Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple's CEO: Apple's Future Bright or Apple, Goodnight?

Spike 2011/08/25 15:48:46
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Steve Jobs' position as CEO of Apple has been up in the air for years due to his frequent long-term visits to the hospital to battle the effects of pancreatic cancer.

The inevitable has finally arrived.

Late on Wednesday the tech guru announced his immediate resignation, and his letter of resignation was quickly made available for his adoring fans.

You can read the whole thing here, but it's pretty straightforward. He knew the day would come, it's been a great ride, thank you, thank you, goodbye. (Something like that.)

So what lies in store for Apple now that Jobs will no longer be spearheading the operation?

Apple Insider reports that a "long-term strategy" has already been well-established, and Tim Cook, who will be succeeding Jobs, has served as the company's CEO three times, for months at a time, while Jobs was in the hospital.

Cook was originally hired as Senior Vice President for Worldwide Operations, but was promoted to chief operating officer in 2007.

Though many expect the transition to go smoothly, Apple stocks plummeted 7 percent as soon as the announcement was made. But Jobs will still be on the board, so it's not like he'll have his eyes completely off the game.

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  • cccp~ma... cccp~ma... 2011/08/26 02:57:48
    Jag är Per Larsson, och jag är en PC.
  • None cccp~ma... 2011/08/26 14:54:23
    hahahahahaha! I'm laughing at your total stupidity.
  • cccp~ma... None 2011/08/26 22:03:01
    You're an apple fan? You must hate saving money and like having computers with a small size of software.
  • Jack the Dude 2011/08/26 02:40:04
  • Splinter76 2011/08/26 02:16:31
    Apple's future is bright
    If Cook is smart... he'll put Flash in Apple mobile products.
  • JustOneAmongPlenty 2011/08/26 02:11:53
    Apple's future is bright
  • Bluebird 2011/08/26 00:46:04
    Apple, goodnight!
    I hope they can make it without him.
  • Lisa 2011/08/26 00:34:17
    Apple's future is bright
    Ridiculous .. Jobs remains as chairman and Tim Cook is a very qualified CEO! I will remain an Apple supporter for their fabulous products.
  • 1philb 2011/08/26 00:30:14
    Apple's future is bright

    Thank you for creating the best computer company in the world. Thanks for all the great software and especially thanks for believing that an alternative to the giant might be the best answer. I am truly sorry to see you leave.

    I hope I can spend my last days with the people I love and trust that you are doing the same. God bless you, you are in our prayers!

    Phil B.
  • realist 2011/08/26 00:19:42
    Apple's future is bright
    they no long have that evil bastard at the helm
  • COMALite J 2011/08/25 23:51:16
    Apple's future is bright
    COMALite J
    The first FARK.com headline for this was “iQuit” (shamelessly stolen from HuffPo).

    It was soon replaced with the even better “⌘Q”.

    Let’s see who gets that one.
  • scbluesman13 2011/08/25 23:23:33
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple will be just fine. It's not like he's completely decoupling his life from the company. He's just stepping down as CEO. Does anyone really think he won't have any input into the company's direction until the day he dies?
  • Liza Jane 2011/08/25 23:14:02
    Apple's future is bright
    Liza Jane
    It's not like Steve Jobs single-handedly invented everything Apple sells lol... he was a good CEO but he wasn't the god of Apple, lets give their employees a little more credit.
  • luke 2011/08/25 23:11:36
    Apple, goodnight!
    "iQuit" - Steve Jobs
  • melissa 2011/08/25 23:05:16
    Apple's future is bright
    I was shock and surprise all at the same time. When I hard over the news last night that Steve Jobs had resign. I didn't know that he had pancreatic cancer that why he was looking so skinny. I though to myself just maybe he not getting the full rest he need or stress out from work by the way he look.

