Sudan rejects U.S. request to send Marines to guard embassy

jt 2012/09/16 06:27:07
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  • Arel 2012/09/16 14:23:33
    Bring all American citizens home not just those considered non essential diplomatic citizens.
  • **StarzAbove** 2012/09/16 13:16:49
    Bring all Americans home and let these people fend for themselves, cut all aid to them, and let them kill one another. It's time we took care of our own, rather than bankroll these people to kill us.
  • Todayisgoingtobegreat 2012/09/16 12:26:14
    I have mixed feelings on this one. If they will protect the embassy then let them, if not then bomb them
  • ruralntex 2012/09/16 09:57:02
    The pull the diplomats. Warn all Americans in and those traveling too Sudan, and pull any and all US monetary aid to Sudan immediately.
  • wolfshadow 2012/09/16 09:32:22
    Then they need to be responsible and if they fail to protect it we need to nuke their capital.
  • Jiorgia 2012/09/16 08:08:22
    well... Australia would do the same to be honest.

    Sudan has their own army protecting the US embassy.

    Would you allow the Libyan army in to 'protect their embassy' if you were in the reverse situation, no, because you wouldn't want their troops inside your borders.
  • Dagon 2012/09/16 08:04:13
  • MichaelJ 2012/09/16 07:15:38
    Shut the embassy down.
  • Jiorgia MichaelJ 2012/09/16 08:09:16
    I agree, if it is really that big of a threat that you wan't to send an army in, just take the americans out of the embassy.
  • BornToBeWild 2012/09/16 06:50:52
    the same was done in Libya...possibly even Cairo! This was all planned out!
  • STU~PWCM~JLA~POTL~AFCL 2012/09/16 06:43:44
    No big surprise; they are probably happy the attacks took place. It's hard to believe the Sudanese Foreign Minister said "Sudan is able to protect the diplomatic missions in Khartoum and the state is committed to protecting its guests in the diplomatic corps" AFTER two European embassies were attacked. This guy sounds dumb enough to get a job in Washington.
  • Thor American EXPAT n New G... 2012/09/16 06:38:41
    Thor American EXPAT n New Guinea
    Send them ANYWAY and KILL ANY BASTARD that stands in their way.
  • gizamondo 2012/09/16 06:32:48
    If they can't or will not protect our embassy, nor allow our Marines to do so, pull them out with Marine support.
  • NYCbrit 2012/09/16 06:30:49
    Maybe their guys will get bullets.

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