Stealing office supplies from work: no biggie or no-no?

ABC News U.S. 2013/05/15 18:00:00
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Seventy-five percent of Americans admit to stealing on the job, according to self-report studies. Chances are, in your drawers at home you’ll find a few of the most commonly stolen office items: Post-It notes, tape, scissors and highlighters.

The boss might not be too happy. It turns out that employee “sticky fingers” may cost companies more than $50 billion per year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. And firms are cracking down, using private investigators, background checks and even hidden cameras to sniff out workplace thieves.

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  • drkaylat 2013/07/29 01:30:52
    No biggie.
    Seriously? After all the crap my company puts me through, after all the selfish corporate d-bags cutting MY hours so their lazy asses can get their bonus at the end of the year, personally I consider it my own private form of revenge "accidentally" forgetting to take things like markers, fancy pens, folders, rubber bands, etc out of my pocket at the end of the day. My work pays their salary and if I want an office supply or two, i see it as my right. My reward for dealing with the idiot customers all day while email memos flash across the desk telling me to "sell sell sell!!" Bitch I'm trying my best!

    They play me. I play them. It's an unspoken relationship that we both understand.
  • Marc m 2013/05/26 23:46:05
    Marc m
    "Thou Shalt Not Steal ... G*D
  • BabyBear 2013/05/23 14:09:53
    Theft is theft.
  • baileyscheesecake 2013/05/23 04:35:20
  • wtxwoman 2013/05/23 02:32:38
    Stealing is stealing, no matter who is doing it or who they are ripping off.
  • Emelya 2013/05/22 23:08:46
    "Yeah, look here boss, the thing is, we didn't have a computer at home, so..."
  • Wmdu 2013/05/22 21:52:14
    Stealing is stealing regardless of where you steal it from. You work hard to earn money to buy those supplies to use for work, if people keep stealing things then your wages will have to go down to cover all the missing products.
  • Monkey D. Luffy 2013/05/22 20:59:47
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Actually, if you get your stuff from the procurement department for your own use, you can take it home so it's not really stealing, but bring it back or replace it in case you lose it outside.
  • thefatguy 2013/05/21 20:39:51
    What part of "Thou shalt not steal" do people not understand?
  • Kigan 2013/05/21 15:29:12
    The concept being "stealing" seems to pretty much answer the question.
  • Platinum Fangs 2013/05/21 05:34:54
    Platinum Fangs
    But I'd probably catch myself doing it anyways.
  • I_Piss_N_UR_Coffee 2013/05/21 03:30:39
    Stealing is stealing.
  • TS1970 2013/05/20 21:48:29
  • Cn2012 2013/05/20 19:32:19
    No stealing. Sounds simple enough.
  • Michaelene 2013/05/19 15:34:44
    Is it really worth losing your job over post it notes?
  • Aleksandr 2013/05/19 11:38:21 (edited)
    No biggie.
    Well I have taken paper, bought an exact printer as the office so I can take Xerox cartridges home, a graphics card (Quadro 1800), hard drives, memory unnoticeable to the human eye.
  • ARP 2013/05/19 10:44:19
    Theft is wrong. Doesn't matter how you try to justify it.
  • Runaway ✩ 2013/05/19 10:38:38 (edited)
  • Robbb 2013/05/19 03:58:39
    Stealing is stealing and regardless of your reasoning if you steal it makes you a thief. So imagine if you are caught that from that moment on you had the word thief printed behind your ID or social security number with a degree of the seriousness of your thievery. If you cant imagine that as being reasonable then you think stealing is a no, no,
  • momma-on-the-hit-list 2013/05/19 02:39:33 (edited)
    It's steeling, are people really that clueless?
    Wow after seeing that their were actually 104 people who answered with an ignorant entitlement choice I was shocked, makes more sense to why we are where we are today.
  • Kidasha 2013/05/19 01:18:18
    It depends: If it’s a big company that won’t miss a few things here and there...
    I mean, I have a habit at work of using a pencil that hanging around and then forgetting to put it back. There was one time that my elastic broke so I used a rubber band laying on the desk. I wouldn't necessarily call that stealing.
