Straight Talk To Michelle Obama

steven 2012/07/02 19:21:06
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A Letter To Michelle Obama
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A Letter To Michelle Obama
JUNE 30, 2012 BY 111 COMMENTS

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Dear Michelle,

On the day that your husband was elected, you said that you had never been proud of the United States until that day. For the last three and a half years, I have been observing your husband and you, and I feel that it is time I share my thoughts with you. The day your husband was elected was the first time I was ever ashamed of this country, and today I am even more ashamed.

I was ashamed then because your husband was not elected because he was the best qualified to do the job, or because he was the most intelligent, or even because anyone really thought he could get anything worthwhile done. The reason your husband was elected, the only reason, is because of the color of his skin. Your husband was chosen by the Democratic Party to be their “token black”, and that is the shame of the American public. We deserve better than a community organizer who seems to look down on his fellow Americans while bowing to an Arab leader. We deserve a president who was thoroughly vetted by his party and the media, not someone whom the DNC now admits was never even eligible for the job. There are many other men, Black, Hispanic, of Asian descent, Native American, and even Caucasian who are many times more qualified and eligible to be the president. If he had even a shred of self respect, Barack would resign and convince Joe Biden to do so as well, so that someone with a backbone could fix the mess your husband (NOT George Bush) has made much worse.

Your husband said he would bring unity to the country; instead, he has brought class warfare and fanned the flames of racism by saying that his son would look like Travon Martin. When the Pharisees asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was, he replied, “‘you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’” “This is the greatest foremost commandment.” “The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” “On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”(Matt.22:37-40 NAS). Notice that there is no modifying clause in the second commandment “You shall love thy neighbor as yourself.” NOT “You shall love your neighbor as yourself, so long as his skin is the same color as yours or he does not make more money than you.” In our home, race is not an issue; everyone is welcome and treated respectfully. My mother raised me right; she taught me these verses and the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I have lived this way all my life and never judge others; it is God’s job to judge, not mine. There is a big difference between loving the person and accepting the sin; I can love the person and still hate the things they do. The media was quick to condemn Sarah Palin’s daughter for getting pregnant (or was it because she chose to have the baby?), but at least she owned up and took responsibility for her actions, which is something your husband has said publicly he would not make his daughters do in that same situation. No, he would rather have them murder their baby should they be so shortsighted as to get pregnant before they were ready.

Make no mistake here, please; through Christ, I love you and your family, but I hate what Barack has done to this wonderful country of ours. He has no need to apologize for an accidental burning of the Quran anymore than they would apologize for a deliberate burning of the Bible or our Constitution. In fact, as a nation, there is nothing he needs to apologize for on our behalf, but instead much he needs to apologize to us for. He needs to apologize to us for his blatant disregard for the Constitution, the very foundation of our government, and the freedoms guaranteed to us by that document. I have family members who fought to protect that document and what it stands for; yet you and your husband treat it like toilet paper for all the respect you show.

You are fond of quoting the Scripture in Luke that tells us that “To those to whom much has been given, from them much shall also be expected”, but then you take it out of context and tell us that means that the federal government has the right to take what one man earns and give it to the man who sits on his butt all day doing nothing. Sorry, but I do not think that is what Christ meant when he said “take care of the widows and orphans.” He also told us that God loves a cheerful (or willing) giver. He did not want to force us to do what we so willingly do out of love. In case you had not noticed, when there is a crisis (i.e. Katrina) the American people pull together to help each other faster and better than the government (i.e. FEMA) could.

The recent decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the individual mandate of the “Affordable” Care Act was equally shameful and has added one hundred-fold to the stress of my daily life. Stress that was not a part of my life until Barack took the office that by rights does not belong to him. My husband has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the treatments are expensive, and how long now before the committee decides that because he is not a “productive citizen” he cannot access the treatments he needs to stay alive? I clench my teeth at night wondering if he will be here when our daughter (now fifteen) walks down the aisle on her wedding day. When I had a heart attack last year, it was a Catholic-run hospital that picked up the greatest portion of the cost, allowing us to make payments on the rest when we could, not the government. Through the contraception mandate, Obamacare will shut down that hospital and hundreds like it, leaving people like me to fall between the cracks of your “perfect healthcare”.

I am also ashamed that the first family sees the Presidency as a lottery they won (how many vacations do you need in a year, really?) I have not had a job in two years, and our family would love to have a vacation in Europe, just one, someday. Yet your family has taken over seventeen vacations, at my last count, on the taxes people like me have paid. So, in effect, the middle class of America has been paying for you and your entourage of secretaries and secret service personnel to run around the world, shopping and sightseeing, when we cannot afford to go visit relatives who live in another state. Your husband’s policies have not created any jobs worth talking about, but they have kept businesses from creating jobs. Even a low-paying job would allow us the luxury of going to visit family.

