Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple's CEO: Apple's Future Bright or Apple, Goodnight?

Spike 2011/08/25 15:48:46
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Steve Jobs' position as CEO of Apple has been up in the air for years due to his frequent long-term visits to the hospital to battle the effects of pancreatic cancer.

The inevitable has finally arrived.

Late on Wednesday the tech guru announced his immediate resignation, and his letter of resignation was quickly made available for his adoring fans.

You can read the whole thing here, but it's pretty straightforward. He knew the day would come, it's been a great ride, thank you, thank you, goodbye. (Something like that.)

So what lies in store for Apple now that Jobs will no longer be spearheading the operation?

Apple Insider reports that a "long-term strategy" has already been well-established, and Tim Cook, who will be succeeding Jobs, has served as the company's CEO three times, for months at a time, while Jobs was in the hospital.

Cook was originally hired as Senior Vice President for Worldwide Operations, but was promoted to chief operating officer in 2007.

Though many expect the transition to go smoothly, Apple stocks plummeted 7 percent as soon as the announcement was made. But Jobs will still be on the board, so it's not like he'll have his eyes completely off the game.

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  • CantBeT... Myopini... 2011/08/27 22:09:25
    I respectfully disagree
  • Bilingual required sucks 2011/08/27 13:35:56
    Apple's future is bright
    Bilingual required sucks
    Apple will live on, but he is obviously worm food.
  • Bodhisattva1965 2011/08/27 12:13:34
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple will continue being successful, even after Steve Jobs steps down and is no longer in the picture. The people working alongside him exposed to his ideas will continue making his legacy tremendously felt with many more fine items on store shelves for decades to come, even in spite of the seven percent knee jerk stock market share reaction having taken place yesterday.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2011/08/27 12:02:03
    Apple, goodnight!
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    RIP Apple: 1976-2011.
  • Wizard 2011/08/27 08:11:40
    Apple's future is bright
    Just like other corporations have done, this one will outlive its creator.
  • Beat Ma... Wizard 2011/08/27 12:02:31
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    ... and become a ghostly shell of its former self.
  • Bodhisa... Beat Ma... 2011/08/27 12:14:30
    Let's not be Debbie Downers now, shall we?
  • Wizard Beat Ma... 2011/08/28 07:12:49
    Well...I'm a PC...but I think the competition has been most helpful.
  • Jackie 2011/08/27 07:25:36
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple will always be all right!
  • k i r a 2011/08/27 07:24:05
    Apple's future is bright
    k i r a
    I think they can continue to do well on their own.

    I wish Steve Jobs the best.
  • JakeisHere 2011/08/27 07:22:44
    Apple's future is bright
    It really depends. Lets see what their next product is. If its a hit, then all is well. If it flops...well....
  • TheCaptive 2011/08/27 06:36:30
    Apple, goodnight!
    He's the genius here.
  • trentinafur 2011/08/27 06:11:57
    Apple's future is bright
    Trying to be optimistic for one of the greatest companies in the history of the world - that became so because of one of the greatest businesspeople in the history of the world. You can probably count on one hand the number of industrialists/entrepreneurs with Jobs' combination of vision, creativity, drive, and pursuit of excellence.

    Cook is no Steve Jobs. Nobody is. Apple will still be successful. Steve has set them on a course - and infused enough of himself into the company, that it will continue to innovate and make products that people love.

