Stranded Jet Skier Arrested After He Breaks Through JFK Airport's $100 Million Security System - Agree or Disagree?

Captain Foxhound BN0 2012/08/13 15:33:47
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A man whose jet ski failed him in New York's Jamaica Bay swam to John F. Kennedy airport, where he was easily able to penetrate the airport $100 million, state-of-the art security system.
Daniel Casillo, 31, was able to swim up to and enter the airport grounds on Friday night, past an intricate system of motion sensors and closed-circuit cameras designed to to safeguard against terrorists, authorities said.
"I think he should be given dinner and a bottle of champagne for showing us our faults," said Nicholas Casale, an NYPD veteran and former MTA deputy security director for counterterrorism.
Instead, Casillo was arrested after the incredible adventure that has stunned security officials.
Casillo's night began innocently enough, as he and some friends were racing on jet skis in Jamaica Bay near JFK airport when his watercraft stalled.

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  • clasact 2012/08/16 15:57:21
    Nicholas is right give the man dinner and drinks for showing the system dont work
  • Captain... clasact 2012/08/16 16:30:31
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    Are you saying we should treat the 911 hijackers to Disneyland or something for showing us our weaknesses? lol They are embarrassed.
  • clasact Captain... 2012/08/16 19:07:04
    your compareing two totally different things,this guy ment no harm and did not do it on purpose but he did show them that what they thought was a great system dose not work so well.
  • Captain... clasact 2012/08/16 20:13:48
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    How do we know he's not a terrorist pretending to be a stranded jet skier?
  • clasact Captain... 2012/08/16 22:26:35
    did you read the story,him and his buddies were out raceing jet ski ,I think a terroist could come up with a better story besides the whole point is he showed up there system,didnt do any harm but that and it made them look bad but to me he showed where a problem exsist and needs to be fixed fast.personally I would like to see laser monitors all around airports
  • Captain... clasact 2012/08/17 07:44:57
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    See? His story is so good it even fooled you. He's a terrorist and we should waterboard him until he admits it.
    terrorist waterboard
  • clasact Captain... 2012/08/17 08:26:00
    ok you win lets just shot him now
  • Captain... clasact 2012/08/17 12:17:12
    Captain Foxhound BN0
  • joe mauro 2012/08/13 21:21:05
    joe mauro
    he should be rewarded,we live in the age of incompetence,especially when the government ala the tsa is involved what a joke!
  • All American 2012/08/13 15:43:03
    All American
    Detained then let go once his story checks out. Afterwards, as the gentleman suggested, give him a gourmet dinner and bottle of champagne for showing the weakness of the system.
  • Eddie_DOMA_is_dead 2012/08/13 15:40:34

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