So tell me Michelle, just what are you proud of? Are you proud of the fact that you are living in the White House because people did not want to be called racist? Or perhaps you are proud that your husband has chipped away at the civil liberties of the American taxpayers? Or perhaps you are proud of the race riots your husband instigated when he said that if he had a son he would look like Travon Martin, instead of keeping his mouth shut and letting the police handle the situation? The truth (whatever it is) will come out. I do not think there is anything that your husband has “accomplished” while in office that you should be proud of. Oh wait, I forgot all that golfing he has done that must have improved his game; I guess you can be proud of that.

In Christ Always,

Becky Smith

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  • Southern Man 2012/07/02 20:06:20
    Southern Man
    Great letter ... Becky Smith is right about 0bama he has set race relations back about 50 years or so ... She is right about winning because of skin color ... She is right about 0bama not being qualified .. That crack about Travon Martin .. My question is would he act like Travon ... All and all 0bama has not done one thing for the good of this country

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  • Richard 2012/12/03 13:07:21
    This is the one.
  • schjaz 2012/07/15 15:42:55
    WOW. There ya go, Mooch elle.....can ya take it?
  • Erok 2012/07/07 07:41:29
    BAM !!!!! In yo face Mrs. O I have to agree the proud moment you feel is crap just like the garbage Whoopie G. spewed when your husband was elected......he has done nothing but hurt America and should be ashamed of the puppet nonsense POTUS he was allowed to be.
  • Andrew 2012/07/05 06:31:58
    Obama is such a troll.
  • Bob DiN 2012/07/05 00:59:25
    Bob DiN
    Talking to Michelle Obama is cruel punishment.
  • LindaM 2012/07/04 03:11:46
    I stopped reading after the first few sentences. What a lame post and wasted space and my time..
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2012/07/03 14:12:48
  • joseph digristina 2012/07/03 02:29:12
  • mich52 2012/07/03 00:38:40
  • bob h. 2012/07/02 23:14:11
    bob h.
    Did anyone actually read that?
  • rich bob h. 2012/07/03 01:01:20
    no, not me at least
  • LindaM bob h. 2012/07/04 03:12:43
    Read the first couple sentences. What a crock..
  • Jim 2012/07/02 22:15:45
    AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! I had heard with my very own ears before the election Obama supporters yelling at supporters of McCain that they were racists. The true racist is the one who calls someone else a racist. According to the liberal media, an act committed by a white against a black is called racism while an act committed by a black is called bias even though they are the same thing. Racism sounds stronger than bias. Obama will spend July 4th in France trying to raise money for his campaign on taxpayers money. It is inexcusable for him to be outside the United States on our Nations Birthday. But of course he really could care less about America. Obama is an abomination, he should be kicked out of office.
  • LindaM Jim 2012/07/04 03:27:49
    Obama will not be out of the country on the fourth. Why don't you check things out before you post lies. You sound and look foolish
  • KilrQueen 2012/07/02 21:24:33
    Beautiful! We must ban together in November and get him out of office or that will be the end of this country.
  • 4gotten Israelite 2012/07/02 21:02:35
    4gotten Israelite
    Well Becky everyone is entitled to their thoughts. But this letter goes to prove how their are folks in this country who just can't swallow a black man leading this country. Why should black people only vote for the white man in order to be half accepted in this country, By Obama getting elected, it just opened the closet and all the hidden folks who really can't stand black people fell out, like Becky. In America the first Lady is suppose to be a white lady., not a Sister. It's a shame that racism still goes on strong in the 21st century. So you can call me what you want, I'm proud to have a black President and my First Lady is a beautiful site to see for my grand daughter's, somebody who look's like them. For a people who was forced in chains to come over, it may not ever be again that America has a black President, but at least in my life time I've had the pleasure of living under the leadership of a black President, Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama
  • jasmine1 4gotten... 2012/07/02 21:40:57
    I will never vote for a black person for president because they will always be black first and president second. I will vote for a person who just happens to be black but that has nothing to do with who he/she is ie. Alan West, Herman Cain, Colin Powell. Condoleeza Rice. These are people who are just Americans who care about Americans and we care about them. We do not need people in the White House who hate America and hate white people.
  • steven jasmine1 2012/07/02 21:53:58
    I think you are right about the first two you mention, but the last two are globalists.
  • jasmine1 steven 2012/07/02 22:05:33
