Such wonderful foreign policy or how the evening is spent polishing the gold and silver

iamnothere 2012/09/19 15:48:59
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  • brian.southworth.921 2012/09/19 15:50:44
    End all foreign involvement!
    Libertarian 2012!
  • iamnothere brian.s... 2012/09/19 15:54:33
    retreating into the shell wont help
  • brian.s... iamnothere 2012/09/19 15:59:22
    Sure it will. Takes two to dance and allows for other countries to evolve in their own time and not in ours. The way we handle other countries is very ethnocentric. We have no right to get involved in other's affairs, just like we wouldn't like it if other's got involved in our affairs. And further more, the military is to be used to protect our borders. Last time I looked at a map, the middle east does not border us at all.
  • iamnothere brian.s... 2012/09/19 17:04:25
    retreat is one thing.. abdicating is quite another... libertarians would have us have zero interaction and complete isolation from the rest of the world.. that too is to far in my view. that said.. I do agree that we should really suck it up and stop interfering with internal operations in how other countries operate ...
  • brian.s... iamnothere 2012/09/28 15:00:37
    No we'd still have trade with other countries. Just not get involved with other countries sovrenty. Big diff. And I'd go one further, that if countries we are trading with get into a war, we stop trading with those countries until they come to some sort of resolution so as not to get involved with either side.
  • iamnothere brian.s... 2012/09/19 17:05:03
    sadly we do not protect our borders and the number of jihadists crossing ... who knows

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