Spicy Curry Challenge Puts Contestants in Hospital: Could You Take the Heat?

News 2011/10/05 20:00:00
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If you thought the curry at your local Indian restaurant was hot, wait 'til you hear what the curry at Kismot's in Edinburgh, Scotland is capable of. According to The Daily Mail, their curry-eating competition was so brutal, half of the 20 contestants collapsed "writhing on the floor," and the other half dropped out in fear.

Kismot's website explains, "[The competition is] not a contest to see who can eat the most, but a test of endurance against a top secret nuclear strength recipe using some of the world's hottest chillies."

The curry, cautiously named the Kismot Killer, was so intense that one contestant, Curie Kim (The Daily Mail confirms her name is actually pronounced "curry") had to be taken to the hospital twice, even though there were paramedics at the restaurant. After eating the dangerous dish, she began vomiting and experiencing severe stomach pains. However, she did get second place.

Kim explained, "I've always enjoyed spicy foods and thought this was for a good cause. But it came with a price, I had to be taken to the hospital twice. I first went to hospital at around 4pm and the second time was at 9pm. It got really bad. I have never endured such pain in my life."

The Scottish Ambulance Service, by the way, was not happy about the event and asked the manager to rethink the way he does it. But the competition did function as a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospice Association in Scotland, and raised "hundreds of pounds" for the cause.

This isn't the first time the Kismot Killer competition has sent people to the hospital, either. Past contestants have frequently suffered nose bleeds, and The Daily Mail reports one elderly man has been hospitalized as a result of eating the curry. Hence, the paramedics.

Beverly Jones managed to snag the title with just nine spoonfuls of the powerful curry.
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  • jkistner1 2012/02/29 11:54:22
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    I won't even do the hot sauce at taco bell. Taco bell
  • THE ENIGMA 2011/10/11 10:18:32
    Bring it on!
    worth a try...i suppose..
  • Cora 2011/10/11 02:48:12
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    I'm not that stupid, I have more common sense than those people that collapsed.
  • mivic 2011/10/09 20:55:15
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    yeah, I kinda like spicey occasionally, but this seems too much. Plus, I hate indian food.
  • KATLYN 2011/10/08 01:39:54
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    crazy stuff !
  • Foxy Warrior Guru 2011/10/07 21:34:37
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    Foxy Warrior Guru
    No thanks.
  • Flowers 2011/10/07 16:07:57
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    i am not a fan of spicy, and the thought of people actually going to the hospital because of something being so hot their body shuts down, doesn't sound like fun at all.
  • Tigger Too 2011/10/07 15:52:06
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    Tigger Too
    I enjoy eating spicy food, within reason. I have never understood why anybody would eat spicy dishes that are so hot, they're actually painful to eat. I've seen my nephew eat chicken wings that were hot to the point that his face would turn beet red, and he'd have tears running down his face. That to me isn't enjoyable dining. As for this Kismot's restaurant in Scotland having a curry-eating contest, featuring some of the world's hottest chillies, that caused half of the twenty contestants to collapse "writhing on the floor," and the other half to drop out in fear, what's the point? I mean, the woman who came in second was forced to go to the hospital, not once but TWICE, because the curry gave her stomach pains and made her vomit. Paramedics are kept on hand because people who participated in past events suffered frequent nose bleeds, and one man was actually admitted to the hospital from eating this spicy crap. WTF? Good cause or not, it's stupid, even irresponsible, for a person to put themselves through such pain trying to eat the most curry in this contest. I find it rather ironic that the proceeds from the curry-eating competition are given to a children's hospital. Go figure...
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2011/10/07 15:44:59
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    My dad puts hot sauce on everything. I did not get that gene; I cannot take the heat! mouth on fire
  • Steve Johnson 2011/10/07 15:39:41
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    Steve Johnson
    While spice can add a lot to the flavor of many dishes, too much heat is counterproductive. You might as well put pepper on camel dung. '

    Which is a crude way of saying that you can hide poor quality food by drowning it in spices. Which, sadly, was usually the case in poor tropical counties.
  • Nilsa 2011/10/07 14:30:07
    Bring it on!
  • SundayStoleYourCookieDough 2011/10/07 13:52:50
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    It's amazing how many people here are prepared to eat something that put several other people in hospital.

    I'm not talking about the voters here guys, I'm talking about certain comments. >>
  • GINGERBREAD 2011/10/07 13:41:25
    Bring it on!
    Sorry, there is no such thiong as strong coffee, strong drink, or strong chili. Only weak people.
  • SundayS... GINGERB... 2011/10/07 13:46:54
    ...This is one of those comments where I just keep staring at it thinking "...I can't believe you just said that."
  • Kigan 2011/10/07 13:33:51
    Bring it on!
    I LOVE spicy food and am always willing to try new things.

