Stalkers Bypass Law To Kill: Are Restraining Orders Just A Piece of Paper?

Maery 2010/03/15 16:28:08
No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about restraining orders.
Yes. Restraining orders are effective and police do all they can, but they can't be escorts 24/7.
I think restraining orders...
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Cindy Bischof and Tiana Notice are just two examples out of several cases of women who were murdered by stalkers. The only thing more troubling is that the women had restraining orders barring their killers from coming anywhere near them. Yet, their stalkers violated the orders over and over and eventually killed them. Diane Rosenfeld, an expert on domestic violence, says that restraining orders work in about 70% of cases, but in those that it doesn't, the result can be deadly. She believes that domestic violence can be stopped, but says that the law is not doing enough to protect women from "very predictable, very preventable types of violence." Rosenfeld says that stalkers will often test the system to see if they'll be reprimanded, and when they're not, they are ready to make their move. Technology, such as GPS monitoring, is in place in 15 states to track violators. Do you think restraining orders are effective?
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  • Darcy 2010/05/27 20:46:52
    I think restraining orders...
    ...might be a good start, but I think a lot of times it just pisses the stalker off more - making him/her more dangerous (specifically if they are a loose cannon). I'm not sure what the answer to fix this would be.

    Maybe when a restraining order is placed, the person that it is placed against should (as well -but SEPARATE- the person placing the claim) attend some type of classes to assess mental stability, as well as 'proper ettiquette' with other humans. Just a thought...
  • Darcy Darcy 2010/05/27 20:48:24
    ...and when all else fails, lock and load ;)
  • xXpoisontearsXx 2010/03/20 23:29:41
    No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about re...
    thats kinda scary
  • Harry Gatley 2010/03/16 04:35:35
    I think restraining orders...
    Harry Gatley
    Many years ago my wife owned a popular restaurant. A youth began stalking her. She got a judge to issue an order that she could shoot him on sight, shoot to kill. That encouraged the entire family to move out of the state. This is the ebst way to deter stalkers, a 45 caliber bullet through the heart.
  • Master 2010/03/16 01:05:45
    I think restraining orders...
    They're just a worthless piece of paper, like the U.S. dollar.
  • CC Master 2010/03/16 22:49:14
    How exactly is the US dollar worthless?
  • Master CC 2010/03/17 01:06:53
    It's fiat currency not backed by precious metals and it's prone to free-market inflation as well as persistent devaluation by the Federal Reserve.
  • camochick92 2010/03/16 00:41:04
    I think restraining orders...
    obviously dont work very much alot of time is just pisses the bad guys off and/or makes them snap
  • Hebertprime 2010/03/16 00:36:39
    I think restraining orders...
    Are useless when you have a crazy stalker after you.
    By some guns instead d*mn it.
    A nice .45ACP will deter that stalker like a restraining order can't.
  • freedom 2010/03/16 00:23:17
    I think restraining orders...
    Restraining orders are stupid! Buy a gun! Seriously!

    Think this through. Any paranoid person can get a restraining order against another person. No one is going to contest a restraining order. So guess what? There are gillions of restraining orders out there and there is no way for police to tell who is really in danger.

