Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple's CEO: Apple's Future Bright or Apple, Goodnight?

Spike 2011/08/25 15:48:46
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Steve Jobs' position as CEO of Apple has been up in the air for years due to his frequent long-term visits to the hospital to battle the effects of pancreatic cancer.

The inevitable has finally arrived.

Late on Wednesday the tech guru announced his immediate resignation, and his letter of resignation was quickly made available for his adoring fans.

You can read the whole thing here, but it's pretty straightforward. He knew the day would come, it's been a great ride, thank you, thank you, goodbye. (Something like that.)

So what lies in store for Apple now that Jobs will no longer be spearheading the operation?

Apple Insider reports that a "long-term strategy" has already been well-established, and Tim Cook, who will be succeeding Jobs, has served as the company's CEO three times, for months at a time, while Jobs was in the hospital.

Cook was originally hired as Senior Vice President for Worldwide Operations, but was promoted to chief operating officer in 2007.

Though many expect the transition to go smoothly, Apple stocks plummeted 7 percent as soon as the announcement was made. But Jobs will still be on the board, so it's not like he'll have his eyes completely off the game.

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  • cupcake 2011/09/08 21:03:08
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple will be fine
  • nefertari 2011/09/07 02:00:21
    Apple, goodnight!
    No onecan fill the shoes of Steve Jobs....he made Apple
  • asshole_in_pride 2011/09/05 06:52:17
    Apple, goodnight!
    I don't know. I don't even use macintosh.
  • katywon 2011/09/02 20:18:54
    Apple's future is bright
    All of us,computer users should be grateful forever that Steve Jobs came along into this age of networking. I feel bad for him because of the pancreatic cancer. It is a terrible disease, no one really knows the cause and it is generally incureable. Having lost several friends at younger ages then Steve I understand what he is going through.I wish him a miracle and a long life. Thanks Steve Jobs for appearing in my lifetime, ages steve understand miracle life steve jobs appearing lifetime Steve Jobs healthy
  • Andrew 2011/08/31 21:54:54
    Apple's future is bright
    As bright as this apple
    bright apple bright red apple
  • Johann 2011/08/30 04:09:03
    Apple, goodnight!
    Nah!!! I hope they fall off their rocker soon if not later. Look around you, as MK Ultra hits the spot, you will be doomed one day. More than an opinion, it's the truth.
  • Simi Dave 2011/08/30 02:23:15
    Apple's future is bright
    Simi Dave
    Was Apple so bad when Steve left the first time? (you can’t count the Newton.) And Cook has been so groomed by Steve, they probably think everything alike. Also, for the hard-core Apple heads, what’s Woz doin’ these days?
  • tom Simi Dave 2011/09/02 00:13:39
  • Simi Dave tom 2011/09/02 05:04:04
    Simi Dave
    really? I wasn’t an early apple user. So the company went sucky after he left the first time? I only remember that they used to make clones, but when steve1 came back he killed the apple clone.
  • C. C. Rider 2011/08/29 19:59:05
    Apple's future is bright
    C. C. Rider
    I feel he has a team ready to follow his ideals and plans. I wish him well.
  • maryDS 2011/08/29 19:46:21
    Apple's future is bright
    Still a good and successful product
  • OhWowLovelyXx0 2011/08/29 19:26:13
    Apple's future is bright
    he wasn't the only one working for apple.
  • John 2011/08/29 18:10:21
    Apple, goodnight!
  • Dan 2011/08/29 17:58:46
    Apple's future is bright
    Over the years, i've spent more in Mac computers than PC's.. simply because i'm a graphic artist, and I'm much faster on a Mac. I have never bought an ipod because I like having an old fashioned mp3 player that doesn't have to register to the computer.
    never got an iphone or ipad, because I love android .

    Jobs has created an empire, and a good one at that. granted it was in a 'hipster' phase because of their marketing to college students.. but that's just good marketing. get them hooked on a mac, and they will probably buy again in the future.

