STUDY: Obamacare Will Help The 43 Percent Of Women Who Skipped Health Care Because Of High Costs

Samantha 2012/07/13 20:33:20
Women tend to have higher medical expenses and lower incomes, leading them to often forego expensive medical needs that might be a drain on their insurance policies. A new study from the Commonwealth Fund reveals that 18.7 million women in the United States between the ages of 19 and 64 were uninsured in 2010. That’s an increase of nearly six million women in just ten years.

But relief is on its way. The Commonwealth Fund report shows that Obamacare will dramatically decrease (PDF) the cost of care for women, and thus drastically lower the rate of women who skip the doctor or don’t have insurance:


The health law will require insurance companies to provide contraception free of charge; ensure that pregnancy is no longer a ‘pre-existing condition‘; offer maternity care in all new plans; protect women from out-of-pocket payments for preventative care; and expand the eligibility guidelines for Medicaid, of which women are a majority of recipients.

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  • Marianne 2012/07/16 14:21:11
    Women had to fight since long for equal rights, and even now, a great majority is still disadvantaged. The new health law is another step to reduce injustices.
  • VoteOut 2012/07/13 23:06:07 (edited)
    And if it kicks in full they will be covered for contraceptives and abortions but not pregnancy and baby delivery care. Obamascare is a malthusian fascist instrument by design
  • Samantha VoteOut 2012/07/15 19:18:42
    Once more a conservative makes accusations but doesn't provide any proof. Making contraceptives more accessible will result in fewer abortions.
  • VoteOut Samantha 2012/07/16 23:11:27 (edited)
    It's what I said malthusian fascists population controll and coerced/forced sterilization
  • Samantha VoteOut 2012/07/17 17:22:26
    No it isn't. Access to birth control helps with family planning and, as I stated, will reduce the number of abortions.
  • Kern 2012/07/13 21:08:49
    The only reason people believe that women's health care cost more is because they attribute all of the expenses of birth control to women. I "ain't" no doctor and the amount of medical and biological knowledge I employ on a daily basis wouldn't fill a thimble but, the last time I was in health class, it took a man and a woman to create a child.

    If two people are involved in the act, why is only one person responsible for the outcome? In other words, when a woman becomes pregnant, if she is uninsured, should not the responsibility for paying for the birth fall to the guy's and thereby be covered by his insurance? Most small traffic accidents are categorized as "no fault" so both parties become responsible. Shouldn't the same kind of logic be applied to people?

    Keeping that in mind, I don't really see how women are labeled as being more expensive when costing out health care. But hey, that's me and I'm not right in the head.

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