Sub Zero temperatures across the nation. Is Man Made Global Warming a CROCK

Endless Roads 2009/01/15 12:27:57
MYTH - it is natural and cyclical
REAL - It is happening - it is man's fault
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Last winter (2007-2008) and this winter (2008-2009) are breaking records.

For that matter, even the summer months were mild, by comparison.

Is MAN MADE global warming a crock?

Hint - the question is about MAN MADE global warming.
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  • Candi~playin 2009/01/25 04:15:30
    MYTH - it is natural and cyclical
    Not again please..make it go away! LOL It an hoax by libtards to fear people. myth natural cyclical lol hoax libtards fear people

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  • that0neguy 2009/01/30 02:19:48
    It's happening. Also, in Nevada, we haven't seen Snow but twice this winter. It's been consistently above 50 degrees around here. Also, I'm quicker to call it Climate change than I am to call it Global warming.
  • Endless... that0neguy 2009/01/30 02:52:07
    Endless Roads
    What I get a laugh out of is that the Global Warming crowed is now calling it climate change, I think because it became obvious, the past few winters and mild summers, that things are no longer warming.

    Regardless, changing weather patterns have been happening since before man walked the planet.

    What we have been experiencing, of late, is actually rather mild.
  • that0neguy Endless... 2009/01/30 02:57:44
    Considering record low temperatures. I don't think I would consider that mild. There are obvious, and not good changes for our climate and environment going on.

    I think these changes that are occurring will lead to an unprecedented natural disaster, but I think it's inevitable, and that it would have happened regardless of humans contribution, it might have just taken a little longer to happen.
  • Endless... that0neguy 2009/01/30 12:38:21 (edited)
    Endless Roads
    Well if you go back and look at geologial records for the planet, and weather records, this is mild.

    Also, "record low temps?"
    How long have we been keeping records?
    How old is the planet?

    This one graph will give you an idea of what I mean by mild.
    These records are taken from Ice Core samples.
    Look at the extremes.
    It goes back long before man was here.

    temps records planet graph mild records ice core samples extremes
  • that0neguy Endless... 2009/01/30 21:05:17
    Mild compared to the ice age, what you seem to be missing is we're moving towards that sort of climate change again.
  • Endless... that0neguy 2009/01/31 00:27:31 (edited)
    Endless Roads
    My point is - climate change is normal.

    I always laugh when I hear the local weatherman say "Rainfall is below normal"or, "below normal cold for the next few days."

    What is normal?

    Normal is that this planet does not EVER stay the same. We go from VERRY hot to VERRY cold. From windy to calm. From too much rain to too little. That is normal.

    What is the OPTOMAL temperature for this planet? If you think that the answer is - when you feel comfortable - you would be VERRY wrong.

    The most life has existed on this planet when the temperature was FAR warmer than anything that you or I have ever experienced. Also, when the CO2 level has been far higher then it is today. -- If that is the case then CO2 and Global Warming are NOT bad for earth.

    Norman is change.
    Change is normal.
  • that0neguy Endless... 2009/01/31 01:16:44 (edited)
    I'm not saying it's abnormal, I'm just saying the change that is occurring is going to alter our way of life greatly.

    I'm not saying we're going to go extinct either, but I do believe things are going to become vastly different in the next 50 years.
  • Endless... that0neguy 2009/01/31 01:36:42
    Endless Roads
    If it sounds like I am not worried if a changing climate - warm or cold - will change, drastically, the way man lives, --- I'm not.

    Man has lived though MUCH warmer and Much colder times than now, and did just fine. AND - back then - they did not have climate control in their homes like we do today, other than a little fireplace or a wooden shutter to allow the breeze in.

    Will we have to adapt?
    And we are not more prepared for it than ever before.
  • that0neguy Endless... 2009/01/31 01:40:13
    We will see what happens I suppose.
  • Endless... that0neguy 2009/01/31 01:42:47
    Endless Roads
    What will happen is change.

    And we will adapt - like always before.

    It might be hard on us for a while - but....

    Welcome to Earth.
  • A'lis 2009/01/28 22:33:34
    I'm not a scientist or any kind of meteorologist, so I wouldn't know for sure. Myth or not, man-made or not, we should still make a conscience decision to improve the condition of the earth. Please, recycle, clean up after yourselves, and try not to guzzle as much gas.
  • Endless... A'lis 2009/01/29 02:17:04
    Endless Roads
    I have no problem with what you have just said.
    I am for clean - and wind and solar power - and so on.

    I don't like living in a dump and I like clean air and water.
  • Endless Roads 2009/01/27 12:02:07
    MYTH - it is natural and cyclical
    Endless Roads
    JUST off the news services.

    Al Gore is scheduled before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday morning to once again testify on the 'urgent need' to combat global warming.

    But Mother Nature seems ready to freeze the proceedings.