    Losing an asset like Jobs is certainly a blow to any company, but Apple's empire is strong enough to withstand the loss. The fact that it took this long for him to resign is a testament to his character. I would have spent the last few years enjoying my family, friends and wealth.
  • PeeDonkeyPit 2011/08/29 17:05:21
    Apple's future is bright
    I doubt Mr. Jobs developed all of the technology that is currently ripping the cash from Apple-lovers' pockets. They'll be fine...
  • Nancy 2011/08/29 16:52:20
    Apple's future is bright
    They had a succession plan ready. No reason to fear, Apple is an organized company who is ready to deal with almost anything that comes their way.
  • flrdsgns 2011/08/29 13:36:38
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple builds a superior product, but Steve Jobs is an arrogant little jerk. Jobs may be brilliant, but he is also a very nasty person who will declare war on other any company who builds a product that will compete with him. Case in point, on the new OS Lion, the system will not download a kindle book, he wants to promote his I-books (which are more expensive and has only limited titles). Same with Adobe flash player. Many games run on Adobe flash and Lion won't play many of the games.
    I'm glad Jobs has stepped down, I wish he would just go away all together and let someone else run the company.
  • Smurf 2011/08/29 13:07:07
    Apple's future is bright
    Just because Steve Jobs resigned it does not put Apple out of business the company will continue
  • pratiksha.dhoble 2011/08/29 12:39:16
    Apple's future is bright
    i'll pray 4 Mr. steve jobs......God bless him........
  • Vee 2011/08/29 08:44:41
    Apple's future is bright
    Yes, I believe they will stay strong.
  • davidl 2011/08/29 06:41:59
    Apple's future is bright
    So sad he has pancreatic cancer, these recent photos from a few days ago paint a picture that he may not be long for this world. Apple will live on without him, but it probably just won't be the same.
    pancreatic cancer photos days paint picture world apple live
  • C. C. R... davidl 2011/08/29 19:56:31
    C. C. Rider
    What a very nice and respectful post.
  • EricVanSingleton 2011/08/29 05:39:15
    Apple's future is bright
    Steve Jobs is a pillar in the industry that can not be removed. His influence, much like Walt Disney's in family entertainment, reaches futher into the future than even he could imagine.
  • JohnDeuxTrois95 2011/08/29 05:38:49
    Apple's future is bright
    never doubt the irony of hipster douches. they need to be on the leading curve even of it doesnt work as well, costs a lot more, or goes against their whole anti-corporations thing
  • hasher 2011/08/29 01:30:17
    Apple's future is bright
    im sure steve made sure apple was in goodhands i sure wish him the best.
  • Rick 2011/08/29 00:21:16
    Apple's future is bright
    His legendary sense of vision will eventually lost, but not in the short term. But don't forget, he was one he'll of a salesman, and that will be lost as he retires to the boardroom. Gates moving on could serve as a useful template ...
  • Brandon 2011/08/29 00:18:54
    Apple's future is bright
  • REV 2011/08/29 00:10:32
    Apple's future is bright
    He is not leaving the company; I believe the company will prosper, because they hired & trained good people as part of their business plan & their work ethic.
  • Resp 2011/08/29 00:06:16
    Apple, goodnight!
    Steve Jobs had this driven obsession work-a-holic impulse that was the heart and soul of Apple. Bye Apple!
  • Taylor 2011/08/28 23:04:17
    Apple's future is bright
    im thinking maybe, but they'll prolly be okay!
  • Hudson 2011/08/28 22:17:54
    Apple's future is bright
    It's hard to predict that right now.
  • dwight 2011/08/28 21:53:43
    Apple's future is bright
    they will find someone who hopefully be stronger in the business scence.
  • XENON23 2011/08/28 21:28:04
    Apple's future is bright
    Time will tell.
  • Adam 2011/08/28 21:13:34
    Apple's future is bright
    Remember, this is Apple: Product quality aside, they thrive on marketing and appearance. And Jobs has a not insignificant cult of personality going for him, regardless of how his latest ideas consist of the same thing with a bigger or smaller screen. With Jobs gone, Apple is going to continue to make products of the same quality, but people with wild theories are going to send Apples stock through a roller coaster based on pure speculation. And at the end, a little of the Apple cult mystique will be gone, and they will be forced to be more competitive. Good for the consumer, enjoy your retirement, Jobs, everyone wins (Except the Apple die-hards)
  • Sunny 2011/08/28 21:13:19
    Apple's future is bright
    I am certain Apple will be fine. There are many very bright, creative people in the computer world. A huge, sucessful business such as Apple doesn't get there because of one person. Bill Gates backed off from Microsoft to do wonderful things, and they have not collapsed.
  • BHGOzzy 2011/08/28 20:42:52
    Apple's future is bright
    Newest scheduled Apple releases:
    Newton II
    Pip Pin II

    Microsoft is laughing uncontrollably
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2011/08/28 19:30:44
    Apple's future is bright
    Apple makes one helluva product. I recently bought an IPod Touch and an IPad. The workmanship is almost beyond belief.

    If Apple continues to build quality products like they do now, they don't have a worry in the world with Mr. Jobs being out of the picture.
  • Apollo92797 2011/08/28 19:13:12
    Apple, goodnight!
    Apple won't thrive without Steve Jobs.
    And, hopefully, they'll go bankrupt!
  • John Apollo9... 2011/08/28 19:56:31
    Why in the world would you want them to go bankrupt. Do you have a lot of stock in the competition?
  • Apollo9... John 2011/08/28 20:09:52
    Why would I want them to go bankrupt?
    Because Apple makes pointless, not so user friendly products that are easily surpassed by HP, Samsung, LG, HTC and Dell.
    Plus, Apple has the most money in America right now. That's not good.
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