  • Tiffany 2010/03/16 00:05:40
    I think restraining orders...
    I think that if you have to file a restraining order...then you need to buy a gun. Speaking from past experience, restraining orders piss off stalkers and make them more likely to kick your ass...or kill you. So.....beat 'em to the punch...... restraining orders piss stalkers kick ass kill beat em punch
  • Artist~PWCM~ 2010/03/15 23:34:41
    No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about re...
    Why bother with a restraining order? Lock the idiots/murderers up...and when you do be sure the guards spread it around that these guys are sexual predators. The other prisoners inside will take care of the rest.
  • Samantha 2010/03/15 23:04:31
    I think restraining orders...
    So many people walk right thru them...example husband's ex wife
  • billylover21 2010/03/15 23:02:45
    I think restraining orders...
    are stupid there is no use of getting a restraining order unless that person is afraid of the law and most people are not afraid, why even get one if people will not follow the law now? stupid restraining order person afraid law people afraid people law
  • Colbert 2010/03/15 22:21:43
    I think restraining orders...
    I think punishments in America are not harsh enough for sex crimes and domestic abusers. I think they're too harsh for non-violent marijuana users. I suggest legalizing marijuana and using the room and taxes saved to pursue rapists, child-molesters, and domestic abusers. The reasons given to release known sex offenders is the lack of room in prisons. Well, I'd rather have some stoned hippies out free than rapists any day.
  • Edward 2010/03/15 21:39:35
    No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about re...
    seems like it doesn't matter to anybody until a life is lost but even then nothing changes in the way it should. the laws are for the people commiting the crime and not the victims.
  • LadyEmo 2010/03/15 21:30:59
    No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about re...
    Restraining orders are not effective. Just like putting your child in time out. It might work for a few minutes and then they are back to doing what they did before they were put into time out. Pointless and waste of my hard earned money.
  • Someone 2010/03/15 21:14:20
    No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about re...
    They dont work I know first hand than God I moved out of the state and the bastard was finally arrasted for other charges. I even showed the order to my boss. And they did their best to keep him from comming in the doors of our job. They would get the big men up front. But I would go to work he would show up but the time the cops got there he was gone. He stayed 100ft from my home and I called the cops when he was outside. They told me that as long as he was 100ft there was nothing that they could do. So there is no point in getting the order. Might as well have a gun. Cause these men can get away with anything, well they think that they can.
  • PinkSugarZombie (Tori) 2010/03/15 20:59:42
    No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about re...
    PinkSugarZombie (Tori)
    the system is crap ever see the movie "Letters to Zachary"
  • katieheart 2010/03/15 20:58:43
    I think restraining orders...
    can help in some cases but women need to take action to help themselves cause cops cant be there every second you need them and i learned this from my mom and she had me and my sister enroled in karate and tikando(i kno its not spelled rite) and i kno how to use swords knives and guns to protect myseelf or anyone around me in need of it and i advise other women to do similar
  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2010/03/15 20:53:48
    I think restraining orders...
    Are useless... though there are harmless stalkers restraining orders harmless stalkers
  • Autarchic 2010/03/15 20:35:16
    I think restraining orders...
    Are no more good or better than the law against murder. It is against the law to murder, but people kill people all the time.
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/03/15 20:05:33
    Yes. Restraining orders are effective and police do all they can, but they ca...
    restraining orders are just paper.
  • Headhunter 13 2010/03/15 19:43:58
    No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about re...
    Headhunter 13
    What needs to be done is get women traing in self defense and weapons training and then give the ones eligible Licenses to carry a gun and teach them to use it. I personally carry a gun because carrying a cop is to heavy. Face it cops are there for after the fact
  • helenros 2010/03/15 19:34:10
    No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about re...
    I have personal experience with the police not enforcing a restraining order. My ex husband repeatedly violated the order of protection, and the cops would never arrest him.
  • sasquat... helenros 2010/03/15 21:08:17
    Not just you - I had the same thing happen. It's the harmless guys who are the victims of bullshit restraining orders who actually get arrested.
  • helenros sasquat... 2010/03/24 14:46:55
    Oh I agree, if there's a domestic situation, and someone's going to jail, it's generally the male, even if the female hit him first. Totally unfair. But in my case I had a legitimate cause for concern, and the cops' attitude was basically, "Why should we bother? You're going to take him back anyway."
  • kevracer 2010/03/15 19:31:37
    I think restraining orders...
    are useless until they figure out how to make bullet proof paper
  • Fizzbitch {ZeDameofFrenchBr... 2010/03/15 19:26:32
    I think restraining orders...
    Fizzbitch {ZeDameofFrenchBraziers}
    ... Don't seem to be very effective and logically I can't see how they could be effective. These people can't be watch 24/7. In all honesty I don't know a lot on how these things work, but a piece of paper stating someone can't go near another person is going to physically stop them from doing so!
  • vannuck 2010/03/15 18:56:20
    I think restraining orders...
    Should only be a first step towards keeping stockers, Abuseive partenrs ect away from their victims....however they if the person is likley to reoffend or disobeys the restraining order...then the next step after the Jail term (which should be higher) is Probation with the Ankel bracelet so the police can keep tabs on the offender
  • chrystal97 2010/03/15 18:51:31
    No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about re...
    Tracking monitors would be great--only if more states used them. I know personally that restraining orders don't work worth jack. If someone violate a protective order, they you call the cops--that person in violation is escorted off the property. I have not once seen an officer arrest someone that has broken that restraining order multiple times. The government does need to protect these people. If i were being stalked--i would gladly pay money for the stalker to be monitored by a GPS device. Money isn't everything especially when your life is involved.
  • Therrmos 2010/03/15 18:50:15
    Yes. Restraining orders are effective and police do all they can, but they ca...
    One more reason for more concealed carry permits. There is a good chance that these and others like them would be alive if they owned a firearm and were trained in its use.
  • Angel baby 2010/03/15 18:44:33
    No. These victims are clear evidence that something needs to be done about re...
    Angel baby
    I think there should be more for women who have restraining orders against men who violate them, but i don't how that can be done.
  • DanSuciu Angel baby 2010/09/14 21:58:34
  • sam 2010/03/15 18:30:32
  • runekni... sam 2010/03/15 20:14:26
    trust me i've dealt with bipolarity before, my ex-girlfriend was bipolar too. i know where you're coming from with this so i take your side with it, way too many women tend to use restraining orders when there's no reason at all for it and no need for it. if they want a restraining order it should only be given out with evidence of previous threats or violence. most women use them as leverage when it comes to having control over their ex-partner seeing their kids and use it as a way to manipulate them. i think it's bullshit how the judges and courts are too damn blind to even see this or admit that they know it's true and happening.
  • sam runekni... 2010/03/15 21:05:43
    My kids come by and visit me constantly, they have no relationship with their mother at all, they are both over 18. I went to jail for nothing and lost a huge portion of my savings and retirement to lawyers. Too many women get restraining orders for revenge instead of justice, they ruin it for women who do want restraining orders, in fact most women that really need restraining orders don't get them out of fear and the ones that have them get them out of revenge..Its the kids that get it the worse, I've already recovered some money, plus my sanity. But I'll never get back the time lost with my children.
  • I am the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT 2010/03/15 18:25:15
  • TopShelf® (oyo) 2010/03/15 18:21:32 (edited)
    I think restraining orders...
    TopShelf® (oyo)
    are meaningless,given the fact,that police are

    not legally obligated to protect you from harm.

  • chaoskitty123 2010/03/15 18:10:43
    I think restraining orders...
    My cousin was being stalked and even with restraining orders nothing could stop the guy. So she did the only sensible thing walking towards him where he was at the 500 foot point the restraining order ordered with the guy not thinking that as she was walking towards him that he was no longer 500 feet from her... she pumped several bullets into him and left him to bleed to death which she got away with because he was in violation of the restraining orders against him.

    Restraining orders do not work. The restraining orders themselves are short sighted and poorly conceived as they place restrictions on the guy like keeping his distance when all he has to do is stand one foot beyond this and be legal. They should be written up to where any activity where he is found following her he must explain why and if there are witnesses... he goes to jail.

    My answer would be to threaten deportation and loss of American citizenship for ten years or for life.

    But don't forget, almost half of all stalkers are female and it's only that the male stalking incidents get more media coverage that we focus on it more.

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