    I had NO idea, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I do HOPE that he pull though this with his family by his side. Apple is in good hands with a excellent staff to back you up all the way. GOOD LUCK AND SAFE HEALTH
  • EdWhiteSpace 2011/08/25 22:39:40
    Apple's future is bright
    They have a great team, both in design and in contract negotiations, so should stay way ahead of all the competition as long as that team continues to stay together or pick other great team members. Jobs set a tone and culture there but he has been backing off for a long while now, and will still help transition it further by being head of the Board.
  • Fenabarb 2011/08/25 22:35:52
    Apple, goodnight!
    take a big man to fill hies shoes
  • Undercover Broad 2011/08/25 22:20:04 (edited)
    Apple's future is bright
    Undercover Broad
    I'm not sure what Appple's future is but Steve's future looks pretty gaunt.
  • Jimbo 2011/08/25 22:03:39
    Apple's future is bright
    My identical post was done 10 hours ago, Fef's 8 hours ago and the identical question hits keep coming.
  • giggity giggity 2011/08/25 21:58:01
    Apple, goodnight!
    giggity giggity
  • 1philb giggity... 2011/08/26 00:39:25
    two thumbs down!!
  • ColorMeMad 1philb 2011/08/26 02:16:49
    Though it is true.
  • Cause U... giggity... 2011/08/26 07:55:55
    Cause Unknown
    Lol nice.
  • Drachen giggity... 2011/08/26 12:27:38

    automatic +1
  • Captain... giggity... 2011/08/27 14:33:18
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    Nice! Funny! LOL!
  • Bothergirl 2011/08/25 21:39:30
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple will always be #1
  • ScottyG - Faqueue 2011/08/25 21:08:16
    Apple, goodnight!
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    You can't pass on your visions. You can advise and instruct but once he's gone so goes the ideas!
  • William Weber 2011/08/25 21:01:48
    Apple, goodnight!
    William Weber
    Jobs is evil,nuff said.
  • Boo 2011/08/25 20:29:30
    Apple's future is bright
    We gotta think positive.
  • purplehays 2011/08/25 20:24:04
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple is a well developed mature organization that will continue to come out with the best and most satisfying technology available. Jobs is amazing and everything human and human made has a life cycle, i.e. people, their stuff and their entities.
  • Witty1 2011/08/25 20:22:36
    Apple's future is bright
    They will still be major players in the world of technology.
  • dispatcher 2011/08/25 20:11:43
    Apple's future is bright
    He has always been a BIG part of Apple & even though he is stepping down does not mean he is completely out o the picture. Keeping that in mind,the show must go on and Aplle will continue to entertain millions around the world with their products.
  • Juanb 2011/08/25 19:56:30
    Apple's future is bright
    Steve jobs is an innovator but im sure there exist others who are just as good and vying for his position apple has lots of investors and its bigger than just one man.
  • Mungu 2011/08/25 19:45:34
    Apple, goodnight!
    Mr. Jobs was the bomb! One of the great business visionaries of our time or perhaps any time. I believe Apple computers will always have a market, but with Jobs out the game leading, Google's Android will continue to rise and kick butt in the mobile market.
    Google will gain more from this than anyone. Google has serious "youth juice". I wish I could work for those #%$@! ;o)
  • Underco... Mungu 2011/08/25 22:21:33
    Undercover Broad
    Then get an application if you can read it.
  • Mungu Underco... 2011/08/26 04:04:44
  • WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA 2011/08/25 19:44:34
    Apple, goodnight!
    WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA
    I hate to see a company like Apple go bust, but Jobs is the brain and talent of Apple. It was his versions that took Apple where it is today. I though I am sure the the devices such as the iPhone will survive for a little while after Jobs, as long as Apple does not piss Samsung off that is. Yes Samsung is the actually manufacturer of the iPhone, nobody would have known about that if Apple did not bring it to light.
  • Kirino 2011/08/25 19:41:36
  • SCOOP--RIP, MY DEAR MAX 2011/08/25 19:38:40
    Apple's future is bright
    He was a big part of their success, but their products are pretty good and I think they will have a very bright future.
  • Of Thee I Sing... 2011/08/25 19:38:17
    Apple, goodnight!
    Of Thee I Sing...
    Apple was overpriced cr_p to begin with....so I say.......Good night!

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