Starting in 2014, when you fill out your income tax, you will be required to give the IRS all medical information about yourselves and your family. This is to fulfill the requirements of OBAMACARE.

GINGERBREAD 2013/05/13 13:35:30
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  • ronbo 2013/05/13 15:54:18
    That's right, all you "SHEEPLES" that voted for "OBAMA CARE", this is what yo...
    Just when you thought it couldn,t get worse. Anyone still love the "Messiah".
  • Xerxes 2013/05/13 15:31:16
    In order for the government to take care of you and your family, they need al...
    You didn't provide a "bullsh!t" option but if you had, thats what would have chosen. We're not going to have to provide our medical info to the IRS, where did you get that story from?
  • GINGERB... Xerxes 2013/05/13 15:39:55
    You haven't been paying attention to what these people have in store for you. You just wait until you get you IRS tax form for 2014.
  • Xerxes GINGERB... 2013/05/13 15:48:54
    OK, will do. Where do I find you in 2015 when I'm filing out my 2014 tax form and it turns out you are wrong? Will you be back here on SH apologizing for making stuff up?
  • Striker 2013/05/13 15:21:07
    All of the above
    Another BIG reason not to file that 1040. Bone up!

    It will be a huge muddle when the Rulers switch us from Medicare to ZeroCare beginning next Jan 1st. Gov will apparently be forcing private insurers out of business.
    The only answer is REPEAL, but I don't expect Congress to do the right thing. It would be admitting they screwed up -- can't have that!
  • Scott 2013/05/13 14:14:11
    All of the above
    ************************** SARCASM ALERT *****************************...

    Well sure - what's the problem? I mean it's not like the IRS is going to use information they have about me to target me for unfair treatment. I'm sure the government has my best interest at heart. That's why they so painstakingly go through legislation with a fine tooth comb before ever even considering signing it into law. When you want something done efficiently and with full disclosure, who does a better job that the government?
    Our government CARES about all of us! They wouldn't just abandon us and let us fend for ourselves like that bad guy Ben Gazzy did in Libya.

  • GINGERB... Scott 2013/05/13 14:24:26
    Yeah, I remember Ben Ghazi. Wasn't he that little jew boy that set fire to all those muslim places?
  • Scott GINGERB... 2013/05/13 14:26:22
    I thought it was a deli on the south side of Chicago!
  • GINGERB... Scott 2013/05/13 14:38:18
    I don't think so, maybe "BEN" was that jew boy that wanted to have a deli in that muslim town in Michigan
  • GINGERBREAD 2013/05/13 13:41:40
    All of the above
    Is there any one out there that still thinks that this government is working for you? This government wants information concerning everyone. Now, why would they want all this information? So that they can control everyone. And god help you if this government finds out that you are for a limited government or you want the freedom to raise your child according to your beliefs. Or, you want this government to stop spending your money any way and every way the government pleases.

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