    A 'Winter Storm Watch' has been posted for the nation's capitol and there is a potential for significant snow... sleet... or ice accumulations.

    "I can't imagine the Democrats would want to showcase Mr. Gore and his new findings on global warming as a winter storm rages outside," a Republican lawmaker emailed the DRUDGE REPORT. "And if the ice really piles up, it will not be safe to travel."

    A spokesman for Sen. John Kerry, who chairs the committee, was not immediately available to comment on contingency plans.

    Global warming advocates have suggested this year's wild winter spells are proof of climate change.
  • Christine/Rest in peace Pet... 2009/01/26 21:54:38
    MYTH - it is natural and cyclical
    Christine/Rest in peace Peter Br
    There have been many natural cycles of warming and cooling. We have had ice ages, and warming cycles as long as the planet has existed. The New Mexican desert used to be a tropical place during the dinosaours. Were we responsible for global warming that turned it into desert? Did man cause the great warming trend and draught that caused the Oklahama dust bowl? Study geology and you will find that the Earth has always thrown some great curves.
  • karmadrome 2009/01/26 17:32:55
    MYTH - it is natural and cyclical
    I think humankind to be egotistical. Earth is far-older and way bigger than us. Even scientists don't agree on everything, hence competing theories. I don't buy that we 100% understand what is happening to the weather, and exactly why. I'm all about certain energy saving activities (I don't like depending upon foreign oil), but I won't be scared into anything that doesn't make economic sense either.
  • Howard Beale II 2009/01/26 05:26:16
    Howard Beale II
    I have seen enough information on both sides of the equasion to come to the conclusion that we really do not have conclusive evidence. But since the man-made part is very realistic, we should not discount it until we can determine the true cause, which might possibly be both.
  • Endless... Howard ... 2009/01/26 11:49:22
    Endless Roads
    I've seen enough to know that, while humans have a minor effect, it is no where near the cause of climate change.

    It has been happening, at far worse levels than anything that has occured in our life time, since before man was on the planet.
  • GVC 2009/01/26 03:42:50
    1. Blow it off as a "Politically Correct" term, but the correct term IS Climate Change. When you understand that, then you stop falling for BS questions like this one. The Earth is a complicated machine - like the "Butterfly Effect" parable, She compensates for what happens in one place by equally extreme behavior in another. When the temperatures rise to extremes, we will have equally extreme lows. It is all part of the pattern.

    2. I don't know that Climate Change is caused by Man. I suspect that we CONTRIBUTE to it, which is only logical considering the amount of crap we pump into the atmosphere every day, and the amount of resources that have been wasted over the last century. Did we cause it, or did we merely accelerate a process that was already in progress and would have happened over a much longer period of time if we weren't here? I think that's the question that we need to answer.

    In the interim, while we find out that answer - why not act like responsible people and save our resources and energy, and clean up what Nature gave us? Why not find renewable energy sources and prevent waste? Why not lower our carbon footprint, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make more efficient cars? Just because it might cut into corporate profits? Is short term corporate profit really a good reason to gamble with our planet's future?
  • Epistem... GVC 2009/01/26 05:36:59
    Epistemically Justified -- BN7
    You are exactly right on so many levels. Very well said.
  • Heptarch GVC 2009/01/26 17:29:10
    Excellent, excellent post. Pinged for chocolaty goodness.
  • Yukkione "In Science We Trust" 2009/01/26 01:42:02
    Yukkione "In Science We Trust"
    It's about climate change...global warming is a bit misleading to those who don't understand science or who take the words of those scientists working for energy corporations as fact.
  • Endless... Yukkion... 2009/01/26 01:54:03
    Endless Roads
    I've noticed a lot of people on Gore's side of the argument have suddenly switch from saying "GLOBAL WARMING to "CLIMATE CHANGE!"

    What --- did the cold weather the past couple of years get to you?
  • GVC Endless... 2009/01/26 03:50:30
    Al Gore was passionate about the subject, and motivated, but not necessarily the be all, end all subject matter expert about the issue.

    If you ask HIM now, he will tell you the same thing, because he has been educated on the subject by the experts.

    "Global Warming" is a sensationalist term popularized by the media because it grabs attention and makes ratings. In the long term (decades, centuries) it IS the ultimate result of what will happen to the planet.

    In the short term immediate effects of the situation, it is known as and referred to by the scientists as climate change. This is because of exactly those cold weather extremes - global warming causes localized extremes in weather, highs and lows, and cyclically result in an overall warming of the planet over the course of many years.
  • Epistem... Endless... 2009/01/26 05:39:04
    Epistemically Justified -- BN7
    Global warming is the sensationalized political terminology. The catch phrase.