    Though I also know my body well enough to know my limits, so I'd pay attention and stop before a hospital visit became necessary. If a hospital visit became necessary.
  • Danny 2011/10/07 13:24:09
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    Taste first........
  • Richard Hungwell AKA Relent... 2011/10/07 12:43:39
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    Richard Hungwell AKA Relentless
    I love spicy food and I love curry, but it has to taste good first. That just sounds like it's hot with no taste.
  • Ryushin Hellkyte 2011/10/07 12:33:41
    Bring it on!
    Ryushin Hellkyte
    hell yeah im ready for the heat. i wont wimp out
  • Bring it on!
    Ferηαηdo 夢 ɗəɑʇɦ ɗəʃɪəʀ ʘʃ ρɦɑəʇ
    I love spicy foods and I am all for trying new things but if it puts me in the hospital then I would probably pass on it lol.
  • ladyO 2011/10/07 10:30:31
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    thats some mess i am not paying medical bills for something stupid
  • Kelly 2011/10/07 09:52:34
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    I don't like spicy foods so no thanks lol
  • autumn 2011/10/07 09:09:48
    Bring it on!
    I'd like to try it.
  • Ruger 2011/10/07 09:05:03
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    Some good heat is fine but not overly powerful whats the point covers up the flavor.Tried my hottest last year in hot sauce shop just a drop on a chip sent me watery eyed barely breathing to lower level of mall in search of milk I was truly scared because I couldn't inhale.
  • PatBB Ruger 2011/11/07 18:13:50
    Was that either Dave's Insanity Sauce or Blair's After Death Sauce?
  • Ruger PatBB 2011/11/09 04:02:50
    Don't know the name,but I learned I'm a liteweight on the heat.lol
  • Chukroast 2011/10/07 06:47:19
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    I can't compete with the top opinion but I'll try. I was going to say that only a woman could put such awful things done her stomach without retching.
  • Ami Kate 2011/10/07 05:21:53 (edited)
    Bring it on!
    Ami Kate
    Mmmm. Hell yeah, i LOVE spicy foods. That would be so awesome.
  • Valerie Howeth 2011/10/07 03:29:19
    Bring it on!
    Valerie Howeth
  • Keen Tojones 2011/10/07 00:30:53
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    Keen Tojones
    Is this all the Scot's have to do? Wow. William Wallace died for this?
  • David 2011/10/06 23:26:30 (edited)
    Bring it on!
    Curry? Spicy? Only if /enough/ Bhut Jolokia or Naga Jolokia (which I eat regularly; I have sometimes wondered about making some garlic/Bhut Jolokia or Naga Jolokia ice cream, I like the peppers--and garlic, of course--so much). I doubt all that much was used in this British competition.

    Most curry that typical whimpy eaters think of as "hot" is no such thing. A tad spicy, maybe, but HOT? Hmmm, if there were a prize, I think I'd send my son to enter, since he an even hotter chilihead than I am. He's working through that kilo of Bhut Jolokia powder he bought last month pretty quickly... (OK, so I'm helping a tad.)

    Oh *snert*--I just noticed in the pic that the "contestants" had pitchers of water available! Dummies. Water only spreads the pepper's essential oils around.
  • Ryushin... David 2011/10/07 12:35:34
    Ryushin Hellkyte
    they should have had chocolate milk it cools the peppers intensity. i mean just the chocolate in the milk not to sure bout the milk though
  • David Ryushin... 2011/10/07 13:23:41
    Plain milk's not bad. The chocolate milk works especially well because it has added sugar, and sugars counteract the capsacin that is the "heat" in such dishes.
  • Ryushin... David 2011/10/10 12:10:45
    Ryushin Hellkyte
    wow u smart! so how did u learn all this
  • David Ryushin... 2011/10/10 19:53:18
    (I'm going to pretend that was an honest question.)

    Not "smart" just stuffed full of knowledge. I was the guy who never bought books for classes, because I already owned them. *heh*

    1. I can read and comprehend what I read.

    2. I read a lot. Very quickly (leaving plenty of time for the rest of my life).

    3. I have been doing so for roughly 56 years, at the rate of an average of 10 books/week, plus articles, papers, etc., with "gusts" up to much higher rates, as called for.

    4. Some of it has stuck with me, surprisingly.

    5. Most surprising: most of what I have read has been useful at some point thus far, and most of what's left has still been interesting.
  • JJ 2011/10/06 22:32:07
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    I don't like hot anything...peppers to hot sauce. I know that eating hot peppers once in a while is good for your blood and it will flow better, but to eat something like the curry that's mentioned at one setting sounds pretty dangerous to me.
  • Dany 2011/10/06 21:58:06
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    I love curry, even hot curry, but some of the lengths people go to to raise money for charity is extroadinary. But there's nothing wrong with trying it out, of course. But, you live and learn. :)
  • MichaelDillon 2011/10/06 21:52:49
    Uh, I think I'll pass
    Let Darwin sort them out.
  • Ryan Anton 2011/10/06 20:50:08
    Bring it on!
    Ryan Anton
  • gouki 2011/10/06 20:30:28
    Bring it on!
    willing to try it.
  • Paradox25 2011/10/06 19:38:28
    Bring it on!
    Only if a substantial award follwed for winning. It's not something I would do to show off or for kicks. Not these days anyways.

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