Stewart Goes After Fox For Editing President Obama's Comments on Immigration Policy

CuppaT Child of God 2012/06/21 14:00:42

Jon Stewart started out this segment from Tuesday night's show going after the Republican hand wringers such as John McCain, his BFF Lindsey Graham and Tim Pawlenty, for claiming that President Obama's change in immigration policy, where he is no longer going to deport those who would have otherwise been protected if the DREAM Act had been passed by Congress, is somehow unprecedented.

As Stewart pointed out, that's not true if you count George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, but hey, why should a few facts get in the way of Republicans coming on the air and clutching their pearls and feigning outrage? It's never stopped them before.

Stewart also knocked them for having selective amnesia and pretending that the President did not try to get these reforms passed, only to blocked by Republicans and played some footage of the news coverage back in December of 2010 when the Senate filibustered the legislation.

Stewart wrapped things up by taking a shot at Fox News and Sean Hannity for deceptively editing President Obama's statement on whether he had the authority to act unilaterally after the Congress has continually failed to act and pass the DREAM Act. I don't expect we'll be getting an acknowledgement or apology out of Hannity any time soon.

If by some miracle Hannity does say he's going to apologize, let's just hope Stewart doesn't put himself through another hour of the torture of having to sit through Hannity's show waiting for it like he did a few years ago. That had to be one of the funniest Daily Show clips I've seen in a long time because it rang so true.Watching too much Fox News or Hannity will make most sane people physically ill after a while.

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  • Grabitz 2012/06/21 14:13:37
    Ive seen fox do this many times and the ignorant keep falling for it . I am not a democrat or republican I am for a third party Johnson but the republicans are not playing a fair game this time around . They say and do things then deny they had anything to do with it and that mainly comes from the tea party the new KKK .
  • CuppaT ... Grabitz 2012/06/21 14:34:51
    CuppaT   Child of God
    great reply - thanks.

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