    What we are discussing here is "Observed Global Climate Change" and the possibility of "Anthropogenically Influenced Global Climate Change" -- a little more technical, certainly more accurate, but I don't think either would make a good catch phrase.
  • Yukkion... Endless... 2009/01/26 12:45:13
    Yukkione "In Science We Trust"
    If you think that then you are not paying attention. Also this winter was over all warmer as previous posters stated and linked.
  • Endless... Yukkion... 2009/01/26 12:51:59
    Endless Roads
    You have not been watching the news - I guess.

    NOAA: Coolest Winter Since 2001 for U.S., Globe
  • Endless... Yukkion... 2009/01/29 00:14:21
    Endless Roads
    You'll need to let Gore know what we are now calling it "Climage Change."
    He's still calling it Global warming.

    He just braved a big snow/ice storm to say the following:

    WASHINGTON -- Former Vice President Al Gore urged lawmakers Wednesday not to let the economic crisis get in the way of addressing global warming.
  • Yukkion... Endless... 2009/01/29 02:14:55
    Yukkione "In Science We Trust"
    Whats up with you thinking Gore is some kind of hero to me?
  • Pilot Bill 2009/01/26 00:48:40
  • Endless... Pilot Bill 2009/01/26 00:51:17
  • moomoof 2009/01/25 21:05:10
    REAL - It is happening - it is man's fault
  • Endless... moomoof 2009/01/29 16:50:51
    Endless Roads
    WEATHER CHANNEL founder warns of 'dramatic turn toward colder climate'...
  • Wells 2009/01/25 18:35:22
    REAL - It is happening - it is man's fault
    Although I agree with the scientific evidence that connects global warming to CO2 emissions, urban heat islands, etc, I don't argue global warming as much as how best to prepare for drastic climate changes we're experiencing now. Global warming denial is orchestrated by business and industry interests who'll be forced to change practices, and not just in the obvious way of a major conversion to clean energy and conservation.

    To deny global warming is as unproductive as arguing in its defense. The real question to answer is How would our lives change in order to adapt to its potentially worst affects? Any takers?
  • hyacint... Wells 2009/01/26 01:57:04
    Wow, Wells! You put that question in perspective.
  • hyacinthwoman 2009/01/25 18:19:47 (edited)
    REAL - It is happening - it is man's fault
    Man made global warming is excelerating the devastation of the earth-above and beyond the natural and cyclical events.
  • Endless... hyacint... 2009/01/25 20:15:34 (edited)
    Endless Roads
    Actually this is not true.

    The warming that we have just gone through, which is now ending - it has been shown - was short and mild compaired to times when the planet was much warmer for much longer.

    Have a look.

    true warming mild compaired times planet warmer
  • artist1963-Progressive Patr... 2009/01/25 17:51:13
    REAL - It is happening - it is man's fault
    artist1963-Progressive Patriot for Change
    Thereis no doubt there is climate change and wather patterns are changing in places that normally w/b warmer are experiencing cooler temps and jus the opposite in areas here it s/b colder. Antartica, Greenland, the ice-caps AE melting an Alaska had temps upto 40 degrees last week while in WI where I live it was single to below 0 weather. I believe this phenomenon HAS been caused by human activity or we've at least contibuted to it as mountai glaciers are melting away at record levels as well. We can't deny the inevitible that we HAVE had something to do with this.
    Antartica experiened temps ABOVE freezing last week while in my area it was VERY cold and even FL had a cold snap. The weather patterns are shifting most dramatically at the poles and this, in itself,if it continues will cause sea levels to rise enough to submerge LA, substantial parts of FL, CA and NY. Can we stop it? I don't know. Can we slow the process? Yes: By changing our energy habits NOW but the those reluctant to change wil remain in denial and keep it up until there is no fresh water to drink and they experience more and more hurricanes and flooding.
    70% of our coastal and ephemeral wetlands have been destroyed by development and these natural buffers help prevent floods and protect our coast-lines but people don't care as long as thy continue to exploit the earth when there is a profit to be made from it.
  • Endless... artist1... 2009/01/25 21:09:50
    Endless Roads
    But what are talking about here is natural, and it happens no matter if man is here or not.

    This planet is not always the same temperature, or climate, for that matter. Wild fluctuations have always occurred - again - no matter if man was here or not.
  • ghrrum Endless... 2009/01/31 01:54:50
    Please note,
    Antarctica was once a lush tropical paradise.
    There is fossil evidence. There is proof.
    This sort of thing happens.
  • thewrit 2009/01/25 16:33:32
    REAL - It is happening - it is man's fault
    i dont really know, but something is happening. my opinion is not based on what is on tv but on what i am experiencing. the place i live never had hurricanes, and two years ago started to happen. in 3 days rained what was expect for 2 months, 100+ dead and 70,000+ with no shelter. and other places where were used to crops started a desertification process.

    its about time mankind be a little more concerned about the way we treat the place we live in.
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