Sunset Every Federal Law?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/03/10 04:28:26

Philip K. Howard, author of Life Without Lawyers, has a thought-provoking essay
in the Atlantic about how to repeal old laws in order to make room for
new policies that will unleash American ingenuity and discretion:

Fixing what ails America is impossible, indeed illegal, without a legal
spring cleaning. The goal is not mainly to “deregulate” but to restate programs
in light of current needs and priorities.

As a practical matter, this requires Congress to authorize special
commissions to make proposals, area by area. Using the base closing commission
model, these proposals would be submitted to Congress for an up or down

Going forward, Congress should incorporate sunset provisions in all laws with
budgetary impact. The goal is not to end good programs but to impose a
discipline that is essential for a functioning democracy that must constantly
make tough tradeoffs.

Read More: http://cfif.org/v/freedom_line_blog/13330/sunset-e...

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  • Red Branch 2012/05/15 14:34:11
    Red Branch
    It is not our old laws that caused the problems. Old being a relative term.

    Consider the laws that were on the books when America became an economic super power. It is the newer laws that have brought us to where we are today.

    I believe the Empire State Building was constructed in 18 months. Compare that to the New World Trade Center. I am not sure how long it took to construct the original WTC.

    Sunset all the new fiscal laws, programs, authorizations.

    I would like to sunset our politicians as well. Nothing violent, nothing more than to see them riding off into the sunset to earn an honest living.
  • goatman112003 2012/03/10 05:47:19
    Its an idea which should of happened years ago. How much bureaucracy would of been eliminated by it. Programs should be based like business decisions. How much bang for the buck do we get.

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