  • skyebrand 2013/05/18 23:54:12
    It's theft. You didn't buy it so you have no right to take it. I am co-owner of a business. If an employee takes office supplies they are stealing from me & they will be fired on the spot with no warning.
  • heyhi677 2013/05/18 23:52:04
    It depends: If it’s a big company that won’t miss a few things here and there...
    if your talking about stuff like paper clips and pencils ,then no,its not that big of a deal.but if you steal big things like a printer or money then yeah BUH BY
  • skyebrand heyhi677 2013/05/18 23:55:43
    So it's OK to steal something cheap? So I can go into an office supply store & steal a packet of paper lips but not a printer? Good to know! I'll get right onto that.
  • heyhi677 skyebrand 2013/05/18 23:59:17
    didn't mean that.gosh are you really going to miss ONE pencil??
  • momma-o... heyhi677 2013/05/19 02:47:54
    Nope, so bring your own in and as a matter of fact give some out to the rest of the crew. It makes more sense to think first then to stand a fool out of breath.
  • heyhi677 momma-o... 2013/05/19 22:12:01
    was I talking to you?
  • momma-o... heyhi677 2013/05/28 23:52:27
    Yep, it's called an open forum opinion blog, and again you should of held your breath.
  • skyebrand heyhi677 2013/07/02 23:54:54
    If a company has 100 employees & they all think "the business won't miss ONE pencil" the cost of the THEFT is about $50 (based on the price of the last lot of pencils I bought). Why should I foot the bill because my employees thing theft of a cheap item is OK?
  • heyhi677 skyebrand 2013/05/19 22:11:48
    you didn't anser my qeustion
  • skyebrand heyhi677 2013/08/01 05:33:22
    How did I NOT answer? ONE pencil will probably not be missed but if every employee decides that one pencil won't be missed & you have 100 employee then that's 100 pencils that have been STOLEN! But if you are PK with stealing as long as its only a cheap item then go right ahead...I'm sure shopkeepers won't mind you taking a few cheap items every now & then without paying if your employer shouldn't!
  • drkaylat skyebrand 2013/07/29 01:33:46
    hey, actually I'd been wondering where I could get some paper lips from for awhile. Thanks! :D
  • Steven Carr 2013/05/18 22:48:45
    Steven Carr
    Stealing is taking items without permission!!!!! I do not see a blurred line here. All their thievery we pay for in higher cost. It isn't FREE! Someone pays for IT when you justify stealing.Some have created second jobs by stealing from the closit.
  • Muver 2013/05/18 03:39:29
    It hurts a business in the long run...and shame on those who do it...
  • Georgia50 2013/05/18 02:54:43 (edited)
    No biggie.
    I might use an occasional clip or make a copy at the office. OTOH, I never turn in a claim to be reimbursed for use of my personal cell phone while traveling on business. The company makes out on the arrangement. I also had to buy my own stapler because all the staplers in the Office Max/Office Depot/Staples magazines don't work for crap.
  • Cards2013 Georgia50 2013/05/18 05:52:03
    Big deal - everyone does that kind of stuff.
  • Hope 2013/05/18 02:25:10
    It depends: If it’s a big company that won’t miss a few things here and there...
    Depends I Guess. Little Stuff, That's Fine In My Opinion, But Nothing , Big .
  • LourdesO 2013/05/18 02:24:01
    It is not a good practice and does not worth to give a bad image and lose a job for stealing office supplies that you can even find at the Dollar Store. Sometimes I even used to buy my own supplies when I was working at offices and people asked me: "where did you get that? or Are they yours? Did you bring them from home?". Believe or not your coworkers are always there checking on you, not just the supervisors or the boss.
  • blumunofky 2013/05/17 22:01:20
    No biggie.
    Treat employees fairly and pay them adequately and they'll be less likely to "go shopping" in the supply cabinet. A lot of people do it for revenge as much as anything.
  • Steven ... blumunofky 2013/05/18 22:51:24
    Steven Carr
    They steal for revenge but the company isn't hurt because they'll just charge more to make up for it, even if it is only a penny more per unit.

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