to 20% of the population fail to pay their heathcare bills leaving the rest of us to pick up the tab does not make much sense.
  • Nobullspit 2010/06/21 21:15:29
    I think the Health Care bill…
    Are you out of your FREAKING mind?
  • Lynn 2010/06/21 20:55:53
    No, I’m still opposed.
    The worst Administration ever! Everything they (the government) touch, FAILS!
  • peggy Lynn 2010/06/25 20:04:24
    wake up republicans r no longer in office!!!
  • gunner 2010/06/21 19:39:13
    I think the Health Care bill…
    I think the Health Care is really going to be a disaster, but we the stupid people are letting the govnment get away with totaling distroying our country , I think that the Govnment needs to go to another country , They would not be doing this if they were not in office cause they have their own good health care that we the people pay for they are giving us the second hand crap,its not good enough for them but for us bull %%%%
  • chubo 2010/06/21 17:58:18
    I think the Health Care bill…
  • nopetothedope 2010/06/21 15:43:59
    No, I’m still opposed.
    It is the Pharm. companies that need reform. I look at my hospital and chemo bills and it seems the Pharm cost outweighs the rest by far. $8,000 for a shot for white blood cells, chemo=$3,000 every three weeks, labs $300 every week, surgery =$7,000, drugs for surgery=$15,000, hospital stay for 5 days (just bed and nurses)=$4,000, and I ain't done yet. Insurance per month for family=$600 with no copay. I'd say well worth it, but it would be cheaper insurance if they would let them outbid eachother cross statelines.
  • hyrulien 2010/06/21 15:41:01
    Yes, I agree that once the details came out, the bill seemed more reasonable.
    All about proper communication and weeding out the individuals with hidden agendas.
  • constitutionfirst 2010/06/21 15:37:17
    No, I’m still opposed.
    There will never be a lack of non-producers looking for something for nothing.

    There will never be a lack of non-producers looking for taxpayer funded anything.

    If we don't end bankruptcy level spending, every dime you make Øbama will be there to steal it.

    What incentive is there for producers to work their asses off for blood-sucking leeches?

    Radical Change? I got your Radical Change right here: Go Galt.
  • ElizabethEdithPaulson 2010/06/21 15:18:46
    No, I’m still opposed.
    I'm for reform, just not this way and not this one! A major difference!
  • Marvin#1Dem 2010/06/21 14:34:39
  • old-mac 2010/06/21 11:18:03
    No, I’m still opposed.
    Depends on if you still listen to the Obama press machine or if you can still think for yourself! I myself still believe in the tooth fairy santa and all things free!! Yeah right.
  • frank 2010/06/21 07:02:28
    No, I’m still opposed.
    It is all about distraction. Just like Obama seeing is lack of executive experience and ability is hampering him with BP and now he is going to cap and trade to change the focus from his oil leak failure to more government contol of our lives.
  • TINA EKHATOR 2010/06/21 03:48:22
    I think the Health Care bill…
    The health bill is a historical accomplishment for Obama and the American families
  • beachangel TINA EK... 2010/06/22 15:28:16
    A historical accomplishment? An who is going to pay for this historical accomplishment other than people like me who has worked for 52 years and cannot even retire thanks to the federal government. IWILL NOT PAY FOR OTHERS TO HAVE HEALTH CARE WHEN SO MANY LAZY PEOPLE WANT SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. I AM TALKING ABOUT YOUNGER PEOPLE THAT THINK I OWE THEM SOMETHING. GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTTS AND WORK LIKE MOST OF US DO. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT....LEAVE
  • Molly 2010/06/21 00:20:50
    No, I’m still opposed.
    We will all be paying a price for this soon......
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