Star wars vs. indiana jones

++evanescence++ 2009/04/10 21:46:19
star wars!
indiana jones!
both suck!
both rock!
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indiana jones or star wars :)
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  • freedom 2009/04/10 23:47:28
    star wars!
    No fucking contest!
  • true american 2009/04/10 22:19:49
    star wars!
    true american
    Reminds me so much about politics
  • Balls Of Fury 2009/04/10 22:03:05 (edited)
    star wars!
    Balls Of Fury
    Are you kidding me? Star Wars all the way! It involves action, martial arts, a broad philiosophy, political intrigue, murder, orphans, thousands of star systems, organized crime, a freaken Empire and a Rebellion with starships to die for and the light sabers and let's not forgat that Star Wars MADE Indiana Jones possible for Harrison Ford! Total package!
  • the imp... Balls O... 2009/04/10 22:06:02 (edited)
    the imposter
    true, but come on the first 2 indiana jones movies were pretty awesome
  • Balls O... the imp... 2009/04/10 22:08:51
    Balls Of Fury
    They were awesome but Star Wars is in a league of its own.
  • the imp... Balls O... 2009/04/10 22:38:44
    the imposter
  • the imposter 2009/04/10 21:55:11
    both rock!
    the imposter
    what about STAR JONES?

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