    I didn't know that. Thank you.
  • 4gotten... jasmine1 2012/07/03 00:37:16
    4gotten Israelite
    AAAH so will you vote for a white man who is white first and president second? And it's easy to say you would vote for some one who you know will never run for president.
  • jasmine1 4gotten... 2012/07/03 15:26:02
    You really like to spin. Is this the only way you can make a reply? You know exacly what I meant and you are just trying to be smart ass. Are you an attorney, per chance?
  • 4gotten... jasmine1 2012/07/03 17:56:58
    4gotten Israelite
    I'm just voicing my opinion like everybody else. I read this lady's letter, and she expressed how she feel's about the Obama family, and that's fine, she has the right to express her feelings. I happen to disagree with her, and you happen to agree with her. Why am I wrong? do I have to agree with what other's agree on? I don't care how this woman feels about the Obama's, I happen to like the President and his family and there is nobody out there that could make me feel different about them. So call me racist because I don't agree with you and the rest, I guess that's how it is living in America.
  • jasmine1 4gotten... 2012/07/04 15:09:04
    I am not calling you a racist and you have a right your opinion but so do I. You tried to call me one which isn't the case and I called you on it. You didn't like that.
  • 4gotten... jasmine1 2012/07/04 21:39:34
    4gotten Israelite
    I don't believe I've called you a racist, if I did would you mind cut and pasting it to me, that's if you can locate it.
  • joseph ... jasmine1 2012/07/03 02:09:53
  • jasmine1 joseph ... 2012/07/03 15:27:48
    Thank you for telling me how I feel. Another spin artist. Personality assasination is not making a point for discussion, it means you are losing.
  • joseph ... jasmine1 2012/07/04 02:36:48
  • jasmine1 joseph ... 2012/07/04 15:12:54
    You have gone to Barry Monsters school of debate. When losing call someone a racist. Well, you are half right, the First Lady (?) is simple and I am being kind. The rest of your statement is the way the dems respond when they are losing!
  • joseph ... jasmine1 2012/07/04 18:24:58
  • jasmine1 joseph ... 2012/07/04 21:15:57
  • steven 4gotten... 2012/07/02 21:52:54
    Oh, please! Same old race-baiting? Stop it. He is incompetent and the economy proves it. He's a communist and his history and those he bands together with proves it. His ideology and the Constitution are at odds.
  • 4gotten... steven 2012/07/03 00:43:35
    4gotten Israelite
    There's no race baiting, if any it come's from Becky the commie. Economy seem's to be doing better now than it was when your boy left office. Hey! are you a commie?
  • Jim 4gotten... 2012/07/02 22:22:02 (edited)
    You are a racist. It is fact that blacks voted for him because he is black. Actually he is a mulatto. Half white and half black. I would be proud to have Condoleeza Rice as my President, not only black, but a woman. I'm quite certain you voted for Obama because he is half black, not because he was the best candidate. All through his campaign he only uttered the word hope, never mentioning what he meant by hop. After three and a half years, his campaign theme should have been despair.
  • 4gotten... Jim 2012/07/03 00:52:38
    4gotten Israelite
    Yall people hate the fact that a black man is President of this country, I'm proud of that, how come you're not? I would vote for Ms Rice too, especially because she's black. But you know damn well if she was running you wouldn't vote for her, especially after what Obama is putting you through..lol I'm proud to have a black President
  • joseph ... Jim 2012/07/03 02:14:28
  • azuredr... 4gotten... 2012/07/03 00:52:46 (edited)
    4gotten - liberals say anyone that dissagrees with Obama is racist.

    You have not had the pleasure of living under the leadership of a black president, you have had been deluded by the leadership of the single most Marxist President in the history of the United States.

    I do not care what his race is. I care that he has undermined freedom at every turn, that he has instituted Marxist/Socialist polices at every turn, that he has ignored the Constitution when ever it suits him, that he has ignored Congress and ridiculed the Supreme Court when they have not acted as he has decreed. I do not want an imperious leader that thinks he is king I want a president that upholds the Constitution and protects America from its enemies.

    The First Lady is not "supposed" to be white, she is supposed to be an example to the world of the land of opportunity that America was until the freedoms to suceed started being taxed into oblivion and until the borders were opened to illegals that plunder the middle class .
  • 4gotten... azuredr... 2012/07/03 01:08:40
    4gotten Israelite
    Look, that's your opinion about Obama, my opinion is different than your's why is that so wrong?
  • joseph ... azuredr... 2012/07/03 02:15:55
  • Chris -... 4gotten... 2012/07/03 14:14:44
  • 4gotten... Chris -... 2012/07/03 17:58:19
    4gotten Israelite
    Much respect to you.

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