    But if Steve could be with Apple over the next 10 years - Apple would be bigger and more successful than it will be without him.
  • mamacrash 2011/08/27 05:46:54
    Apple's future is bright
    I think Apple will be ok but I am more concerned about Steve Jobs than Apple. I am concerned that his health is worse than anyone has said. Apple is not only Steve Jobs and they may not be quite as strong in the business community but it will survive.
  • Liz.Marie07 2011/08/27 05:10:24
    Apple's future is bright
    Eh I'm on the fence. They will probably do fine, I'm just not convinced enough to consider their future "bright".
  • Mother nature is biased 2011/08/27 04:03:57
    Apple's future is bright
    Mother nature is biased
    Their products will be sexy for the long term forseeable future.
  • Sam LeFay 2011/08/27 03:43:37
    Apple's future is bright
    Sam LeFay
    While Steve Jobs is a super marketing genius, there are others out there in this lovely world. And with Apple where it is now, it won't be hard for them to get their hands on this prestige.
    Unless, of course, Google's already taken it!
  • Glenda 2011/08/27 03:40:05
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple will do just fine. No one is indispensable. I am sure he was VERY valuable to Apple's success, but there are always other bright minds coming on board. Sorry he has pancreatic cancer and has suffered so long with its effects.
  • beyondtheparadoxical 2011/08/27 03:36:02
    Apple's future is bright
    I'm pretty sure they'll be just fine without him.
  • Chukroast 2011/08/27 03:31:28
    Apple's future is bright
    One man does not a company make . . . especially one like Apple.
  • Toots 2011/08/27 03:23:55
    Apple's future is bright
    Who ever takes his place will do just fine!!!!
  • Chris 2011/08/27 02:58:34
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple has some of the most devoted developers and engineers in the industry. Steve Jobs had a vision of what Apple should be and I think people will carry on that for many lifetimes to come.
  • santaisgod4ever 2011/08/27 02:35:47
    Apple's future is bright
    They are still Apple.

    I predict Steve Jobs will be dead in the next 3 months.
  • Admiral J 2011/08/27 02:18:54
    Apple's future is bright
    Admiral J
    He is going to be the Chairman of Apple. He can still remain the brain trust, and guide ideas to market. But now he doesn't have to run the day to day operation. And that might be a good thing.
  • Ebony Flo 2011/08/27 02:15:56
    Apple's future is bright
    Ebony Flo
    . . . . for now.
  • kurtanderson1 2011/08/27 02:05:45
    Apple, goodnight!
    Steve Jobs is a prodigy, without which Apple will become just another tech giant with a revolving door of semi-successful CEO's who overpay themselves and underpay their sweatshop employees.
  • MOSFET2288 2011/08/27 01:28:06
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple's in good shape. Plus Jobs is the Chairman. So, at least as long as he lives and works in Apple, the company should be in good shape.
  • Brandon Macc 2011/08/26 23:55:34
    Apple, goodnight!
    Brandon Macc
    Night night
  • sjalan 2011/08/26 23:53:20
    Apple's future is bright
    Steve Jobs came back after his first leave of absents to foster the creative juices of Apple by hiring more very very bright young people who have been formed into a group of product teams.

    Apple is not even started to expand its horizons. Look out PC's and TV.
  • Vinny 2011/08/26 23:41:08
    Apple's future is bright
    very bright....
  • Carlo 2011/08/26 23:28:52
    Apple's future is bright
    When the stock went down it was time to buy.
  • denny 2011/08/26 23:22:44
    Apple's future is bright
    anyone can be replaced. even odumbo we hope
  • Huskers60 2011/08/26 23:16:45
    Apple's future is bright
    it will always be a viable company
  • Klynn 2011/08/26 23:13:58
    Apple's future is bright
    there are many people who work under a CEO who can keep the company running as efficiently as before!
  • NinjaRebecca 2011/08/26 23:13:38
    Apple's future is bright
    He still is on the board though
  • Brenda Francis 2011/08/26 23:13:12
    Apple's future is bright
    Brenda Francis
    One man did not invent everything that apple has!
  • gidianedwards97 2011/08/26 23:01:45
    Apple's future is bright
    the old parady goes and apple a day .
  • Linda Deaton 2011/08/26 22:55:52
    Apple's future is bright
    Linda Deaton
    Got to have the faith.????????
  • Oscar Cornejo 2011/08/26 22:53:23
    Apple's future is bright
    Oscar Cornejo
    Apple is a good company, but i must say this man was like the bright light on it, still he left a lot of nice idead and certainly he could choose a person who could take his place, besides, Apple wont surrender easily as everyone thinks, this is the begining of a different point of view, just give it a try, and we might find more interesting stuff on the next monts
  • Intelic KA 2011/08/26 22:35:09
    Apple's future is bright
    Intelic KA
    technology's' future is Bright, we should know that/this much
    but the-WORLD because america or usa", is only able to account for itself
    I am just noticing how it is that after all these years, americans havent quite set the way of populating in a uniforming organised way, which ensures rights and civil-code etceteras,
    even TECH-nology has found a way of being some economical bite, that needs to find a way to unify itself that It would accord for the purpose thereabouts...
    a new "Doer in the office is[=] business [!!!yeaAH

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